Scraping the bottom of the barrel: The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch black hole

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Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has expected fans to go along with some wild theories, but the show’s black hole theory is a little difficult to believe.

While there may have been some serious doubts, Duane Ollinger, Chad Ollinger and their committed Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch treasure-hunting team have finally returned to Discovery Channel for the third installment of their reality television series.

The Mystery a Blind Frog Ranch team has held back when it comes to their out-there theories about everything that may be going on at this mysterious (and possibly even cursed) property. But they may have just gone a bit too far in season three’s premiere episode.

The season three premiere episode

In this episode, titled “$3 Billion Heist”, Duane, Chad and the team consult with Stephen Leeah, an expert in Quantum Imaging.

Leeah promptly informs Duane that what he discovered while doing his research at the ranch he had “only ever seen in supermassive black holes” and he claimed that “It does not belong here”.

However, while itis certainly not the first time that this team has claimed to find something otherworldly on the property, some background digging has already brought up quite a few questions about the entire discovery.

Frankly, between all of the scientific mumbo-jumbo used to explain this phenomenon during the episode and the fact that Hidden World’s (Leeah’s company’s) social media pages all seemingly appeared out of nowhere earlier this year – this may be the one Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch theory which it simply too far-fetched to believe.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch so far

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has been on the air for just over two years at this point, and during the first two seasons of the show, Duane, Chad and the team posited theories which ranged from Aztec metal-smelting and skin-walkers to government conspiracies to explain everything that they had found on the ranch.

Some of the most interesting theories that have emerged in every Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season so far include:

Season Corresponding theories
Season 1 The gold coins from 1849 led the team to speculate that they may have found pure Mormon gold pieces, though the pawn shop owner believed that the coins could have a connection to the Lost Rhoades Mine
Season 2 The team was surprised to find gallium inside the rocks found on the box. But because the wooden exterior of the box dated back to many years before gallium had been discovered, the team suggested that the Aztecs may have found a way to smelt this metal long before it was documented in history

Of course, the season three trailer suggests that the team may find evidence which suggests that there is a second treasure hidden on Blind Frog Ranch, though the theories that will emerge from this discovery are still unknown.

What happened to the tunnel?

The only thing more infuriating than the season three premiere episode’s wild black hole theory is the update that the show neglected to announce.

Most fans tuned into this new season expecting to see some sort of update on the hole that the team dug last season and the tunnel system connected to it, but they made no mention of these tunnels or their future plans to explore.

Currently, it seems like the tunnels may become yet another Blind Frog Ranch mystery that simply falls through the cracks.

The other Blind Frog Ranch mysteries that have not been solved

The tunnels which the team almost explored in the last few moments of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season two seemed quite promising, but there are quite a few mysteries that the team just has not returned to yet.

This includes things like finding a way to get the box out of the pond, or even doing some more research as to where the best iridium deposits may be.

Fans of the show are not fooled by the black hole charade

The debate about whether Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is staged or not will likely continue forever. However, it seems as though this most recent “black hole” discovery pushed some longtime fans of the series over the edge.

Though one fan on Reddit explained that “The “quantum sensing drone” is a joke, that technology is being investigated by multiple labs globally.

However, a device small enough to use in the field has only been used recently, but it is in no possible way fit on a drone the size they used, another simply mused “Just show some maps with colors, throw out some physics buzz words like black hole, doppler shift, resonances, and bam! we got this puzzle figured out.”