Shetland: What did Donna do?

Shetland: What did Donna do?

Shetland: Donna Killick was the major antagonist of season six, who used her terminal illness to exact her revenge on Duncan Hunter and DI Jimmy Perez.

Shetland season six and seven were complementary seasons that were written in order to give Douglas Henshall, who played DI Jimmy Perez, a fitting story arc before his emotional exit in the season seven finale.

Season six, however, had a returning character play the main antagonist. This is as the season marked the return of season four cameo appearance, Fiona Bell, in the role of Donna Killick.

This time, Donna returned with the intention of exacting her revenge on Duncan Hunter and DI Jimmy Perez for the events from her last season on the show, in which she almost went to jail.

What did Donna do before appearing in Shetland season 4?

When we first met Donna Killick, she was the head of an animal sanctuary where she worked with her son, Alan Killick.

Initially, Donna was portrayed as a victim when it was revealed that she was abused by her husband Kevin, who died prior to the events of season four and six.

Because of the abuse she experienced, Donna had an affair with Duncan Hunter, which became a key factor during her debut season appearance and the motive for her season six return.

Shetland: What did Donna do?

By the time Donna Killick returned to Shetland in season six of the crime murder mystery series, she had narrowly missed imprisonment for the murder of Lizzie Kilmuir on the basis of a technicality.

But she still harboured resentment against Duncan Hunter, as the paternity of her son was what revealed her connection to Lizzie’s murder.

This is as Alan was Duncan Hunter’s son and not her husband’s. Moreover, DI Jimmy Perez was the one who discovered the connection and revealed that Donna was a calculating manipulator rather than the philanthropic, abuse victim that she was perceived as.

Hence, in season six, she returned with a terminal illness and reached out to Duncan Hunter to help her with her plans of an assisted suicide, which is illegal in the UK.

When Duncan agreed to help Donna, she used that to frame him by sending her lawyer a letter stating that Duncan forced her to kill herself, and if she did not, that he would.

DI Jimmy Perez was also implicated as it seemed that he defeated the ends of justice to help his best friend and co-parent with the “murder” of Donna Killick.

All this culminated into one of the most compelling endings as we watched Duncan Hunter turn himself in. Perez faced suspension from the force and he was also arrested, which was the cliff-hanger between season six and season seven.

What did Donna do to Lizzie Kilmuir?

Donna Killick was responsible for killing Lizzie Kilmuir over 23 years before the events of season four. But because her lover, former police officer Drew McColl, framed Thomas Malone for the murder, Donna had escaped going to prison.

Donna revealed that she killed Lizzie after she had threatened to tell her abusive husband, Kevin, about the affair that she had with Duncan Hunter, which resulted in the birth of their son, Alan.

Fearing the implications of Kevin finding out, Donna killed Lizzie and Drew McColl saved her by implicating Thomas Malone.

What did Donna do to Sally McColl?

Season four’s main murder mystery was the murder of journalist, Sally McColl, who happened to have died in the same manner as Lizzie Kilmuir.

While it was initially believed that Thomas Malone may have been guilty, in light of his recent release from prison, when it was discovered that he was innocent, and that Donna Killick killed Lizzie and her lover and former police officer, Drew, Sally’s father covered up the murder.

DI Jimmy Perez quickly figured out that it was Drew McColl who killed his own daughter after she found out the truth about Lizzie’s murder and wanted to expose the truth.

Did Donna kill Duncan Hunter?

If you have watched season seven and wondered what happened to Duncan Hunter, then you must have not watched the opening scenes of the season premiere.

Shetland made quick work of wrapping up the events of season six in the premiere. Duncan Hunter was still in prison for his assistance in the suicide of Donna Killick.

DI Jimmy Perez, whose suspension had just been lifted, visited his best friend who made it clear that after his release, he would not return to the Isles.

This seemingly suggested his quiet exit from the series as he did not return for other episodes in season seven.