Servamp Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

Servamp season 2 has been quite a talk among the fans. With the first season receiving a lot of positive reviews from both critics and fans alike, the demand for the renewal of Servamp is getting louder. Without further ado, is Servamp season 2 possible?

Servamp, A Quick Recap

Mahiru Shirota’s life took a turn when he took in a stray black cat and decided to take care of it. The black cat turns out to be one of the seven vampires that represents the Seven Deadly Sins. By giving the cat name Kuro and a cat bell while also calling it by his given name, he accidentally forms a temporary contract with the vampire of Sloth, Sleepy Ash.  The contract will only be finalised if Sleepy Ash would drink Mahiru’s blood, making him his servant vampire “Servamp” and Mahiru is master called “Eve.”

Due to the contract, Mahiru is now exposed to the life-threatening dangers after meeting Tsubaki, who proclaimed himself as the eighth brother among the Seven Deadly Sins. Tsubaki proclaimed himself to be the Servamp of Melancholy, waging an all-out war with the brothers and sister. With this, Mahiru and Sleepy Ash must find the rest of the seven sins siblings to stop Tsubaki. 

Will There Be Servamp Season 2

Servamp season 2

Servamp is a manga series by Strike Tanaka, serialized in Media Factory’s Shojo manga, Monthly Comic Gene since June 15, 2011. It’s been five years since the anime first season was finalized that aired from July 5, 2016 to September 20, 2016 with twelve episodes. The anime is produced by Studio Brain Base and Platinum Vision and licensed by Funimation. So far, there hasn’t been any news of the renewal for the second season of Servamp just yet from either Funimation, Studio Brain Base or Platinum Vision. 

The anime is adapted from the manga of the same name and has animated the first seven volumes of the series. The author took a hiatus in February 2017 due to the author’s health to rest and recover as she’s feeling intense pain. But the manga resumed on April 15, 2017 after she recovered from the pain. So far, there’s 15 volumes of the manga with the latest released on June 29, 2021 thus, the studio has more than enough source material for season 2. 

Servamp Season 2 Release Date

Servamp season 2 teaser

As stated above, the studios or licensors haven’t announced any news regarding the continuity of Servamp just yet. But due to the popularity and the ongoing story that’s happening in the manga, fans shouldn’t be discouraged by it just yet. There are plenty of anime that go to a prolonged hiatus without any season two for years only for it to be announced later on, that chance can still happen to Servamp too. 

Servamp season 1 serves more as a backstory and character introduction of each Seven Deadly Sins. Despite only having twelve episodes, it managed to hook fans in with the chemistry the characters have with each other. Also the visual and action scenes are enjoyable with occasional funny scenes to break the intensity of the story. The anime opening is sung by OLDCODEX titled “Deal with” and the ending song is titled “sunlight avenue” sung by Takuma Terashima, the voice of Mahiru Shirota. 

Servamp season 1 can be viewed on Crunchyroll or Muse Asia’s Youtube channel. 

Servamp Characters and Casts

Mahiru ShirotaTerashima Takuma
KuroKaji Yuuki (Attack on Titan)
HydeKimura Ryohei (Haikyuu!!)
Licht Jekylland TodorokiShimazaki Nobunaga
TsubakiSuzuki Tatsuhisa
Sakuya WatanukiSuzuki Yuto
Misono ArisuinShimono Hiro (Demon Slayer)
Tsurugi KamiyaKamiya Hiroshi

Mahiru Shirota: The protagonist of the series and Kuro or Sleepy Ash’s Eve. A freshman high school student who likes simple things. After becoming an Eve, he obtains a Lead (a conjured tool) in the shape of a broomstick that later turned into a spear as the story progresses. 

Kuro or Sleepy Ash: The Servamp of Sloth, takes the form of a black cat and Mahiru’s servant vampire. The oldest and strongest of the eight Servamp siblings, lazy at best with a past he wished to run away from. 

Hyde or Lawless: The Servamp of Greed and the fifth youngest of the Servamp siblings. He’s contracted to Licht Jekylland Todoroki. He has an unstable personality, known to kill his previous Eves but somehow stayed with Licht due to his naivety and has a habit of calling him Angel. 

Licht Jekylland Todoroki: A famous Austrian pianist and also Hyde’s Eve. Despite his nickname Angel, Licht is extremely violent, especially to Hyde. He has two Leads, boots that can slow down regeneration and also a piano with various effects to those who hear it. 

Tsubaki: the vampire of Melancholy and the main antagonist. He has a katana as his main weapon. 

Sakuya Watanuki: Mahiru’s classmate and Tsubaki’s subclass. 

Misono Arisuin: an Eve and also Mahiru’s classmate, he came from a wealthy family but unfortunately has a weak physique. 

Tsurugi Kamiya: C3’s strongest member and was feared among the vampires for his merciless killings.