She Wants To Tell Her “Boyfriend’s” Fiance That She’s The Side Piece But The Truth Might Hurt

She and K have been in a situationship for three years. It started when she was 24, had just become a mother, and had recently broken off her engagement. He was around 26 years old and had been dating his girlfriend, M, for about two to three years. They were dating at the time and were boyfriend and girlfriend. As he informed Her, they weren't even “serious,” living together or engaged.

Twas a Harmless Reunion

K and She went to high school together from 2010-2014. They've known each other and their family for around 15 years. They didn't keep in touch after high school, but in 2019, She reached out to him because She was going to be in his city that weekend and wanted to see how he was doing. The conversation was great, and it was great to hear from him.

Looking back at it, She had always thought about him occasionally and supposed. She had a slight crush on him.

He started texting Her every few days after that. After a few weeks, the chat began to have a few flirtatious undertones, and she occasionally asked him if he was still dating his girlfriend out of awkwardness. He never precisely announced they were breaking up, but he would always say yes, but it's not working well. She stopped responding after about a month, but they continued for about three to four months, picking up every few weeks. It was like this for over a year.

But Things Got Heated Up

She returned to his city in 2020, and they planned to meet at her hotel. She knew it was horrible because he still had a girlfriend, but she ultimately fell for him. She had never had these feelings before, and it so intensely felt like love, even though She didn't want to admit it to herself. He came over, and they got intimate. It was the most passionate and intense moment of her life. They stayed up for about 8 hours talking until sunrise. When they both went home, the conversations and feelings became so apparent She knew She was in too deep.

She Got Stuck

Over the next year, this pattern stayed the same, and so did their relationship. Sometimes, they didn't talk for weeks, and she was glad but sad that it was over. He would then come back. She would always ask them if they were still together. They were always. He told her she was moving in with him in the end. She was shocked and didn't talk to him for a few months, not because she was mad at him, but because she knew it had to end if they would move in together.

But naturally, he tried to contact Her online after she blocked him. She disregarded his advances, but he kept on trying. She couldn't figure out how to avoid going back in, so she just kept doing it. For as long as she could remember, he had been persistent in his desire to reconnect with her, and she had been unable to budge. Despite this, they continued to engage in wild textual flirtation; they'd occasionally spend hours on the phone, emailing nudes and movies, discussing life and being together. In the worst possible sense, it felt like a genuine relationship, complete with remorse and confusion.

She Wanted Out

Then, in 2021, She had enough. She knew She had to be done. She either tells M, blocks him on everything, and never speaks to him again. There have been so many times she wanted to tell his fiance. She doesn't care if she would ruin her life because of it or if K hated her because she told M. She didn't care what would happen.

The Dilemma

She can't get herself to tell her because she doesn't want to ruin her mom's life. The thing is, her mom and K's mom work together. They have for over 10 years. It's a tiny town, and an “everyone knows everyone” type of place. She feared that telling M about the affair/cheating would cause her to break up with K, and K's mom would find out it was because of her, making it hard for her mom at work. She knew it would get around why K and M broke off their engagement and who the cheating was with. She couldn't do that to her mom, making it hard for her to go to work. So, She decided in 2021 to not tell M but to block K on everything and be done. For good! She did just that, and they didn't speak for a year. He had tried to reach out through her best friend and other numbers, but she ignored all attempts. She was heartbroken and thought about him often but knew it was the right thing to do.

K Somehow Reconnects

By late 2022, It had been over a year since they spoke last. Around that time, her best friend had a message from K asking her to unblock him because he needed to talk to her. She was hesitant but did. He told her he planned on proposing to his girlfriend and felt she should know before seeing it randomly on his mother's FB page. She texted back that she appreciated the thought, hoped all was well and congratulated him. The response from him was cordial, and that was all. A week later, she saw the post on his mother's Facebook and felt sad but at peace with the situation.

She's Done for Good and Pissed

Up until lately, she was beginning to move over the hurt, remorse, and shame. K had begun messaging sometimes in the previous weeks. She would occasionally reply politely, and other times she would say nothing at all. His trademark flirtatious undertones began to appear in the more regular texts.

She would ignore them up until the second or third occasion, at which point she exploded at him over the whole thing. He won't stop since he's engaged! She expressed to him how pitiful and cruel he was for subjecting her and his fiance to this.

Though as awful as him, she hadn't committed her life to marrying anyone. They went at it for a few hours, ending with her contemplating the following questions over these past few weeks.

  • Should she tell her (K's fiance?) Should she be 100% open and honest and hand over the receipts with years of texts, pictures, and lies he told her and tell her anything she wants to know?
  • Should she 100 percent erase all numbers, social media, thoughts, or ideas of him and never think about them again, letting them live a happy (but unfaithful) rest of their life?

What do you think?

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