She Hates Her Boyfriend’s Dog and Wishes It Away but Doesn’t Want a Rift in Their Relationship

After years apart, she reconnected with her college sweetheart, and they have been going strong in their relationship. He visits her more frequently than before and now brings along his dog. She thinks his Shih Tzu is adorable. However, she hates the dog because of how dependent and overly needy it gets.

On occasion, when she's making out with her boyfriend, it appears out of nowhere with its dog toy. It presses it against their legs until it gets their attention because it always wants to play fetch. However, if that doesn't work, it will resort to that annoying, high-pitched yappy bark that all small dogs have.

Other times, he ignores her entirely in favor of playing with his dog. He'll take it in his arms, hold it close, and kiss it. He also thinks the dog should share their bed, so he positioned the dog's bed next to ours. She finds it strange that his dog must be directly next to the bed.

Whenever it sees them eating, it will try to jump onto their laps and the table to get to their food and continue to bark until my boyfriend gives it some.

She and her boyfriend recently took a road trip, and he made her hold it the whole way there. His dog threw up all over her, and she changed clothes halfway to their destination. She couldn't figure out why she had to carry his dog the entire trip.

The only restriction she imposes on his dog is that it is not permitted to sit on her couch. He became upset and defensive when she explained the rule, accusing her of believing his dog was dirty.

He overlooks the fact that she wants to preserve her really fine furniture because it was her first time buying nice furniture as an adult. She also doesn't think pets belong on the bed or the couch. His dog peed all over her couch the one time she tried to relax the rules and be lenient, and his justification was that his dog got very comfortable there.

Being an animal lover herself, she has no problem with the fact that many individuals have an intense connection to their dogs. The problem is that they should be able to focus on themselves when he comes around. On the other hand, she compares having this dog around to having a baby.

He needs to spend a lot of time away from her caring for his dog, which she finds annoying. In her opinion, there has been no discipline, and the dog seems to know it can just bark until it gets what it wants. The only pet she has ever owned was a cat, so she knows the importance of giving pets love, but she thinks he goes a little too far. She wishes the dog wasn't in the picture!

She honestly believes they are compatible in every other area; thus, she would be heartbroken if something like that ended their relationship. She and her partner no longer have many disagreements about the dog. She admits to suffering in silence and would rather not express too much to him about how his dog makes her uncomfortable. She often finds herself simply compromising because she actually likes his dog.

It's cuddly and pretty smart and barks at her when it wants her attention. She thinks his dog likes her, and maybe she needs to get used to having an extra entity around when she's with her partner. She feels his dog is a little bossy, and he is a little excessive with it. But at the same time, she thinks that may make him a good father someday.

She plans on talking to him before they officially move in together. She's hoping they could find common ground since it's a space they're all going into together.

Is she handling the situation just fine? Does her boyfriend need to be more balanced with his affection for his dog when she's around? Does he need to be a little more considerate about her feelings? You can read the original story on Reddit here.

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