25 Standout Moments From Stranger Things Season 4

Warning: Article contains Spoilers for Stranger Things, Season 4.

Since the end of Season 3 of Stranger Things, fans have waited with bated breath to see the fate of Jim Hopper, if Eleven would get her powers back, and what would happen with friends and families separated from each other.

Well, that was a very long breath because Season 3 was released July 4, 2019, so we have been waiting three long years to see where this show that has captivated our very souls would go.

With the release of Season 4 in two volumes and the knowledge that Season 5 will be the final chapter in the series, the show has reached its exciting penultimate place in television history.

And Season 4 was one doozy of a ride with, like every season, thrilling and moving moments. But even more so, this was the darkest, scariest, and most devastating season, again taking inspiration from classic films of the era.

This time, there were clear allusions to The Empire Strikes Back and The Nightmare in Elm Street, including an appearance by Freddy Kruger himself, Robert Englund. And no doubt we will never look at a grandfather clock or listen to Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill” and Metallica's “Master of Puppets” the same way again.

From how music was incorporated to the exceptional performances, so many moments stood out this season. Let's explore the greatest ones.

 1. A Montage of Heroes, Villains, and Monsters

Stranger Things is truly a masterful series in terms of balancing the epic battles with the emotional resonance that comes from the characters we have grown to love for the past four seasons and six years.

From the montage editing style showcasing all of our heroes battling monsters and villains to the remix of Bush's song that plays on repeat, these battles take our breath away, mainly because we tensely hold it.

The stakes reach epic proportions, and many characters get their hero moment. The entirety of Season 4 had been building up to this moment, so it should be no surprise that this would reside in the top spot for this season's most outstanding.

Eleven, who had broken free from Vecna's clutches, hurls him away from Max in what we believe is the nick of time while Lucas breaks out of Jason's chokehold and knocks him out. Murray gets his shining moment when he uses a flame thrower on all the escaped Demagorgans, and Nancy, Steve, and Robin equally come in hot, hurling flaming bottles of alcohol onto Vecna's vulnerable body.

Nancy can then shoot him out the window towards a grisly fate. Lastly, Hopper has one of his most heroic moments ever when he takes up a sword to battle the last remaining Demogorgan, becoming the prince slaying the dragon as it were. This climax to the season is taut, captivating and the very definition of epic, making it one of the most incredible moments of the series.

2. Max Faces off With Vecna and Runs up That Hill

One of the greatest moments of this season and the entire series is this emotionally resonant one for Max Mayfield. Throughout the entirety of “Dear Billy,” Max fears her time is up and Vecna will appear to her again and kill her. In the episode's climax, we see Max in a trance-like state, running desperately away from Vecna, absolutely terrified.

Meanwhile, her friends Lucas, Dustin, and Steve are frantic about what to do until they learn that a favorite song could help her break free. When Venca has her in his grasp, and all hope seems lost, her friends place her headphones on her and play her favorite song, “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.

Hearing this song provides a lifeline to not only reality for Max but also helps her remember what she has to live for. Feeling so alone ever since Billy died, we see a montage of Max and her friends, showing just how special they are to her. This love gives her the strength to escape and run back to the light- literally. When she wakes up and falls back to the ground, her friends, especially Lucas, embrace her, saying, “I thought we lost you.” Max replies, “I'm still here.”

It's an emotional and moving moment that illuminates the power of music and the love of one's friends. It is a beautiful metaphor for those struggling that you can find the strength within yourself to break free from your trauma and find peace waiting for you in the arms of those you love.

3. Eddie Munson's Heroics

For the entirety of Season 4, new to the show Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) kept emphasizing that in the face of danger, he always runs away and is no hero. So, it was no surprise that Eddie would find that courage in the end. And it made for moments that were both the essence of cool and absolute heartbreaking.

As part of the four-phase plan, Dustin and Eddie team up to draw the demo-bats away from the Creel House and allow Steve, Nancy, and Robin to enter safely. To draw the bats away, he plays Metallica's “Master of Puppets” atop the Upside Down's version of his van, performing in the name of his classmate Chrissy whom Vecna killed right in from of him. When the song ends and they escape inside, what Dustin says is undeniably true. It indeed was “the most metal ever!”

But when it becomes clear that the relentless bats need to be drawn away again, Eddie does what he regrettably had not done before. He does not run away and, in true heroic form, fights off the bats valiantly with his shield of spikes and a spear. Sadly the bats overpower him, and he is fatally wounded.

But, before his last breath, he is able to say goodbye to Dustin as the two exchange brotherly “I Love You's,” something that Joseph Quinn improvised. The moment is heart-wrenching and performed with remarkable authenticity by Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo. In the end, Eddie proved to be one of the show's most extraordinary heroes ever.

4. Eleven and Hopper Are Reunited

At Hopper's cabin, Eleven enters her bedroom but keeps that door open three inches, something her adoptive father always wanted her to do and something we see her do for all of Season 4. When a car arrives outside, it's unsure who it is until we see Hopper enter Eleven's room with a smile and a simple “Hey, Kid.” And her look of incredulous joy becomes tears of happiness and relief as she hugs her father.

The reunion for the father and daughter that are not bonded by blood shared but by hearts united was as beautifully emotional as one would hope for.

The two tightly embrace and commiserate over each other's short hair and the characters and the viewers smile through their tears. But what makes the tears flow is when Eleven tells Hopper that she “kept the door open three inches because she never stopped believing.”

Of course, we never stopped believing that these two would see each other again too. And thanks to the lovely performances by Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbour, who infuse their scenes with such heart, and a natural familial authenticity, it makes their reunion heartwarming, emotionally satisfying, and one of great beauty.

5. Max's Fate and the Love of Her Friends

For a few agonizing moments, we thought Max was lost forever. She escaped Vecna in episode four, and it seemed in the final episode that Eleven had pulled him away in time, despite him breaking her arm and leg. But when she comes out of the trance and falls into Lucas's arms, her body is so broken she says she can't feel or see anything.

A frantic Lucas calls for his sister to get help (a line actor Caleb Mclaughlin reportedly improvised) as Max fades away and Lucas cries for her to stay with him. Meanwhile, Eleven, still in Max's mind, kneels before her friends, bawling in disbelief that Max has died.

All her friends love Max, but no one can deny that the ones who love her the most deeply are Lucas and Eleven. And their love is on full heart-wrenching display at this moment that is brilliantly performed by Sadie Sunk, Caleb Mclaughlin, and Millie Bobby Brown, resulting in a flood of wails and tears.

From Max's utter terror she displays, saying she's not ready to die to Lucas refusing to let her go to Eleven proclaiming that this will not be Max's fate, the moment is filled with heartbreak and profundity.

After we see a montage of the moments of Eleven's and Max's friendship, something that is incredibly special to her, Eleven places her hand on Max's heart. And although we don't see it, we soon know Eleven brought Max back to life. Love and friendship have always been the strongest theme of Stranger Things and this moment proves that exceptionally.

6. Eleven's Revelation and the Truth of Vecna's Identity

Stranger Things have always provided tantalizing and emotional moments, especially regarding Eleven's character. When those moments also surprise us, it is even better. The truth about the massacre at Hawkin's lab was a key to Eleven getting her powers back and also one of the great questions from Volume 1 of Season 4.

For much of the season, Eleven believed she had killed everyone at the lab many years previous, but as she slowly gets her memories back, we see that the man who had taken a keen interest in her was the true culprit.

Thanks to a chilling performance by Jamie Campbell Bower, the truth of this man's identity becomes a captivating moment as he waxes poetic about who he is, revealing this evil that lurks inside him. He is not only the first-ever child brought to Hawkins Lab, but he is both the son of Victor Creel, Henry, and Vecna himself. It's a chilling twist that is one of the best of the series.

After tricking Eleven into removing the implanted device that blocked his powers, Vecna tries to convince Eleven to join him. When she refuses, the two battle each other, and he overpowers her for much of the fight. But in the end, we see her find her strength and that she is the one who pushes him into the Upside Down, opening that first gate to the other dimension.

Because of the nature of the fight and the way she regains her memories, much of this was performed by Millie Bobby Brown. But when we see what her actual age was when these events occurred (about eight or nine), it becomes apparent just how vicious Vecna is and how extraordinary Eleven and her powers are. Even when she was this tiny child, her strength was incredible.

7. Joyce and Hopper Reunite

Separated for eight months, the moment Joyce receives a mysterious package with stamps from Russia, and a note that references a date only she and Hopper knew about, she is thrust into another adventure. And it is the most dangerous one yet. These two may not be an official couple, but having gone through so much over the past two years, combined with a shared history of their youth, it is ever apparent how deeply they love each other.

Their reunion was a moment audiences waited for with so much anticipation for the entirety of Volume 1. But even more so, this is a moment that Joyce and Hopper dreamed of and longed for desperately. Being separated from those you love is difficult enough. But to have such perils and obstacles with a chance of survival being so slim makes their reunion even more resonant and satisfying.

The resilient Joyce never lost hope and her determination never waivers as she and Murray voyage to Russia to rescue Hopper from a Russian prison. And Hopper did not dare to hope, but when he learns she is coming for him, his will to live returns. Then, after he and his ally survive an attack from a Demogorgan, he sees Joyce again, and it's like seeing an angel after being in the depths of Hell. Joyce runs to him and hugs him so tightly, tears streaming down her face.

And Hopper takes a moment in. The realization that she is actually there is too wonderful to believe until his look of disbelief turns to one of pure joy. It's a beautiful moment for the characters that solidifies how deeply their feelings run.

8. Hopper Speaks About His Past and Loved Ones

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that my favorite characters on Stranger Things are none other than Jim Hopper, right along with the daughter he adopted. David Harbour is a truly exceptional actor, which he has proven many times throughout the series, and this moment is just another to add to the long list of remarkable ones. And it demonstrates that the show does not have to rely on a huge battle scene to create a memorable moment.

Speaking with his only ally, “Enzo,” Hopper talks about his past fighting in Vietnam and being exposed to Agent Orange, fearing that is what caused his daughter Sarah's cancer. And when he brings up Joyce and Eleven, he realizes that they didn't need him; he was the one that needed them. And because of that, he feels as if he is a curse because everyone he loves he hurts.

Although the scene's tone is extremely somber and heartbreaking, it also shows us the side of Jim Hopper that makes him such an incredibly well-rounded character. Undeniably strong, his ability to love and instinct to protect is far greater. It is a simple scene but brilliantly performed by Harbour and one that holds profound meaning.

9. Mikes Love Gives Eleven Strength

Ever since Eleven and Mike first met, they have been like young soul mates. But spending eight months apart had been difficult for them both, with their insecurities brewing underneath. Eleven fears that she is too different and that Mike doesn't love her anymore, especially since Mike ends all his letters to her “from Mike.”

Mike fears Eleven will one day wake up and realize she doesn't need him. But when it comes down to it, their fears are unwarranted, and their love proves to be the strongest we've ever seen.

As Eleven lays in the deprivation pool with Vecna's hive mind roots strangling her, Mike takes Eleven's hand and tells her to fight. He gives a heartfelt and passionate speech that declares how amazing, extraordinary, and strong she is. He says that no matter whether she has her powers or not, he loves her for exactly who she is.

Hearing his words touches Eleven's heart and gives her the fortitude she needs to break free from Vecna's clutches proving the depth, courage, and strength true love can inspire within us.

10. Will and Mike Have a Heart-to-Heart Talk

Being separated for eight months was difficult for both Eleven and Mike and Will and Mike. Will was especially hurt by how uncommunicative things were during that time and how awkward and distant things still felt when Mike visited them in California. But when on the road searching for Eleven, the two best friends are finally able to have a heart-to-heart that serves two purposes.

First, Mike reveals that he's been afraid to tell Eleven he loves her because he fears losing, and that is why he is so inadequate compared to how incredible she is. And Will finally reveals the painting he'd been carrying around with him, giving Mike encouragement while subtlety revealing his own feelings.

Will tells Mike he's the heart of the group, that Eleven will always need him, and that when you feel different, sometimes you feel like a mistake. But Mike makes her feel like she belongs and is worthy. While all these are true of Eleven, Will also speaks about himself, even if Mike doesn't realize it. It's truly a watershed moment for Will, not just because of the tears in his eyes.

Even if everything wasn't revealed, the truth was at the heart of what was said. And it's a heart-rending moment made even more poignant by the fantastic performance by Noah Schnapp.

11. Hopper and Joyce Share Romantic Moments

Suppose the reunion between Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers was the emotional culmination of months of grief. In that case, the moments that follow are the poignant and romantic culmination of years of developing and sometimes repressed feelings. The moments that follow their reunion are a sweet and beautiful respite for the two characters as they discuss the long-awaited date that Hopper had been dreaming about.

But soon, their talk becomes flirtatious until their emotions overtake them, and we see the long-awaited first kiss between them. This passion may have been cut short by a crucial incoming phone call, but it is not the last kiss the two share.

A few moments later, when finalizing their plan of attack, the nervousness and fear Joyce feels are calmed by Hopper finally feeling a sense of hope and belief. This newfound feeling of hope that they will succeed was indeed found the moment he saw her again, and it's punctuated by the tender kiss the two share here.

And it's a kiss that was added to the scene on the day of filming by Winona Ryder and David Harbour. These two brilliant actors are deeply in tune with their characters and infuse any scenes that Hopper and Joyce share with warmth, comfort, and a sense of true love.

12. Jonathan Shows Will Brotherly Support

When Will gives Mike the encouragement he needs and tells him how Eleven feels about him, it is not so subtly implied that Will also shares those feelings. When Will lets those thoughts of feeling different out, Jonathan notices the pain on his face and tears in his eyes. When the two brothers have a moment alone, they have a much-needed heart-to-heart talk.

Jonathan tells Will he is sorry that he hadn't been there for him the past year and that they should talk and give each other the support they need more often. And most importantly, he tells Will there is nothing he could say or do that would change how he feels about him. Although it is not outwardly stated, Will's sexuality is somewhat confirmed here, making this a crucial moment for the character.

As the brothers tightly embrace, it further solidifies Will and Jonathan as one of the best and most supportive relationships of their series.

13. Eleven and Dr. Brenner/Papa Fight and Flee

The relationship between Eleven and her “Papa” is a complicated one, to say the least. He is controlling and manipulative but also loves her and wishes to protect her from harm. In Season 4, these complexities come to a head when Brenner tells her that her powers are not strong enough to defeat “One” yet, and he does everything to prevent her from leaving.

When it matters, Brenner flees the bunker carrying Eleven in his arms to save her life but is shot and mortally wounded in the process. What follows is a master class of acting as Millie Bobby Brown and Matthew Modine gives outstanding performances in a scene tinged with pent-up emotions of anger, frustration, realization, and heartache.

Brenner wants her to understand that all he ever wanted to do was protect her, that he is so proud of her, and that he loves her very much. To him, she is his dear family. For Eleven, she realizes that it was never her that was the monster. It was Brenner and his inability to let “One” and her go. In these moments, the pain of being called a monster and that he failed brings honest tears to Brenner's eyes.

And as he lies dying, Eleven doesn't give him the words he wants to hear but shows him grace by taking his hand and saying a soft goodbye. She doesn't forgive, but she also doesn't condemn. It's a great sign of maturity on Eleven's part and acceptance on Brenner's when he releases the cuff from her. He finally lets his daughter go.

14. Steve Pours His Heart Out to Nancy

Season 4 brings Steve's feelings for Nancy to the forefront again, and we see this in many of their scenes together. The two moments that stand out the most are when Steve tells Nancy about his dream of having a large family and spending summers traveling in an R.V. to National Parks and beaches with his theoretical wife and six kids. She smiles and says it sounds nice, except for the six kids part, and it's clear she is feeling conflicted and that some past feelings for him may still linger.

But the sweetest moment is when he tells her not only that his dream includes her but that he is indebted to her for giving him the “thump in the head” he needed two years earlier. She changed his life and helped him mature. But it makes him wonder if another girl had done so, maybe he and Nancy may have worked out.

Steve's love for Nancy has not faded and seems to have only gotten stronger as they have faced many dangers together. How Nancy feels is less certain, as we know she loves Jonathan. But where these relationships will go feels much less clear now. What is clear is that there is no shortage of genuine affection between Steve and Nancy.

15. Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle Find Eleven

After hours of searching, Eleven's loved ones finally find her in the middle of the desert, and the reunion is so, so heartfelt. After taking down the helicopter that shot Brenner and tried to kill her, the van with her friends drives up, and Mike is the first one to reach her. Her look of disbelief turns to one of utter happiness, and she hugs her love. The two soul mates are together again, and it's lovely to witness.

What is also so sweet is the look on Will's face as she runs to embrace him as well. At this moment, it becomes apparent that Will and Eleven have become brother and sister. Yet, their bond is just as solid and deep, and the way they tightly hug is so sweet and surely brings tears to many a viewer's eyes.

16. The Upside Down Comes to Hawkins and Looking Toward the Future

The end of Season 4 felt like the beginning of the end, and we now know this to be confirmed. With Season 5 announced as the last of the series, this final moment is truly the preface for the final battle to come. And it's grand and epic in every way. Still connected to the Mind Flayer, the hairs on the back of Will's neck stand on end.

He turns to see darkness in the sky, and all of the characters then look to the skies above as the ominous threat looms. Will, Mike, Eleven, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce, and Hopper walk towards the edge of Hawkins, reaching a colorful field of flowers that have begun to decay.

The gates that had opened when Max briefly died caused a rift between dimensions, and the Upside Down has now seeped into our world. The heroes gaze beyond their town and see dark clouds and lightning in the distance. As they stand there fearful but with a resolute look of determination, the series theme song plays for the first time in a scene from the show. It's a brilliant way of showcasing that the end is near and that it will be a thrilling one to behold.

17. Robin's Impassioned Speech

When Robin and Nancy pose as psychology students attempting to see Victor Creel at the mental asylum and learn imperative information about Vecna, Nancy creates fake university transcripts. She also dresses them in, as far as Robin is concerned, overly frilly, uncomfortable, and ridiculous outfits. In order to be granted permission to see him, they must convince the asylum director that they are worthy of access.

And when it seems like they have come all that way only to be denied, Robin gives an impassioned speech about how they had been rejected multiple times, dreamt of being in his place, and get a peek into the mind of such an evil but fascinating man. She says they dressed that way to be taken as seriously as the young men are, who she was sure would be granted access with little trouble.

Although the situation and much of her speech are built on a made-up scenario, she speaks with gusto and more than a few essential kernels of truth that he grants their request. And we, as an audience, are cheering for Robin Hawke's amazing performance and are inspired by what we just witnessed.

18. Steve Is Attacked in the Upside Down

It would not be a season of Stranger Things if Steve Harrington did not somehow get the brunt of it. It seems like each season, someone brutally beats him up. But it isn't from a jerk like Billy or Russian soldiers this time. This time it is vicious bats in the Upside Down who come at him from every direction, swooping down, biting, and choking him.

He fights valiantly, but even someone as brave and capable as Steve can only do much. Thankfully, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie followed him through the “Watergate” and came to his aid and helped fight off the bats, allowing him to take the final, assuredly violent blow. It's a tense moment but one of Steve's best.

19. Bicycle Parallels

Ever since Season 1, the kids on their bicycles have played a prominent role. Taking inspiration from films like E.T. and The Goonies, these bicycle scenes are not only crucial to the story but add the 1980s aesthetic and feel. And there have been some incredible moments, such as the kids trying to escape Brenner and his government associates and Eleven using her powers to flip an entire van over them.

This moment may not have been quite as dramatic as that one, but it is undoubtedly the coolest. And it is also one that showcases the inherent connection these characters have with each other and the immense talent of the filmmakers to create a moment that seamlessly blends story and style.

In the Upside Down, Steve, Nancy, Robin, and Eddie realize that a gate is located at the place of Vecna's first attack, Eddie's trailer. And in Hawkins, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and Erica realize the same thing, showcasing how intelligent and in sync they all are with each other despite being apart.

As the Hawkins group flees their parents and the police on their bicycles, the camera slowly turns upside down to the others on their bikes. The synthesized music swells, propelling the story in this short but astonishing moment. And this leaves the audience in absolute awe.

20. Lucas and Max's Note Writing

Sometimes it's the quiet moments that resound the deepest with viewers. For those who are romantics, this sweet scene between Lucas and Max will no doubt make you smile and tear up a bit, given the serious undertones of the situation. Not wanting to make a sound until they're ready to confront Vecna, Lucas and Max communicate by writing notes to each other.

Max says she is glad Lucas is there with her, and he reciprocates the thought. When he asks her to a movie, her response is precious. She draws a picture of the two of them together at the movie holding hands. That is sweet on its own. But we see this picture again, taped to the wall in her hospital room at the end of the episode. It gives gravitas to something light, a beautiful symbol of love and hope for the two characters.

21. Bullying at the Skating Rink

When we first see how Eleven is doing in California, it is heart-wrenching witnessing much she is bullied by a girl named Angela and her group of equally cruel lemmings. No moment hurts more than the scene at the skating rink where they pull Eleven onto the rink, circle her with taunts and laughs, and then hit her with a milkshake that causes her to fall violently.

This alone is cruel, but they reach a new low when a visibly upset El asks them to apologize, and Angela mocks her saying she should just cry to her dad, but punctuates it by saying she can't do that because he's dead.

Anyone who has gone through adolescence knows how horrendous kids at this age can be to each other. And this scene will surely remind some viewers of similar experiences and have their hearts touched very empathetically. Although we should never condone violence, one can understand how Eleven snapped and forcibly hit Angela in the face with a skate. It brings back repressed but false memories. But the pain of this moment is genuine.

22. Dustin Tells Mr. Munson That Eddie Is a Hero

One of the saddest things in the coda for the final episode of Season 4 is that Eddie is still vilified by the town and believed to be the one who murdered his classmates. The only one concerned for him is his Uncle, who keeps putting up a missing person sheet that is defaced daily. When Dustin sees him, he takes it upon himself to tell Eddie's Uncle the truth.

Or at least most of the truth. Eddie died a hero and was a wonderful person many never understood or bothered to get to know. But Dustin knew and loved him. He was like his brother. Dustin gives Mr. Munson the peace he needs and Eddie the respect he deserves.

23. Montage of a Hawkins High Basketball game vs. Hellfire Club's Dungeons & Dragons Game

The stakes were not high in the first episode of the season, and the dangers were not yet revealed. The most dramatic thing for the characters at this moment was deciding upon attending a basketball game versus playing a pivotal Dungeons and Dragons game. Lucas doesn't want to let Mike and Dustin down but also wants a chance to play in the basketball game and maybe get in with the popular kids, which would be an in for his friends as well.

In the montage, which cuts between key moments in both games, we see how both can elicit tremendous tension and exuberance. It is very well directed and edited and a catalyst and fun jumping-off point for each of their stories for the season.

24. Murray's Karate Skills

Has there been a more unexpected and interesting character arc than that of Murray Bauman? From a reclusive conspiracy theorist to someone thrust into the heart of the story. Willing to go far to help others, Murray becomes Joyce's partner in rescue to find and save their friend Hopper. When they are double-crossed, they plan to overtake the pilot.

Unfortunately, Murray does a little too well and knocks him out completely. But the scene is one of the series' funniest as he finds his courage and proves he can beat more than a 16-year-old in karate class. I have no doubt his declaration will stand the test of time as far as iconic quotes from the series: “My fingers are like arrows. My arms like iron. My feet, like spears. Resist, and I will end you.” Do not mess with Murray Bauman.

25. Nancy and Robin Visit Victor Creel

This scene stands out for two very significant attributes: the unique look into the past, which we have never seen quite like on Stranger Things, and the presence of the great Robert Englund. It was captivating in a different kind of way to know the back story of Victor Creel and his family when they moved to Hawkins in the 1950s into what they thought would be their dream home.

Unfortunately, it wasn't long until that dream became a nightmare. This scene gave Nancy and Robin the crucial information they needed at the time to save Max, but it would not be until later that his entire history would be revealed.

Having Robert Englund in this role is also a very meta choice, given that A Nightmare on Elm Street inspires a great deal of the season's plot, and Englund played that film's antagonist Freddy Kruger. But it's another instance of casting an iconic actor from the 1980s, giving them a chance to shine. Englund makes the moment scary but heartbreaking at the same time. And that is a unique combination.

Honorable Mentions:

Max Writes Letters to Her Friends

We have yet to know what Max wrote in her letters to all of her friends. We hope we never will because that would be the worst thing that happens. But the fact that she did is very moving.

The Presence of Dr. Owens

Paul Reiser's presence has been a welcome one since Season 2 as he is one of the only authoritative adults besides Joyce and Hopper who seems to care about Eleven's well-being. He proves that to be undeniably true once again and gives her a calming and kind person to count on, calling her “Kiddo” and always making sure her choices are hers. It's refreshing, and I hope to see him in Season 5.

Unsung Heroes Argyle and Erica

Argyle and Erica may mainly provide comic relief but make no mistake. Both prove capable and brave when push comes to shove. Erica is not only a great Dungeons and Dragons player but also plays a crucial role in helping to battle Vecna. Seeing that vicious teenager tackle her and threaten to break her arm was horrific, especially since she is only 11 years old. But it was so satisfying when she fought back and took him down.

Similarly, Argyle may be primarily a character to make us laugh, but he saves our longstanding characters and is the one who brings them to the place Eleven needs the most. And he did this without losing his sweet demeanor.

Lite Brite Communication

An upgrade from the Christmas light communication from Season 1, seeing this speaking back and forth with the use of a Lite Bright was simply magical and a much-needed moment of wonder and levity.

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