Oops! Woman Leaves Drunk Friend at The Wrong House After a Wild Night Out

In this scary world, people have to take extra care and be more security conscious. Especially at parties.

One woman on social media either does not understand this or just doesn't care. After a night of partying, she dropped her friend off at where she thought was her friend's parents house. But it turns out she left her friend at the wrong house. Worse, she didn't bother going back to get her drunk friend and make sure she got home safely.

Here’s a throwback to how it started.

A Drunk Evening

The woman at the center of our story has many friends who moved away for school, but they have regular get-togethers when they return. One of her friends, Kara, came back home and they made plans to meet up.

When she got swamped with work and couldn’t leave work on time, Kara went out with some other friends. OP planned on joining the group once she finished up.

She finally was able to meet up with everyone at a bar after ten, but it was clear they started the party without her. Even though she wanted to join in the fun, the woman knew she still had to drive herself and Kara home and get back up and go to work the next day.

Oops, Wrong House

It was after midnight when the woman and Kara left the bar. Kara was very drunk, so OP drove her to her parent's house, dropped her off, and started driving home. It was only a few minutes into the drive when she got a call fro Kara, demanding to know why OP had left her at the wrong house.

Apparently, Kara's parents had moved out of their old house about six months ago. Not only did OP have no idea, she claims Kara was too intoxicated to notice what was happening around her. It was only when Kara went to use her key and it didn't work when she realized the mistake.

In figuring out she was at the wrong house, Kara also woke up the family that now lives in her parents house. She told OP the family was threatening to call the cops if someone didn't come pick her up. OP apologized but said that she couldn't come back for her.

She told Kara to call her parents to pick her up instead.

Blame Game

Blame started getting thrown around. To Kara, OP messed up for taking her to the wrong house and was now feeling abandoned by OP since she wouldn't come pick her up.

But OP wasn't having it. Again, she told Kara she should've told her that her parents moved and that she should call her parents to come get her. Then, Kara hung up.

OP texted her the next day to check in, but Kara didn't respond until much later. She told her that her parents came to get her, but now Kara and her parents were mad at OP for abandoning Kara when she was drunk and vulnerable.

Now OP is wondering if Kara's wellbeing was actually her responsibility, or if this is just her conscience beating her up. Is she wrong for not going back for her friend?

Bad Friend

People are all against OP on this one. They think she really messed up, leaving her friend alone.

One person said,

“YTA. You left your drunk friend before she got into the house. Drunk people don't make good decisions, and the sober people around them need to help. If you would have stuck around until she opened the door (like you're supposed to do), you could have taken her to the right house. Yes, she should have been paying attention, but you should have made sure that she was safe at home.”

Another user thinks that OP is a really bad friend and puts it in a way that does show how terribly wrong she was.

“I mean…you knew your friend was sitting at some random person's house, drunk, with someone threatening to call the cops, and your response was, ‘well, I’m home and already did my job, so figure it out.’

Like yeah, TECHNICALLY, you shouldn’t have to go get her, but why wouldn’t you want to? Why are you so comfortable knowing your friend was in that state?

YTA, and a bad friend.”

In The End

OP is TA, according to everyone. She should not have abandoned her friend, and the fact that she wasn’t worried passes the wrong message about the kind of person she is.

Even if she had things to do that night, I think she could have done better, knowing her friend was drunk. How would you have handled the situation?

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