How To Create A Successful Blog By Using These 12 Habits

If you want to succeed online with blogging
Then you have to follow these 12 habits on
how to create a successful blog

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Follow my steps below and see if it makes sense to you
It will help you connect the dots together
I know if you are reading this blog post
Then you will be either looking to know
Why your blog is not generating any income or
Maybe my title grabbed your attention

discover secret recipe for a successful blog

Anyway I don't do tricks to get you to read my blog posts
I am presenting what exactly the post title dictates
Below is my list of ingredients as known as table of contents

1) Don't ever give up

The whole idea of blogging and how to create a successful blog is based on great perseverance

Everybody is reading stories of bloggers who were able to make it online
I would say they all offer great advice
Most of them talk about being patient and never give up

I would like to add my advice for the “Never Give Up” motto
Find a target audience with a specific problem to solve
Focus writing an epic thorough blog posts addressing every aspect of your audience’s problem
Create your own product highly recommended or recommend an affiliate product then
Be very patient and don’t give up

Did You get what I am talking about
It doesn’t make sense to ask you to be patient if you are following the wrong steps
Like if I give you a wrong directions to your address and ask you to wait till you be there

Make sure to judge your blog contents or ask someone else to do so for you

2) Acquire the right positive mindset

Actually I acquired my positive thinking just by reading few forums
In particular the Warrior forum
It happens that I met there successful bloggers
They offer their advice and reply back to your inquires

Without a positive mindset
You will move from one course to another
Never feel fulfilled as you still don't believe in yourself
You keep reading hoping to find something new to your common sense

I am not against buying courses and ebooks to guide you
What I am against is that you think you will find something new to discover
The whole blogging success lies in speaking the language of one audience
Focus on writing solutions about their problems

If you manage to attract few people
You will manage to keep recurring visitors coming to your blog
The whole idea here is to keep your audience reading what you write
Managing to do this step successfully and Google will position your site up for some keywords

Why? because Google believes in good customers' experience
This is one of Google ranking factors that will never be obsolete

3) Add blog post contents regularly

Writing original contents on regular bases can be very daunting
You have no choice here, some bloggers manage to hire ghost writers to write for them
You have to make money first to pay for them

Think about it this way
The idea of writing contents forever makes me think that
No matter what your blogging dream is
If you want to replace your full day income assuming you don't like it with full time blogging
Then you have to love writing because it will stay with you

I manage to really like writing when I only imagine
That I am writing about what I am really good at
I know you may think what if I completely covered every single aspects of my audience's problem

Hypothetically if you revise your old blog posts and revamp your contents
That would be considered a new contents from Google's perspectives
Also if you manage to enhance the same contents by adding visual clues like images, Infographics and videos
All these are kind of tasks that make you break the writing routine

4) Show your real person inside

Act as authentic person, what does this mean?
Me, you and every blogger, we don't write our own thoughts or ideas
Everything we write about has been written before

To show your personality here
Don't write other bloggers' contents in your own words
By the way it is OK as long as it passes the Plagiarism test
But you will start to get bored of writing and nobody will like what you write

But why? because your contents lack your personal touch
People like reading about your own personal experience
Sometimes when I am writing a blog list and I come up with some items
I know I want to make a long list but If I don't feel few items on my list
I completely remove them and collect more ideas of what really makes sense to me

5) Make yourself accessible

Nobody likes sending emails in vain expecting to get a reply back
Making yourself accessible is not about listing ways for visitors to reach you
It is about replying to those who want to keep in touch with you

Actually it happened to me so many times
I changed my mind and quit buying a product very last minute when I expect a reply back to my emails and I don’t receive any

I know all bloggers have busy schedule but
If they promise a product to help you and they guarantee success

Your mind dreams of the transformation process when purchasing this particular product
You build a strong relationship, you send emails confirming few things especially for expensive products
Everything collapses if you don’t get prompt response
So even getting late reply back can make you lose closing few sales

6) Ask visitors to connect with you on social media

It is not a shame if you ask for it
Always if you place the connect with me on the right side margin with all the possible social media, this will get you some followers

By the way, I realized recently that the success in blogging sometimes has nothing to do with big audience in social media

I know few bloggers who really make lot of money but when you check their social media they have few followers

That’s because it all depends on your focus
If you are focused on writing great contents
You will get search engine traffic but few social media followers

7) Keep visitors in touch using Autoresponder

Having visitors coming to you on demand are really great invention
You have to work on enhancing your squeeze page and your lead magnet
What you offer when they sign up using their emails
Make it very highly relevant to their sign ups
I also discovered that even the product you are planning to sell later has to be very highly related to your squeeze opt in

I remember once that I was tracking a certain bloggers email series waiting to see her offer, actually there was no products
She was offering great contents written on her blog with her products inside the context
I have to admit, I really liked her methods as she was soft selling to subscribers without even noticing

8) Keep your site design easy and simple

You have to make sure when visitors land on any page they know how to move around
Having Start Here menu is a good start
You have to choose carefully what to write or
Add to the right and/or left hand side margins

Keep every blog post related to a highly relevant ones
Make sure to watch out for your font size
I found that using 18 or 20 px as font size is the best
Also black font on white background is my best choice

9) Reduce Popup and other distractions

At least if you want to display your squeeze opt in through Popups
Make it after a minute again this is my personal opinion
Give your visitors some time to read your contents

Avoid all popup ads and if you rely on advertisement
Make sure your ads are distributed between your text reasonably
Don't add an ad after every paragraph
Use your best judgement here

10) Be mobile friendly with responsive web design

My Google Analytics account say that
85% of my users visited my blog from their mobile
I could not believe the percentage but it looks like
Investing in a responsive web design should be your number one priority

Always check your popups or Ads sizes on mobile
Sometimes few Ads network display their ads as a banner on top or bottom of your mobile page
Making it hard to read the text as sometimes they block the text behind them

11) Understand and utilize Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells you exactly which pages are showing up on Google
How many minutes users stayed on average on your page
Which pages are performing better on Google
Based on this information, you can scale it up

Good pages need to be enhanced
Write more blog posts or add to the existing ones about topics you forgot to add

12) Make a room for comments

Always think about negative comments before deleting them
You have to separate between reading negative and insulting comments
Delete any insulting and offensive comments
Work on understanding the negative comments without getting discouraged

Finally I hope you started to learn how to create a successful blog, if so please share this post with your friends using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

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