Social Media Explodes as Screen Actor’s Guild Members Consider Vote To Authorize Strike

On May 17, the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) National Board unanimously agreed to ask its members to vote and order a strike.

The board agreed upon the call for a vote due to the upcoming TV/Theatrical Contract negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) that begins on June 7.

They're Not on Strike Yet

The union has yet to declare a strike. This is the first step in the process towards allowing for the potential of a unionwide strike to take place. First, the members of SAG-AFTRA must vote to determine whether or not to give the National Board the power to call for a strike in this case.

The National Board decided to issue the vote because they unanimously agreed that a strike would provide the highest leveraging power during the contract negotiation with AMPTP. President of SAG-AFTRA Fran Drescher claims, “The prospect of a strike is not a first option but as a last resort.”

TV lovers gather on social media to share their opinions of the possible strike and what that means for Hollywood and their favorite TV shows.

The Time Is Now

Many people on social media agree that this moment is unprecedented in the history of entertainment workers coming together to fight for their rights. Not only are TV writers on strike, but now the actors are heading in that direction.

“It's not always a smart move, but in this moment. Knowing how the AMPTP has “negotiated” with the writers, and the timing—it's the right time.,” someone tweets.

Strength in Numbers

According to some hopeful online users, the members and board of SAG-AFTRA are more unified over this cause than ever before. “I've never experienced SAG-AFTRA this unified. The moment is now. We must, must, must send a signal to the AMPTP that we are united. Vote yes, yes, yes,” they urge.

Keep Fighting

Others still tell writers and actors in the entertainment industry to keep fighting and not to back down yet. “I'm watching this unfold into a revolution of the workers, creators, the heart and soul of shows and movies, shut the industry down! Public opinion is starting to move your way! Keep fighting!”

AI Concerns

One of the significant concerns actors have with the upcoming contract negotiations is using AI in filmmaking.

“We MUST protect ourselves from Studios being able to use our voices and likenesses with AI. Especially for voiceover and commercials, it will be catastrophic if we don't. If it's not in the contract, don't even bother sending it to us,” asserts actor and writer John Bobek.

What You Can Do To Help

Actor Damon Wolfgang Gnojek believes people outside of the union can help actors and writers pressure the executives by canceling subscriptions to streaming services.

“Unsubscribe from Streaming. Hit the executives where it hurts. They cannot have a loss of subscribers in the next quarterly earnings. This is a sensitive time for growing streaming platforms. Hit them hard,” they advise.

What are your opinions about the SAG-AFTRA National Board's call for members to vote on a strike before the upcoming contract negotiations with AMPTP?

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