She Kicked One of Her Bridesmaids Out of Her Wedding Ceremony, Now The Bridesmaid Wants A Refund For Her Dress

She had her wedding in December, yet she's still getting the flak for throwing out one of her bridesmaids from her wedding. Here's what happened. Her wedding had a winter theme. So, olive green and gold were the dominant colors for the day. She wore a white gown and had her bridesmaids' dressed in forest green. The maid of honor wore a black dress, all of whom were to wear gold accessories.

She asked her friend Kat to be one of her bridesmaids. When they all went dress shopping, she told them the color theme she was going for. Kat immediately expressed that forest green was a bad choice.

Kat described the color as not flattering and thought she should choose something different and more “girly.” She said no because her wedding was winter themed, and she felt the color would go perfectly with the theme. Kat suggested pink, blue, or even red. She said no, but thanked Kat for the suggestions. Kat found out her MOH's dress was black and asked if she could wear black too? The bride said no, and emphasized that only her MOH would wear black and paid the bride for all the dresses.

On the wedding day, everyone is getting their hair and makeup done when Kat arrives 30 minutes late with a suitcase that appears to contain a dress. It did have a dress! The bride inquired as to the purpose of this. Kat explained that it was for later, at the reception, if she (Kat) became uncomfortable and needed to change after the pictures.

When they were all dressed and walking down the stairs because the ceremony was to begin in 30 minutes, they were to take some pictures before it started. Kat was still the last person to come down, and she was wearing a black dress when she did. At the time, the bride was preoccupied with taking pictures with her parents, but her MOH went over to let her know that Kat was wearing a black dress.

The bride confronted Kat and asked her what was going on. Kat said she hates her bridesmaid dress, as the color is ugly and makes her look gross, so she's wearing black. The bride pleaded with Kat to go back and change. Kat refused and started walking away from her. She told Kat she'd ask her again, and if Kat didn't oblige, she'd call security and kick her out.

Kat began yelling at her, so she called security and asked them to please escort Kat out. Kat started making a big scene, yelling about how she's such a bad person saying that the bride can't force her to wear anything and that she's a horrible, inconsiderate friend.

Despite the ugly scene, the wedding went on amazingly well.

Although, since the wedding, Kat has been blowing up her phone with texts saying nasty things and asking back for the money she spent on the black dress since it was a waste and she didn't get to wear it. She had to block Kat's number. Some of her other bridesmaids have said it was a little harsh ejecting Kat and embarrassing her. And demanded that she refunds Kat for the black dress.

What do you think? Did the bride overreact? Does she owe Kat anything?

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