30 Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash (Online & Locally)

You’re staring at a closet filled with multiple pairs of shoes, yet somehow, you still have nothing to wear. You may find yourself hoarding pairs of shoes you never wear, maybe because you’ve outgrown them or they’ve gone out of style. 

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30 Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash (Online & Locally) 3

Whatever the reason, it’s time to clean out your cramped closet and make some cash in the process! People don’t mind buying shoes with a little wear if they can get a handsome discount over retail costs.

Shoes are not just things to cover and protect your foot with; they’re a fashion statement! The average American consumer spends $392 on footwear over the course of the year. That’s a huge money pie if you ask me, so why not take a slice?

I present the complete collection of the best places to sell shoes for cash. 

Places to Sell Shoes for Cash Near You

There really is a market for your shoes if you know where to look and who wants to buy them. 

Once you’ve checked for extra shoes at home, go outside. Thrift stores are lined with shelves after shelves of shoes. At garage and church rummage sales, you’ll easily find the inventory you can flip for profit.

Whether it’s flip-flops, loafers, fashion sneakers or knee-high boots, you can sell your shoes with great ease by connecting with buyers in your local area. Often, this method can be more convenient. Also, you’ll get to keep 100 percent profits of your item.

1. 5 Miles 

As the name implies, the unique thing about this 5 Miles is that your listing will only show to potential buyers who live within 5 miles of your location.

5 Miles is one of my favorites for a few reasons. First, it uses Facebook and phone verification. This way, you know you’re dealing with real people.

5 Miles allows you to communicate with buyers through the chat feature. To attract potential buyers, you need to include quality images. 

2. Varage Sale 

As a virtual garage sale, Varage Sale allows you to sell items, including shoes, locally. To be a member, you have to sign up and have your identity approved through your Facebook account.

Only other members who have been approved will be able to buy your stuff. This helps to block unscrupulous buyers. The platform doesn’t charge any listing or selling fees. 

3. Crossroads Trading 

With locations spread across the United States, this consignment-like shop mostly buys “trendy” shoes. You can trade your shoes for store credits or cash.

There are 2 ways to sell your shoes on Crossroads: drop-off without an appointment and in-person by appointment. You must be at least 18 years old with a valid government-issued ID card to sell 

4. OfferUp 

OfferUp is a community-based platform where you can sell your shoes. Both listing and selling used shoes are free of charge.

Connect your Facebook account with OfferUp to communicate with customers via messaging in the app. To determine whether potential buyers are genuine or not, you can look at their ratings.

When your shoes sell, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label. Shipping costs of OfferUp will be paid by the buyer. However, you’ll be required to pay a $1.99 or 12.9 percent commission on the final price.

5. Craigslist 

Quite possibly the best local selling app, you can sell anything, including your new or used shoes, on Craigslist. There are zero listing/selling fees on Craigslist. When you agree to meet a buyer, choose a public place, and don’t accept personal checks. 

6. Facebook Marketplace 

Of course, I’m going to list Facebook Marketplace here. It may not be the most successful platform to sell shoes online, but since it’s free, it might be worth a shot.

How it works is that you post your shoes and connect with local buyers. By selling locally to people who live close enough to come and collect their items, you cut out postage costs. Take a good look at the buyer’s profile before the meeting.

7. Buffalo Exchange 

Buffalo Exchange is an option if you have vintage shoes you don’t want to sell on your own. To receive an offer, call ahead, then bring your shoes to one of their stores.

They also give you an option to trade for other items. Currently, in 21 states, you need to bring a government-issued identity card to sell your shoes to Buffalo Exchange. 

8. OfferUp 

Whenever it comes to selling anything locally, OfferUp name is among the first people think of. There are also a lot of other apps like Letgo that you can use to sell shoes online.

You won’t pay any listing or commission fee. When a user shows interest in buying your shoes, you can negotiate with them about pricing. You have to meet potential buyers in person to exchange money and shoes. Pick a public place for your safety.

9. iOffer 

It’s free to open a store on iOffer, and there are no listing fees. This makes the platform cheap, especially if you’re just starting out.

As the seller, it’s your responsibility to set up shipping and payment methods. Once you sell your shoes, you’ll pay a commission of 8.5-10 percent. To boost views, you can pay “premium” listing fees. 

10. Plato’s Closet 

Plato’s closet is another platform that wants to sell your shoes. Particularly popular among teens, you’re more likely to get a quote if your shoes are in excellent condition and come from a well-known brand.

There’s no need to make an appointment at the store. Just walk in with your gently used footwear and ID. If you accept their offer, you get paid in cash.

11. Shpock 

Shpock is another platform that will help you connect with local buyers to sell your shoes. You have to create an account using Facebook, Apple, or Gmail to list your item.

You can easily connect with a potential buyer near where you live if you want to skip the pricey shipping process. Use the usual safety precautions when dealing with buyers as far as meeting up and accepting payment is concerned.

12. Uptown Cheapskate 

Uptown Cheapskate has fewer locations than Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange, but you can consider them if they’re within your residence area.

They pay cash on the spot as soon as they assess your items. If you like, you can opt for store credit. Bring your ID along too!

13. Sell Old Shoes to Consignment Stores

If you don’t find a buyer in any of the above places that buy shoes, walk into a consignment store or thrift shop, talk to an employee or the manager, figure out a price and wait for the shoes to sell.

Typically, the fee is 80/20 split. Payment varies, but it normally is an in-store cash payout. If you live in New York or LA, you can sell your sneakers with Flight Club or Stadium Goods.

Sell Shoes Online

Selling old shoes online is easier than ever, thanks to services and apps that have streamlined the process. Almost anyone can delve into the online marketplace and make money selling shoes. If you source shoes at a low enough price, expect great profit margins. Here are a few places to sell shoes online:

14. Poshmark 

Poshmark’s free app makes it super easy to list and sell designer shoes and sell sneakers. The online marketplace says that you can list your items for sale in only 30 seconds. Once you get a buyer, Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label. Box up your shoes and drop them off at a USPS location.

You can request payment via check or direct deposit to your bank account after the buyer receives the item. Poshmark’s commission structure is $2.95 for sales under $15 and 20 percent for sales that are $15 or more.

15. Grailed 

If you have high-end name-brand men’s footwear and sneakers you’re looking to get rid of, Grailed is a great community marketplace for menswear enthusiasts.

Simply list the shoes on their site and wait for the offers to start pouring in. Whoever pays you first is the winner. Sellers need to ship their own products. After you sell, you’ll pay Grailed a commission of 6 percent plus applicable PayPal costs.

16. Flyp 

Another reliable online marketplace app, Flyp links you up with a professional seller who does all the work for you – list, set prices, negotiate, handle shipping, and customer service.

Thanks to their robust protection policy, your shoes are in safe hands. If your shoes don’t sell in 90 days, you can get them back for free, sell them at a discounted price or have them donated.

17. ThredUP 

Use ThredUp for a truly hands-free experience. To sell shoes you no longer wear, need or love, order a clean-out kit, pack them and drop them at USPS or FedEx.

The online fashion reseller will inspect the shoes before listing them on their marketplace. To help your shoes sell fast, ThredUp will professionally photograph them and add detailed descriptions.

When your item sells, you’ll be paid via PayPal, Stripe, or ThredUp shopping credit. 

18. eBay 

While it might appear like the eBay boom is over, the site is visited by millions of visitors every day and can be a great option to sell your shoes online.

The learning curve for how to sell shoes for cash on eBay is rather easy. There are 2 selling options – an auction option that lets buyers place bids and a “Buy it Now” option that allows you to set a non-negotiable price. You’ll pay a 10 percent charge on all sales.

19. Kixify 

Kixify is another great marketplace for both new and pre-owned men’s, women’s, and kids shoes. To sell your shoes on Kixify, you have to set up a storefront.

You can establish your own policies for shipping, returns, and exchanges. While it’s free to get listed, you’ll pay an 8 percent commission for every pair of shoes you sell via the platform.

You need a PayPal account to receive your payment. 

20. BuyMYheels.com 

You can use BuyMYheels to sell designer shoes and heels to a worldwide audience. Before you upload ad details and photos, read their shoe photography guide.

While there’s no commission to sell on the site, you’ll pay a listing fee of $7. Due to their strict authentication process, you can’t sell replica or non-brand name shoes. 

21. Tradesy 

Tradesy focuses on authentic and designer fashion products for women. It will take you a minute to list your shoes. Simply take some clear pics, write a killer description, and add a price. Tradesy will send you a pre-packaged shipping kit once your item sells.

Tradesy’s commission structure is $7.50 for items sold for less than $50 and 19.8 percent for items sold for $50 or more. Payment is via PayPal, check, or prepaid debit card.

22. Mercari 

To sell your shoes on Mercari, download the app and list your item for free. Buyers can favorite your listings and share them on social media as well, meaning free marketing.

You can ship on your own or ask for a prepaid shipping label when your item sells. Buyers will be given 3 days to submit a review after receiving the shoes. You will receive a rating and payment via direct deposit. 

23. Vinted 

Vinted is a big online marketplace for selling clothes and shoes and boasts millions of users.

To sell your shoes for cash on the platform, upload pictures of your shoes, add a description, set the fee, and package the shoes when they’re sold. It’s a pretty simple process.

24. The RealReal 

The RealReal is an aesthetically-pleasing shoe marketplace for consigning designer and name-brand shoes like Chanel, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, and Michael Kors.

Many shoe shoppers still prefer to try on shoes before they buy them. Your shoes will be sold at one of The RealReal’s stores.

You can ship them with a free pre-paid shipping label, schedule a pickup or drop them off in person if you live near one of their partner stores. When your shoes sell, you can get paid via check, direct deposit, or store credit.

25. ASOS Marketplace 

Launched in 2010, ASOS Marketplace is for dedicated vintage shoe sellers looking to establish their own business. You need to have at least 15 products listed at all times.

Apply for a boutique to get started. Your item images should be up to standard, and you need a Business PayPal account to launch. Read their photography guide for further details.

26. Depop 

You can sell pretty much every type of shoe on Depop, but vintage and quirky shoes sell best. Depop is designed just like Instagram.

It lets you upload pictures of your shoes in the usual square format and add a caption underneath. You can select the shoe size and set the price. Depop charges 10 percent of each sale (plus PayPal fees).

27. GOAT 

GOAT is a shoe resale website. You need to apply and become an authorized seller to list and sell shoes for cash on GOAT. An application may take a few days to be approved.

All shoes sold through GOAT are authenticated through human expertise and machine learning. Once everything checks out, the money will be deposited to you. Click Here to learn more about GOAT’s selling fee and commission fee.

28. StockX 

StockX is GOAT’s rival, but the platform is based on a bid/ask process. You can list your shoes for auction and potential buyers can choose to accept your price or not.

When a deal is agreed upon, they’ll email a shipping label to send the sneakers to them to be verified. Once the shoes are shipped and verified, you’ll be paid via PayPal or direct deposit and be charged a 3 percent payment processing fee.

Sell Wedding Shoes Online 

To love and to cherish, till shoes do us part. Just kidding. If you want to put up your wedding shoes for sale, these two sites will help you make extra money. 

29. Once Wed 

While you won’t pay a commission, you’ll need to pay a flat listing fee of $5 to sell your shoes on Once Wed. Your listing will appear on their website for one year.

You’ll get notified when a buyer emails about your listing. If you’re having trouble finding a buyer for your item, Once Wed allows you to lower your price.

30. Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses 

As one of the largest online bridal marketplace, Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses have been connecting sellers and buyers of new, sample and used bridal shoes, wedding dresses, and other wedding accessories since 2004.

You need to create an account to list your items. With a strong social media presence, you’ll only pay $5 per listing.

Tips For Selling Used Shoes

If you're looking to clean out your closet and earn a little extra cash, selling used shoes is a great option. But how do you ensure that you get the best price for your used sneakers? Here are a few tips to help you sell used shoes like a pro:

Use trusted online marketplaces

The sites mentioned above have vetted guidelines and other safety measures as part of their reselling policy.

Clean your shoes

It goes without saying, but give your shoes a good wash and wipe off dirty soles before you put them up for sale. No one is going to want to buy dirty shoes!

Take quality photos

Help the potential buyers envision themselves wearing the shoes you’re listing by taking high-resolution photos from all angles (front, back and overhead) with a good quality camera and lots of natural light.

Write a good description

If you’ve got good pictures of your shoes, post ‘em up and hashtag anything about them that people might be looking for.

Add a personal touch

It costs nothing to be nice. Try throwing in a little handwritten note thanking the buyer for shopping with you.

Be honest

Be honest about the size, tears and flaws of the shoes you’re trying to sell. This will help the buyer to make the correct purchasing decision.

Customer service

Customer service is a vital piece of the selling process. Respond to messages and feedback promptly.

Shipping prices

Check postage prices when creating a listing and add that on top of the advertised selling price.

Think seasonally

Open shoes will sell best in summer, while people are more likely to be shopping for knee-high boots in the winter.

Price reasonably

Just because you bought a pair of Air Jordans or Yeezys for $120 doesn’t mean you’ll get that when you resell it. Also, by setting your prices too low, you lose credibility.

Create multiple listings

List your shoes on multiple platforms to sell them faster. The more platforms you list your shoes on, the more people will see them.

Consider donating

Lastly, don’t forget that some people can’t afford a decent pair of shoes. So if you can’t sell some shoes or feel generous, consider donating them to a worthy cause instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you pawn shoes?

If you're looking to pawn shoes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, not just any shoe will do – they have to be designer shoes, rare, or exclusive in some way.

Secondly, even if your shoes meet those criteria, not all pawn shops are created equal – some may be more interested in your shoes than others.

Finally, it's important to know what you're looking to get out of the transaction – are you looking for a quick loan or hoping to sell your shoes outright? Keep all of these factors in mind, and you'll be sure to get the best deal possible on your shoes.

What app can I sell used shoes on?

There are a few different options for selling used shoes online. One popular option is to use an app like Poshmark or Mercari. Both apps allow you to list your items for sale and ship them directly to the buyer when they are sold.

Another option is to sell your shoes on eBay or Amazon. These platforms typically have a bigger audience than apps like Poshmark, and you will also have to deal with shipping the shoes yourself. The best option for selling used shoes will depend on your preferences. Here is a list of popular apps to sell shoes.

  • Wallapop
  • Social Sell
  • Tradyo
  • Craigslist
  • Letgo App
  • OfferUp App
  • VarageSale
  • Facebook Marketplace

So what's the best way to sell your shoes?

Selling shoes online can be a great way to clear up your jam-packed shoe closet, get rid of shoes you no longer wear and make some extra cash while you’re at it. Like any side hustle, you need to be committed and put in extra effort to make a consistent income.

Now that you have everything you need to become successful and start selling, start today! Have you tried to sell shoes for cash at any of these places that buy shoes? How was your experience? I always like to hear from you!