World’s #1 Competitive Call of Duty Player Abruptly Retires

Call of Duty is one of the world's most popular video games, frequently topping the sales – and player count – charts since its inception in 2003. When one of its all-time great players abruptly retires, gamers around the world take notice – that's exactly what happened on Tuesday afternoon.

Call of Duty professional gamer Seth “Scump” Abner was originally scheduled to retire at the end of the current gaming season, but the gaming world was rocked when he abruptly pushed that retirement day up to today. Fans of Abner – as well as his colleagues – have taken to Twitter to pass along their kind words to the 27-year old, who is widely considered the greatest Call of Duty player of all time.

Abner has amassed countless tournament wins over his illustrious career, including a 2017 world championship.

Abner's official goodbye video has amassed millions of views in just a few short hours as the competitive gaming world is shocked by the early retirement, which came after after just one event of the latest season.

Fellow competitive CoD players were near-unanimous in their sentiment towards Abner, collectively thanking him for everything he's done for the game over his career:

Users like Capsidal_ regard Abner as the greatest of all time, citing his influence as why they entered the world of gaming:

Fellow competitive gamer CouRageJD echoed the previous sentiment, crowning him as a legend:

Even perennial NBA all-star Karl-Anthony Towns got into the action, telling Abner to “enjoy retirement.”

Speaking of NBA players, users like this one have pointed out similarities between Abner's final match and Kobe Bryant‘s last game:

As this Twitter user points out, Abner's professional gaming resume is impressive, and possibly impossible for others to top:

User Nadeshot credits Abner for the continued growth and popularity of Call of Duty over the past ten years:

However, not all corners of the internet were abuzz with adoration for Scump. This user in particular is in the vocal minority with his opinion:

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