How To Find The Highest Paying Scrap Yards Near Me?

The scrap metal recycling industry in the U.S. alone is estimated to be worth approximately $50 billion.

It's an impressive sum for a business that most Americans don't even know exists. But what that means is you can be involved in scrap yard recycling. 

You can now earn money selling your house's junk electronics, broken vehicle parts, and bathroom repairs. We can show you the highest-paying scrap yard near me so that you can earn as much money as possible. 

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How To Find a Scrap Metal Yard Near Me?

If you are curious about how to sell scrap metal near me, you should first locate a scrapyard near me. There are multiple ways to find them, and some of these ways are mentioned below. 

1. Google Search – The Oldest Solution

To locate scrap metal yards near me, we'd suggest conducting a Google search. Google Search is the simplest and most handy way to locate them.

There is an interactive map at the top of Google search results, which you may access by typing in “metal scrap yard near me” or “closest scrap yard to me” and pressing the search button.

2. Yellow Pages – For an In-Depth Look

Use to locate junkyards in your neighborhood. It's not difficult at all. Type “scrap yard” and your location into the search field. 

In addition to phone numbers and locations, you'll also find reviews and directions to each yard. It is an ideal site to find the location of any scrap yard open near me and get a sense of how efficient the place is.

3. iScrap App – The Modern Way

The iScrap App is the next-in-line solution. This software can help you locate scrap yards in your area. Moreover, you may utilize it to find the latest and the best scrap metal prices near me. The national averages are used to update it each day.

It's not much easier than using Google or, but it's very convenient because you can discover yards directly from your phone. The fact that it provides pricing is a welcome addition.

4. Online Directories

You may look up local yards in a slew of internet directories to find out where to sell scrap metal near me. Here are a few illustrations:

This is a simple method to locate local businesses that buy scrap metal and secondhand appliances.

Scrap Yard: What Is It & How It Works?

In simple words, it is a place where anybody may purchase or sell available scrap metals.

Scrap yards buy or sell metals such as steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, and lead. You will obviously be compensated for selling these metals.

Electronic appliances and defunct automobiles are all common targets for scrap yards, which disassemble them for metal and resell it to refineries or bigger scrap brokers.

It is common for most trash yards to deal with automobiles, but others specialize in other types of vehicles such as motorbikes and aircraft. Scrap yards are helpful for the environment in any event because scrap metal is recycled and utilized.

Scrap metal yards near me are also known as wrecking yards, recycling yards, or junkyards. Like many other ways to get quick money, such as free cash or selling unwanted goods for cash, scrapping metal may be a lucrative side job.

You may establish a company collecting and selling metals after you've mastered the technique.

Into The Background

People with unwanted metals and automobiles send them to a scrap metal yard, where they are rewarded based on the delivery weight.

In most cases, the facility gets its metals from industries like construction and demolition firms, manufacturers, and governments. However, it is available to the public who want to sell their products.

Afterward, the scrap metal is divided into four categories: ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, electronic devices, and non-recyclable materials.

Non-ferrous metals, such as copper, brass, and aluminum, are more expensive than non-magnetic ferrous metals such as steel and iron.

The metal price at a scrap yard is determined by the trade market, which fluctuates like the stock market. Thus the price changes every time you go there.

Metal Recycling

It's important to look around and observe regularly: how can I make use of recycle metal near me? One efficient way would be scrapping it away.

Scrap metal recycling is done on everything that isn't placed in the metal salvage near me so that foragers can find it.

For recycling purposes, scrap metal is first pulverized and broken down to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Then the metal is heated and placed into various molds.

In terms of environmental impact, recycling scrap metal is 75% less energy-intensive than the process of making metal from scratch. Reusing what we already have saves us money and reduces our environmental footprint.

What Is Scrap Metal

Scrap metal is any metal that can be recycled from prior use or production process, including waste metal, metallic material, and products containing metal.

If you have ever wondered what happens if I sell scrap metal near me, we have some good news!

Scrap has a high monetary value, and the U.K.'s metal recycling business is currently valued upwards of a whopping £5.6 billion, whether it's automotive components, building supplies, or leftover project materials.

Scrap metal can come from both business and household sources. It doesn't matter if the metal is ferrous or non-ferrous; converting it into secondary raw material for fresh metal smelting is critical.

Because of their excellent recyclability, these scrap metals have a high market value.

For example, electricians may have cables and electrical equipment, plumbers may have copper plumbing and brass fittings, and even construction organizations may have steel beams that give a new lease of life.

Ferrous vs. Non-ferrous Metals

Before searching for information such as “best scrap metal prices near me,” it's imperative you understand what you are dealing with. 

There are two main forms of recycled metal: Ferrous and Non-ferrous scrap. For comparison, here's a look at the two:

1. Ferrous Metals

Iron and steel are both referred to as “ferrous” since the term “ferrous” comes from the Latin word for “iron.” Second only to tin, iron is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust.

Metal scrap places near me frequently utilize excavators equipped with enormous electromagnets to load and unload ferrous scrap off trucks and move it about the yard due to the magnetic nature of practically all ferrous metals in use today.

Durable goods, including appliances, tires, and furniture, are the most common U.S. sources of scrap ferrous metals.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, durable products accounted for 4.7 million tonnes of ferrous metal recycling in 2018.

Ferrous metals include the following:

  • I-beam, ductwork, rebar, and electrical cable
  • Cars, railroad debris, rotors, drums, and engine blocks
  • Packaging and storage containers

2. Non-ferrous Metals

It is possible to recycle non-ferrous metals indefinitely since they do not lose their chemical characteristics during the process.

Non-ferrous metals include aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, tin, and zinc, among the most often used base metals. Non-ferrous metals include precious metals like gold and silver. There are several applications for each of them.

Non-ferrous scrap accounts for half of the overall value of the scrap recycling industry's revenues, although being just 10% of total recycled material in the United States.

Non-ferrous scrap metal exports from the United States totaled $10.4 billion in 2018 alone, going to more than 95 nations.

Due to the per-pound pricing structure of non-ferrous scrap, recyclers tend to get a higher return on their investment. Ferrous metals are more stable than non-ferrous metals in terms of price fluctuations.

How To Sell Scrap Metal for Money?

  1. Make sure your metal is identified, sorted, and ready before you head to the scrap yard.
  2. Call the scrapyard and see their current prices for metal (negotiate if necessary).
  3. The incoming (pressure) scale is located at the entrance to the scrap yard.
  4. Workers will utilize a forklift or a magnetic crane to remove the metal from your flatbed of truck bed trailer (which separates ferrous from non-ferrous materials).
  5. Get paid with a cheque or cash from an on-site ATM after presenting your I.D.

Scrap Metal Prices Near Me:

If you are still wondering how to get an idea of the scrap metal prices, have a quick look:

#1 COPPER TUBING $1.72/lb
#2 COPPER TUBING $1.58/lb
THHN WIRE $1.01/lb
ROMEX® WIRE $0.84/lb
STEEL BX $0.10/lb
BRASS $0.91/lb
LIGHT IRON $68.00/ton
#1 STEEL $101.00/ton
CAST IRON $101.00/ton
ROTORS $119.00/ton
COMPLETE CAR $81.00/ton
BALLASTS $0.07/lb
CARBIDE $3.50/lb
HARD DRIVES $0.39/lb
PC TOWER $0.11/lb

Remember** Scrap metal prices can vary widely between various scrapyards; thus,”, this is just an estimate. Whenever the following prices change, we'll update these prices accordingly.

Highest-paying Scrap Metals Worldwide

Some of the most profitable scrap metals in your area include the following:

1. Copper Metal

Copper is a high-paying scrap metal near you. It's a household metal, and scrap yards want it.

Copper is cheaply available and in high demand at scrap yards, so it's a good investment. You can consider obsolete electronics. Copper may be found during house renovations and upgrades. 

2. Silver Metal

You may choose to sell silver at a jewelry store. Interestingly, a scrap metal buyer may pay you a better price for your silver. Knowing that a scrap metal buyer can sometimes pay more may change your mind if you plan to take your silver to a pawn shop.

Before selling silver jewelry, medals, or cutlery, verify with a scrap metal buyer. You may compare deals to find quick money.

3. Brass Metal

“Brass? Not in my residence.” 

Brass is used in ornaments. Many vintage artifacts in your home are constructed of brass or include its components. Brass fittings, candlesticks, trophies, plates, door knobs, and bed frames. Brass is used in ornaments.

4. Aluminum Metal

You may simply convert aluminum to cash at a scrap yard near you. Need aluminum scrap? First, consider soda cans. These may be recycled and reused, making them valuable.

Can you acquire aluminum from sources outside cans and packaging? You can get metal fragments from household goods. You can collect aluminum from obsolete laptops, bike frames, automobile components, and other electronics.

Remember, you can always conduct prior research about scrap aluminum can prices near me to get a good idea of what your compensation should be. 

5. Stainless Steel

So much stainless steel may make you question its value. Is this the whole truth about this home-use metal? If you have stainless steel, you may be happy to find it has worth it. Why? Molybdenum, iron, chromium, and nickel make it precious.

6. Lead Metal

Non-ferrous metal recycling is profitable. Finding pure lead metal is difficult. Lead is poisonous. Take care while handling pure lead scrap. Lead scrap can be difficult to carry to a scrap yard because lead metal is hefty. 

Here Are The Top 3 Highest-paying Scrap Yards in The US

1. Glr Advanced

GLR Advanced is the ideal platform to sell scrap metals if you're looking for scrap yards in Michigan. 

GLR Advanced takes scrap metal and garbage automobiles. Junk or Detroit automobiles are Glradvanced's specialty. It's possible to buy scrap metal near me and sell these items on this site.

GLR, on the other hand, has been in the metal recycling business for more than 80 years and has a plethora of experience. GLR is a well-established manufacturer of cost-effective solutions for recycling waste metals.

So next time you go searching for the “best scrap metal prices near me”, do not forget about GLR Advanced.

2. Gle Scrap

Non-ferrous and ferrous metals, brokerage and trading, logistics and shipping, and electronic recycling are some of GLE Scrap's most well-known specialties. As of this writing, there are six sites in Florida, each in Michigan.

If you live in one of these states and wish to know about the “nearest scrap yard to me,” it's a terrific alternative to consider. 

3. Metal Recycling Services

You may sell both domestic and industrial scrap at Metal Recycling Services. You may also get the most money for your old automobile by selling it here.

So, if you can locate “scrapyards near me” in North Carolina, that's an excellent choice. This state is home to its primary three outposts.

What Are The Best Things to Scrap for Money?

It's important to remember that some metals are worth more than others when recycling. In addition, prices fluctuate regularly, so the value you obtained earlier may not be the same as the value you receive now, depending on the market.

Copper, brass, and aluminum are the greatest scrap metals. Copper is the most valuable and sought-after scrap metal.

Think about the money you could make by selling that can (and its companions) to your local scrap yards open near me before you throw it out.

How To Make The Most Money Out of Scrap?

Do not go to the local scrap yard with a bucket (or truckload) of random scrap metal and take the first deal they make.

There are two main rules when selling scrap metal:

  1. Put in some time upfront if you're willing to do so.
  2. Be ready to negotiate.

Organize your metal by kind and mark each container accordingly. Scrap yards will pay you for your mix based on the least valued metal, so don't skip it. There is a chance that you might lose hundreds of dollars.

Be aware of current scrap metal values; if feasible, wait until they rise. Get the greatest price for your metal when you visit the scrapyard; get ready to haggle (within reason).

The Final Verdict

Next time you search for the highest-paying scrap yard near me, you will have a better understanding of the industry. You may get extra money from scrap metal by combining outdated metal items and appliances.

Try the above choices to find a local scrap yard. We suggest selling scrap metal for the greatest money and avoiding getting ripped off.

Selling scrap metal in local yards. It's a viable side gig! Reusing metals means you may be proud of your work. You may also make efforts to maximize your scrap metal earnings. These include studying, sorting, and cleaning metals.