16 Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia

Quick summary for those who do not know about My Hero Academia: created by Horikoshi Kohei back in 2014, adapted by studio Bones back in 2016, and currently among one of the most popular pieces of entertainment from Japan. It already has 2 movies, and most likely its popularity will continue to fly even higher and higher considering how good the story is.

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia

But we are not going to discuss My Hero Academia in general. Today's topic is about 16 sexiest girls from My Hero Academia. As you may know (and those who do not, just keep reading) My Hero Academia has arguably one of the most colorful casts in any anime. Horikoshi Kohei did a brilliant job showcasing his characters, whether the main characters or side characters. 

And most importantly, he did his homework on how to highlight female characters in action series, since not many can do the same like he did. Everything about the female characters in My Hero Academia starting from her background, personality, and of course, look and design, are really enjoyable to follow. 

And back to the “sexy girls” topic, I have to mention first that I am not going to include the current 1st grade girls, even though some of them have what you called “smoking hot body” and deserve to be on the list (yes, you know exactly which one I was talking about). I simply do not feel comfortable talking about these young girls being included on the list. 

Instead, I picked some older adults and a few older students who are just as sexy, if not sexier than the 1st grade girls. And as I explained earlier, since the series is so packed with characters, it is not that hard to find replacements who fall into the “sexy girls” category. It honestly helped me to choose which one to pick and which not to pick. 

And before seriously jumping into the list (at this point it is pretty stretched already), I want to mention that I will not put filler characters. It is a shame, since some of them are truly hot. But again, it does show just how variable the girls in My Hero Academia are. And also, some spoiler alert since some of these girls have not appeared in the anime (but seriously you would not regret knowing them early). So, starting from number 16.

16. Cassie (Star and Stripe) 

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Cassie
Credit: Hexamandle

Jumping straight to the new woman in town (it is a manga character, so it may contain spoilers. You have been warned). Cassie, known as the strongest hero in the United States of America, definitely packs a nice body figure. 

Those who have read the manga know how muscular her body is, similar to a bodybuilder. For some people, her body is not the ideal shape of what we call “sexy”. But for others, a strong and muscular body is something to die for. 

I personally do not dislike a muscular type of woman since the healthier the woman, the hotter she is. Most of the time. Just look at  female athletes, they have such a gorgeous body because they keep their health well. In Cassie's case, she definitely takes care of her body so that she could become a great hero. 

15. Fuyumi Todoroki

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Fuyumi Todoroki

Shoto's sister does not look to have an alluring body. But if you pay attention quite closely, she normally does not wear a tight suit like other female heroes. It is most certain that she does have quite a nice body figure. 

And to be honest there is not much to talk about Fuyumi. She does not have a lot of screen time considering she is not a hero. But whenever she appears, it is almost always at the heartwarming part of the series. 

I think in Fuyumi's case we can create a new definition of sexy. Most of these female characters here do have something to warm our “certain part of body”. Fuyumi also does the exact same thing as they did, because she warms our hearts whenever we see her. 

14. Camie Utsushimi

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Camie Utsushimi

(Worry not, she is 17. I checked) This girl from Shiketsu High did steal the show from her first ever appearance. Since then, fans (especially the boys) are always excited whenever they see her. 

We all remember her most definitive moment when she appeared naked in front of Deku. The crazy part is, the anime censored Camie's body by recoloring her body into white. In the manga, Horikoshi showed her skin blatantly and it was certainly a feast for boys. 

And after that, we learned that she was actually Toga Himiko in disguise. But after meeting the real Camie and seeing her acting in front of Shoto, and Katsuki, some fans would argue that she will do the exact same thing when she has a chance. Debatable, but plausible. 

13. Nejire Hado

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Hado Nejire

I will mention this over and over again, Horikoshi Kohei seems to understand how to make interesting female characters. Nejire is no different from the others. Her quirk, her personality, and of course her appearance, has attracted many male fans. 

And into the “sexy” topic, Nejire has definitely a body to be desired. Even when she only wears a UA uniform, we can see pretty clearly about her figure. And do not start with her hero costume or her pageant dress. The innocent Deku cannot handle it. 

Luckily she is not some bimbo whose selling point is only her body. Nejire is strong enough to be considered as the UA Big Three, she is friendly, she is smart, and she is loyal. Definitely your waifu material. The hot one, to be exact. 

12. Emi Fukukado (Ms. Joke) 

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Emi Fukukado

My Hero Academia's Aizawa sensei's self proclaimed best friend has definitely a curvy body and deserved to be on the list. But sadly she is ranked pretty low here because that figure is overshadowed by another brilliant aspect of her: personality. 

When we talked about Ms. Joke, what we remember the most is probably her bubbly personality and always trying to joke around (well, she is Ms. Joke after all). Not many will remember her as the sexy character despite wearing such a hero suit that emphasizes her body. 

That is a good sign because a wise man has said, “personality matters the most”. And in Ms. Joke's case, it is even more prominent compared to some other characters on the list. But yeah, after reading this you would probably see Ms. Joke is more than just a funny character. 

11. Uwabami

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Uwabami

If you remember where Kendo and Momo went for an internship, this is that hero who “taught” them. Uwabami was a bit hated because her attitude does not really resemble a hero. It was worse because Stain appeared to show what heroes actually do. 

But we cannot deny how hot she actually is. That curve is something that even some characters higher on the list do not have. But like many characters, she could not show her true sexiness because of her low screen time. 

Could we have more Uwabami in the near future? Well, only Horikoshi will know. Some fans will be excited seeing her comeback because of that body. But some others might not be bothered because she already left a bad impression. Regardless, a hot woman is a hot woman no matter what and she perhaps deserves some mercy. 

10. Ryuko Tatsuma (Ryukyu)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Ryuko Tatsuma

The hero who has become Uravity and Froppy's mentor has before our number 10. And for me personally, she belongs in this exact position because it is not too high on the list where it is filled by stupidly hot female characters, but not too low. 

Ryukyu has the right amount of body size. She is not too tall, not too short. She also looks quite skinny, even though when she becomes a dragon, this would debunk the previous statement. And lastly her outfit is not too exposed, which is why some do not look at her as a sexy woman.

Perhaps if she was given more chances to appear (and worry not, she will have her moment later on), people might appreciate her sexiness a bit more. But as it is right now, she will stay right here as a hot female character but that is all. 

9. Tomoko Shiretoko (Ragdoll)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Tomoko Shiretoko

From number 9 to number 7, it will be filled by Wild Wild Pussycats. And the first one would be Ragdoll. In terms of body, Ragdoll has her own attractiveness. Sadly, since she has a low amount of screen time, we could not see it often. 

Ragdoll herself had her quirk stolen by All for One. After that, she became desperate and unable to show her trademark cheerful and energetic personality. This matters because a bright personality will enhance the sexiness level of a woman. 

Luckily, she gained her usual self back after a while. The Ragdoll we know has finally returned, even though there are definitely some scars that could not be left behind. 

8. Ryuko Tsuchikawa (Pixie-Bob)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Ryuko Tsuchikawa

Our 2nd Wild Wild Pussycats here (I got to say the name Pixie-Bob is really cute). Pixie-Bob has a really nice figure for someone who is 31 years old. And for your information, she dislikes being called by her age and saying things like she is still 18 in heart. 

Well, it seems like it's not only her heart that stays 18. Her body also looks like someone who is in her mid 20s or so. At this point I have realized since they are all heroes, they should have fit bodies thus making their bodies (especially the female heroes) look sexy. 

And since I ran out of things to say about her body (you can inspect more about it by seeing that picture and watching the anime), let us talk a bit about her quirk. In the group, her quirk is possibly the strongest, being able to manipulate earth. Thank goodness All for One did not steal her quirk, or else it could be more troublesome. 

7. Shino Sosaki (Mandalay) 

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Shino Sosaki

Among the Wild Wild Pussycats, Mandalay is perhaps the hottest among them all. Of course this is a subjective opinion and you can rearrange the order depending on which one you like the most. But there is no denying that since Mandalay got the most screen time, she is a tad bit more popular than her colleagues. 

In terms of body figure, Mandalay has the biggest bust among the three. But just because of her big chest, does that mean she deserves the number 7 spot? Well, perhaps? Since it is not wrong to like big bust. 

And I want to mention her physical power, since it is often overlooked. Keep in mind that Mandalay's quirk is telepathy. But she is still strong enough to face Spinner in hand to hand combat. And as you might know, I love fit women. Mandalay being placed number 7 has perhaps been influenced by this. 

6. Mitsuki Bakugo

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Mitsuki Bakugo

It is easy to satisfy My Hero Academia fans, especially the boys. Give them a sexy female character, and that is all you need. Which is why, when Mitsuki Bakugo was first introduced in the anime, there was a peace for a brief moment among the fandom. 

Mitsuki aged like a fine wine. She is currently the oldest character to be on the list, yet she still has that good looking figure. Believe it or not, she gains this kind of beauty because of her quirk. 

Mitsuki's quirk is called “Glycerin”. It gives her the ability to secrete Glycerin from her skin. Because of its moisturizing effect, she maintains great skin quality, despite her age. She is certainly a role model for women who try to look young and pretty despite her old age. 

5. Nana Shimura

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Nana Shimura

Into the top 5 we are. Despite being shown only a couple of times during the series, all we have seen was Nana Shimura's body in her prime age. And it is exactly why I put her to become the opener of the top 5.

Her body figure is muscular, but not as much as Star and Stripe. Her muscles are just enough for her to have an amazing body. And I believe just from seeing that image is enough to explain how hot her body is. 

Well apart from Nana's body, there is not much to talk about her. There are some more of her appearances in the manga, but here I will personally let you wait what will come about her in near future. 

4. Rumi Usagiyama (Miruko)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Rumi Usagiyama

This gyaru-like hero has gained her own fanclub because of her rascal personality and of course, that blazing hot body. Just like Nana Shimura, she is muscular enough but not too overpowering. But there is one factor that puts her one slot higher than Nana: her outfit. 

(Talking like this might depict me as a pervert, but it is all for the sake of science) Unlike Nana whose legs are not shown because of her costume, Miruko's legs are exposed. This will benefit her because imagine she tried to fight with a tight suit. It will restrain her leg ability, something that she excels because of her quirk. 

Miruko's personality makes her even hotter than we thought because it perfectly compliments her body. And just like that, she secured the 4th place on the list. But who could top her? 

3. Kaina Tsutsumi (Lady Nagant)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Kaina Tsutsumi

(Another manga character. Spoilers ahead) I remember clearly back when Lady Nagant first appeared in the manga, the fans went absolutely riot. Who would have thought Horikoshi introduced such a mesmerizing character pretty late in the series. 

And it is quite understandable from our perspective. She is absolutely gorgeous and of course, sexy. Fans could already imagine her onee-san-like voice when she finally debuted in anime. That shows how excited the fandom is about her. 

Even though she only had a minor appearance, Lady Nagant did steal the fandom's (mostly boys) heart. Definitely one of the best showstoppers in the series and those who have learned something about her will, and shall agree with that statement. 

2. Yu Takeyama (Mt. Lady)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Yu Takeyama

At the 2nd place we have the gorgeous Mt. Lady. Some of the fans might not agree for having her here at the 2nd position. But after seeing who is ranked first, you might change your mind. And being listed 2nd does not mean Mt. Lady is not hot at all. 

On the contrary, she is arguably one of the sexiest characters in My Hero Academia, 2nd the first place of course. With her tight suit, we can clearly see her seducing curve. And if you are not seduced by it, there is a chance that you might be a female, or she might not be your type. 

That is totally fine, because most of fans will not deny her sexiness. We also have seen her trying to use her body for her own benefit and seducing others with it. Probably not something that a hero should do. But hey, that is the benefit of having a sexy body. What to do about it? 

1. Nemuri Kayama (Midnight)

Sexiest Girls From My Hero Academia: Nemuri Kayama

Definitely saving literally the best for last. Midnight has been introduced early in the series, and we are not getting bored seeing her. One is because of her eccentric personality, and the other reason is, well… You know exactly what made her ranked this high. 

Midnight is among the oldest women on the list. Yet she is this high on the list, because she is well known for her sexiness. Everything about her screams “seductive”. Her quirk, her suit, and her sadistic personality, and definitely her body, are made for that. 

Despite being known for her sexiness, Midnight showed many times that she is a great teacher. She is very supportive to her students, and is willing to protect them no matter what it costs. This completes her character, and proves that she is not created for mere fanservice characters.