25 Disturbing Facts You Probably Have Not Thought About Before

We live in a world of curiosities and mind-boggling scientific discoveries. Several collections of lesser-known information will leave you enlightened and unsettled. These disturbing facts challenge our perceptions and shed light on human and animal history and behavior. These 25 will surprise you the most!

1. The Greater Short-Horned Lizard Squirts Blood Out of Its Eyes

horned lizard
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When faced with a life-threatening situation, the greater short-horned lizard has a bizarre defense mechanism. It can squirt blood from its eyes, aiming it at predators to deter them.

2. Butterflies Have Been Known To Drink Blood

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We often associate butterflies with delicate beauty and graceful flight. However, this rare occurrence reminds us that nature can be more complex and unsettling than we imagine.

3. Researchers and Doctors Believed Babies Couldn't Feel Pain

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It's crazy that there was a time when this belief was widely accepted. Thankfully, our understanding has evolved, and we now know that babies experience pain.

4. The Picture for Your Funeral Program May Have Already Been Taken

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This thought is something we prefer to avoid dwelling on. However, it highlights the importance of cherishing our loved ones while they're still with us and creating memories that truly capture their essence.

5. Dogs Like Squeaky Toys Because It Reminds Them of a Small Animal Being Killed

Border collie puppy with blue eyes holding dog toy
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Dogs are instinctually drawn to these toys because the sound mimics the high-pitched cries of small animals being killed. Don't let this make you see your dog as a killer; they are man's best friend (wink).

6. You Don't Know if There Is a Secret Everybody Knows Except You

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The world is filled with many secrets we do not know, which can cause unnecessary paranoia. It's always better to embrace the mystery than fret over things outside our control.

7. Cannibalism Is Common With Hamsters

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Hamsters, those cute and cuddly little pets, have a darker side, as most cute animals do — no big surprise. Cannibalism is common among hamsters, particularly with eating their young.

8. You Pass Your Death Anniversary Every Year

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This disturbing fact will make you embrace the present and create a life worth celebrating. It reminds us we should make the most of each day because life is precious.

9. You Have Tiny Mites in Your Eyelashes

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Prepare to be slightly disturbed by this: these mites stay hidden and come out at night to feed and lay eggs. These microscopic creatures are harmless, but knowing their presence can be unsettling.

10. There Is an Antidepressant That Can Eliminate Feelings of Love

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While antidepressants can provide significant relief to those struggling with mental health, there is one type that has disturbing side effects. Individuals have reported that an antidepressant called SSRI can temporarily reduce feelings of love and compassion.

11. Bananas Are Radioactive

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Did you know that your favorite yellow fruit packs a surprising punch? Bananas contain a small amount of the radioactive isotope potassium-40. Don't worry; they are negligible in quantity, and you won't feel a side effect even if you eat plenty of bananas.

12. Several Species of Birds Keep Cool by Defecating on Themselves

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You might think birds have it all figured out with their ability to fly, but some species have an unorthodox method for staying cool. Certain birds will defecate on their legs to beat the heat, allowing the evaporation of their waste to cool them down.

13. After Scorpions Shed Their Tails, They Die of Constipation

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You'd think shedding their tails would be a liberating experience for scorpions, but unfortunately, it comes at a cost. Once a scorpion's tail is detached, it loses the ability to excrete waste.

14. When Male Bees Mate, Their Sexual Organs Explode

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Male bees experience quite the explosive climax during mating. After mating, their genitalia swells and eventually ruptures, causing the male bee's sexual organs to detach from its body. Hey — something must kill a bee.

15. Sloths Almost Die Every Time They Have To Use The Bathroom

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It's a tough life for sloths. Due to their incredibly slow metabolism, sloths take weeks to digest food. When nature finally calls, they must descend to defecate on the ground, putting them at predation risk.

16. Rabbits Will Eat Their Own Young Under Extreme Stress

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It's a sad reality, but just as stress can push people to the extreme, it can also push animals to unthinkable behaviors. With rabbits, extreme stress can drive a mother rabbit to cannibalize her young.

17. All Cruise Ships Have a Functioning Morgue on Board

Back end of DCL ship at sea
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Ahoy, morticians at sea! It may come as a surprise, but every cruise ship houses a functioning morgue on board. Please don't ask us why — it seems pretty obvious.

18. The Average Person Walks by Almost 16 Murderers in Their Lifetime

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This is haunting — very. However, while this might send shivers down your spine, don't let fear overshadow the countless acts of kindness and hospitality you express to others daily.

19. Coffee Beans Are Partially Digested

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Some of the world's most expensive and sought-after coffee, known as “kopi luwak,” goes through a unique process. Civets consume coffee cherries, and their digestive enzymes partially ferment the beans. So, the next time you enjoy a coffee, remember the unconventional journey it took.

20. Dragonflies Engage in Mid-Air Mating Rituals

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Dragonflies are known for elegant flight and vibrant colors, but their mating rituals are a sight to behold. In some species, males and females engage in a mid-air dance, where the male grips the female behind her head, flying together in tandem. Holy schmoly — they might have invented the mile-high club.

21. Rats Laugh When Tickled

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Yes, you read that right — rats can laugh! Rats emit high-pitched chirping sounds similar to humans laughing when tickled. This shows that even the smallest and often misunderstood creatures can experience moments of pure delight.

22. You're 6% More Likely To Die on Your Birthday Than Any Other Day

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This phenomenon is also called the birthday effect and shows a 6.7% increase in birthday mortality rates. So, while it's a day to celebrate, taking care and staying safe is also essential!

23. In The Victorian Era, People Took Pictures With The Bodies of Deceased Family Members

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Maybe a relative passed on before the family shoot? It was no problem — not when they could take a photo with the deceased. It might sound unsettling, but it was a way to preserve their memory and keep them close. The world has evolved thanks to books and discoveries.

24. Humans Have Explored Less Than 5% Of The Oceans

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It is mind-boggling that humans have yet to explore over 95% of the ocean. Who knows what mysteries and wonders lie beneath those uncharted depths?

25. Many Europeans Thought Cannibalism Would Cure Certain Illnesses

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They thought eating human bones, blood, and fat would make the world illness-free. Here's a bizarre fact: it happened between the rich and the poor for almost 400 years. Thankfully, our understanding of Medicine and Science has evolved significantly since then.

Source: Quora.

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