Scribie Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Transcription jobs have been very common amongst online freelancers.

A lot of these jobs have been accessible to everyone online.


Since there are numerous platforms that offer transcription services to their clients, you need to make research regarding your options in the market.

This can help you avoid the scammers that have become a common thing online.

You have to take advantage of reviews about these sites.

In this article, we shall cover the transcription site known as Scribie.

It is one of the prominent platforms in the transcription industry serving a lot of clients.

We shall discuss its authenticity, payments and fees plus any other aspects about transcription relating to its clients and freelancers.


What is Scribie?

Scribie is an online platform that takes on transcription work on behalf of its clients.

In the basic sense, transcription covers the process of transforming pre-recorded audio visual files into text.

The platform mainly takes on transcription jobs that include automated transcription, video transcription, podcast transcription and freelance transcription.

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They advocate for an 8-hour work day amongst its freelancers although you can choose to work for a longer period of time.

It started its operations about 14 years ago and serves over 50,000 freelancers.


Who created Scribie?

Scribie was created by Rajiv Poddar, Sanjiv Jha and Rahul Singh Kushwaha.

The company was started in 2008 by these individuals. The company embodies the vision of its CEO and founder as he embarks on a mission to make audio/video transcription as painless as possible without compromising on the accuracy.


How does Scribie work?

Just as we covered in the definition, the platform provides transcription services to its customers.

There is the side of the clients and that of transcribers.

However, in this article, we shall only look at the side of Scribie for transcribers.


Scribie Transcription Jobs.

Transcribers are named after the title of the job.

They are individuals that take on the transcription jobs on behalf of their clients.

Just like other transcription platforms, the work involves you listening to the audio files and typing it out in the best possible way.


The website estimates that transcribers are paid around $5 – $20 per audio hour.

Transcribers on the platform also get access to free automated transcripts making it easier to complete the tasks at hand.

For you to become a transcriber with Scribie, you have to complete a certification process.

The steps you need to get certified with the platform include:

1. Application

The first step is to submit your application. Here, you are to fill in details on an online form including your names, email address and preferred passwords for your account.

You are given an application number after the application is complete.

This helps you track the progress of the application using the number provided.


2. Email confirmation

After you send the application, you shall receive an email with a link.

Once you click on this link, it shall re-direct you to the email confirmation page.

You can request a re-send of this confirmation email or delete the application entirely if you made a mistake regarding the email address.


3. Account creation

After confirming your email, you shall be sent an invite to create an account with the platform.

This account shall hold all your personal information.

You are also required to select and take an online test within 1 business day.

You have to set a new password to complete the account setup upon which you are required to select a test file.


4. Test file submission.

For this part, you shall be presented with a list of files to choose from.

You have to select a file, transcribe it and submit.

For guidance, there are rules and guidelines that are available to everyone that chooses to take on the test.

You can also check out a sample transcribed file and audio file that are available on the website.

This is to guide you as you take on and complete the test successfully.


5. Certification.

This is the final stage of the setup process. Your submitted test is reviewed and results are provided to you by email.

If you are certified, you are now a full time transcriber with the platform.

This file also gets you your first payment from the platform.

However, if you fail, you can compare the file with the transcribed file available on the platform to see how you can perform better on the next try.

You can click on the retry test option. Keep in mind that you can try this test 10 times.

Beyond that, you are not eligible for any retries.

The platform recommends some equipment for you to have to take on this job remotely (in the comfort of your home).

The equipment includes:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Headphone or earphones
  • Verified PayPal account
  • Broadband connection
  • Good comprehension of English.
  • Ability to interpret conversations
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes.

As you take on your work as a transcriber, you are assisted by the free automated transcript.

The automated transcript is machine automated and the accuracy varies from 60% to 90% depending on the audio quality, accents and other factors affecting the audio.

With this, you have a big portion of your typing effort scrapped off.

However, this does not mean that you should not go through it.

You are obligated to check it for:

  • Mistakes
  • Missing words
  • Missing or incorrect paragraph breaks
  • Utterances for strict verbatim files
  • Incorrect capitalization of words
  • Missing punctuations.

If you can utilize the automated transcript feature, it will be easier for you to work on a lot of audio files.

Get Started With Scribie


Scribie’s grades and promotions for transcribers.

There is room for growth for transcribers on this platform.

When you join as a beginner, you are bound to gain experience with time.

As such, you have to take on a role that distinguishes you from the newbies.

This is done by employing a grading system to track your performance over time.

The range is from A+ (5/ excellent) to D (1/ poor) with high emphasis put on major mistakes found in the submission.

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The average grade is an indicator of your performance and may get you promoted or demoted.

On this platform, you can raise in rank from a transcriber to a reviewer.

This happens when you have completed an hour of raw transcript submissions with an average rating of 3.

You can also be promoted from a reviewer to a self-reviewer after submitting 10 verified review submissions with an average grade maintained above 3.

The payments made to you for the work double as you can select a file, transcribe it, review it and then submit it.

You are paid for all this work. Beyond self-reviews, you can be promoted to a proofreader only if you can maintain your average grade proofreading files are longer and payment is made depending on the duration, accents, difficulty level amongst other factors.

When you perform well on this level, you can be promoted to the level of a quality controller.

The last level of transcribers on this platform is that of the super quality controller.

You get to this level after performing well as a quality controller.

At this level, you stand to earn the highest amount for your efforts.

According to the website, everyone on this platform must aim to reach a super quality controller.

However, if your average grade falls below 2.5, you will not be allowed to select any files to transcribe.

Your account remains active for affiliate commissions and referrals but that’s it.


How much does Scribie pay its transcribers?

Scribie pays its transcribers within a range of $5 – $20 per audio hour.

You can also receive a monthly bonus of $5 for every 3 audio hours of work completed within the month.

There are different pay categories to suit the different kinds of transcribers on the platform.

They include:

  • Beginner level. Here, the estimator on the website shows that you can make about $400 per month if you work for 8 hours each day. You have the opportunity to work as much as you want.


  • Intermediate level. Here, the estimator shows that you can make $800 per month working 8 hours per day. This is because you are getting better at what you are doing. Plus, there are other bonuses for you to earn taking on review work.


  • Advanced level. Here, the estimator shows that you can make $1,600 per month working 8 hours per this level, you can take on quality control jobs that are not too time consuming thus the spike in earnings.


Keep in mind that there are no limits to withdrawals made. This means that you can withdraw all your money as you make it.

However, when you process a payment that is below $30, you are charged a fee of 2%.

You must have a verified PayPal account. A verified PayPal account is one with your bank account information and credit card information.

Sign Up For Scribie


Scribie affiliate program.

With an account already created, you have the option of affiliate marketing open to you.

This option has been made available on this website just like many other online platforms these days.

This is another chance for you to make money using the platform.

You can this chance to advertise the program to other people by sharing your affiliate link and embedding the affiliate widget on your blog or website.

In order to keep track of your visitors, the link and widget are engraved with special codes relating to your account.

The idea is that if any of those visitors proceed to order manual transcripts from the website, you are entitled to a 5% commission from the sale.

This is applicable when the transcripts are delivered and will be applicable for each order placed.

Keep in mind that commissions are earned off people that purchase transcription services from this platform and not transcribers.

The affiliate link is specific to you and can easily be shared on your Facebook, Twitter and any other social platforms.

You can track your visitors by checking out a personalized dashboard named “Invite”.

Here, you can also check the number of invites you have racked up over time.

The earnings (commission) are paid out to your Scribie account.

You can transfer this money to your PayPal account anytime.

There is no minimum withdrawal for your earnings.

The money shall reflect on your PayPal account within 1 business day of the transfer request.

You must strictly follow the rules of the affiliate program or you may lose out on the benefits.

The rules include:

  • Do not spam people with invites as the platform takes spam reports very seriously,
  • Do not invite yourself as you can get discounts when you ask Scribie’s team.
  • Do not invite anyone that has already signed up with the platform. This also includes inviting people that hold fake accounts as you shall have your account terminated.


For any questions about how the account is setup and used, you have access to live chat support that is available 24/7.

You can also visit the blog area that covers most of the sections of the affiliate program.


Pros of Scribie Transcription Jobs

Having a platform like Scribie introduces you to a wealth of opportunities.

Most of the freelancers on the platform agree that there are a lot of benefits gained from working on Scribie.

They include:

  • Work from home opportunities. The jobs offered to transcribers here are fully remote. This means that all you need is the necessary equipment for you to start making money.


  • Earn some extra cash through the transcription jobs. As I write this article, the platform is accepting applications for home based transcribers. This gives you a chance to earn extra money as a transcriber taking on remote tasks from home.


  • Earn extra income from Scribie affiliates. The platform also has an affiliate program that could help you earn commissions for every sale made using your invite link. The commission currently stands at 5% and you can continue using this program to make money even when you are no longer receiving transcription gigs.


  • Automated transcript. Unlike other platforms, you have this feature that assists you in generating a write up of what has been said in the audio file. When you utilize this feature, 60% to 90% of the audio is changed to text and all you have to do is fill in the missing words and make corrections where necessary. This helps you complete a great deal of work in a short period of time.


  • Short files to transcribe. Another good thing is that you have short files to transcribe. This platform usually allows you to transcribe audios of less than 3 minutes long. This helps you get used to your work faster and complete numerous short files during the day. This enables you to earn more money in a short time.


  • Work at your own pace. The website advises its transcribers to work at least 8 hours per day. However, this is merely a suggestion as you can work as much as you like. There is no work that is too little or too much for you to handle in a day.


  • 10 tries to pass the test. As you go through the certification process, you have to take a transcription test. For you to become a transcriber, you have 10 opportunities to pass this test. You also have a guide showing you the style and grammar used on the platform. This makes it easier for you to join the platform.


  • Room to grow. With the structure of work in the transcription industry, it is logical for a transcription company to promote its transcribers. Basing on rules laid out, you can be promoted from a normal transcriber to a senior quality controller. Keep in mind that throughout all the levels you must maintain an average rating of 3 and above.


  • Great customer support. The platform has a customer care support center available to all its users 24/7. You can ask them questions regarding anything that you want. You can also check out the blog section on the Scribie website to learn more about the platform. You can also visit the FAQ section (frequently asked questions) for basic guidance. This greatly improves the customer experience for freelancers and clients alike.


Cons of Scribie transcription jobs.

The platform does not have any big issues with it.

However, we should also address the negative aspects of using the Scribie platform for transcription:

  • Exclusively online work. All of the work done on the platform has to be done online. If you have unstable network, then you might have to work longer than expected.


  • Low pay. The money made from the platform is relatively low. Most transcription jobs cannot substitute your daily job earnings.


  • Low quality audio.


Sign Up For A Free Account On Scribie


Conclusion: Scribie Review – Is it legit?

I recommend this platform to you. The company is legitimate with a real owner and over 14 years’ experience in the industry.

The platform has great opportunities for you to make money using the affiliate program and transcription work.

Signing up is very easy. All you need is an email and valid PayPal account to process your payments.

Other than that, you can work as much as you want and earn extra money.

In my books, it ranks as one of the best transcription platforms online.

If you have any questions or concerns at all with this Scribie review feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Also don’t forget to share this review of Scribie with your friends and family.