Seton Academy Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon?

It's been more than a year since we saw Seton Academy and now we are waiting for the next season of Seton Academy Season 2. Seton Academy: Join the Pack or also known as Murenase! Seton Gakuen was one of the massive successful manga and anime to the audience. Despite its success, it was one of the most underrated shows of last year due to its unusual genre. But we know there are a lot of Seton Academy loyal fans who are eager to wait for the next season.

Seton Academy is a Japanese romantic comedy anime series. It first came as a manga series written by Bungo Yamashita with the same title published by Cygames back in May 2016 that runs until May 2021. In 2020, Studio Gokumi decided to make the anime series directed by Hiroshi Ikehata that ran from January and concluded in March 2020. Seton Academy Season 1 ran with 12 episodes and an OVA episode. Now we can’t help but curious when the studio announced the debut of Seton Academy Season 2.

Seton Academy Season 1: Plotline

Seton Academy Season 2
Seton Academy Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon? 5

Seton Academy rises in a world where the human population is in decline. But humans evolved into humanoid animals. The story itself revolves around Jin Mazama, a fully human male who happens to attend Seton Academy where the majority of the students are diverse humanoid animal species. But ironically, our protagonist hates animals from the bottom of his heart.

One day around Seton Academy, without his notice Jin met a small lone wolf girl without a pack named Ranka Ookami. Ranka was attracted to Jin when they first met. As the nature of the wolf that lives around her pack, Ranka invites Jin into joining her pack but only gets immediately rejected by Jin.

Day by day passed and Jin actually fell in love with the only female human in the school named Hitomi Hino when he first met her. After getting to know each other, they both actually love to cook and decided to make a cooking club. The story continues from here where the series keeps adding more and more characters into the episodes where our protagonist is in the middle of a confusing relationship between Ranka and Hitomi, also other members of the cooking club.

Seton Academy Season 2: Renewal Status

Seton Academy Season 2
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The first season of Seton Academy was a great show. It perfectly captured the animal kingdom society into anime series. All characters are made simple but represent the feeling and hit our feelings. This anime actually has a lot more potential. Fans criticizing the ending of the first season give them a major cliffhanger as well. The story itself gave funny and drama sides with slapstick jokes and physical humor.

With the manga that runs for 5 years, we know the studio has more than enough source material to make Seton Academy Season 2. With the good rating, the positive response, and also high demand from loyal fans, there is a high chance we are gonna see Seton Academy Season 2. The first season of Seton Academy also only runs for 12 episodes with an OVA episode. So there are possibilities Seton Academy Season 2 will also run with the same number of series.

Seton Academy Season 2: Release Date

Seton Academy Season 2
Seton Academy Season 2: Will It Come Back Soon? 7

With the high demand and the continuous beg from fans to Studio Gokumi, probably soon we will see the green light of the official announcement of Seton Academy. However we knew, even the high demand and popular anime need to wait several years in order to have the next sequel. We probably need to wait 2-3 years to see Seton Academy Season 2.

Since the show is yet to get a renewal, the exact date for the release date will be hard to predict. Murenase! Seton Gakuen Season 2 will need high demand for several years in order for the studio to recognize the next season of Seton Academy will bring profit to them and not just hype at a moment.