Shipt Review 2023- Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Shopping for groceries is a hard task on its own especially if you have to buy produce that is fresh.

When the pandemic came in, it got even harder as most stores in my neighborhood where hit with shortages of certain grocery products like tomatoes, onions, carrots etcetera.

In this time of the pandemic, there was a need to breach the gap between retailers and their customers.

This prompted the start of delivery services including the grocery delivery services.

The company that piqued my interest is the one known as Shipt.

There are many allegations you will find online about the authenticity of the company online mostly from reviews on trust pilot.

I carried out my own research on the company and I would like to share it with you in this indepth Shipt review.

This will help you to find clarity and ably determine that this company is not a scam.


What is Shipt?

Shipt is a delivery company that uses its network of couriers to deliver groceries from your local food stores to your doorstep for a certain fee.

The Shipt platform can be accessed using iOS and android applications on your mobile devices.

You can also find them on The company was started in 2014 by Bill Smith.

In December 2017, it was the center of a $550 million acquisition by Target Corporation.

At the moment, Target is in full control over Shipt and it is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama state in the United States.


How does it work?

Shipt is a delivery service that uses its couriers to deliver grocery products of your liking to your doorstep.

Basically, if you have a store in your home area and you need some grocery products, you can use their platform to see the store catalogue and select exactly what you need delivered to you.

First, you would have to create an account with them.

As I write this article, Shipt’s homepage is not loading because there are some security issues on their side.

There is the alternative of downloading their app from Google Play store or the Apple store.

When you get the app, you would have to create an account with the company in order for you to start using their delivery services.

You have to provide information that relates to you for example your ID, your location, full names and your email address.

Your email address should include modes of payment that is to say a visa card, debit card, credit card or master card.

This will be used to process payments for the groceries you want.

After you successfully complete all the steps required to setup your account, you log on to their app and start shopping. As I write this article, this application is only available in the United States.

When you log in using the application, the grocery stores in your area will be displayed.

shipt order

This is the part where you select the store and start looking for the products that you want.

If the products you want are found in the grocery stores, you have to select a courier that will buy them for you.

This courier asks you for the specifics of the groceries you want delivered to you.

The courier then proceeds to the grocery market with your order and buy the products for you.

In the case that the groceries you wanted are not available, the courier usually maintains communication between you and them to see how to go about it.

You might be required to change the order so that you can get an alternative to the product that you wanted in the first place. In some cases, these couriers do not have any idea on the products that they have to buy on your behalf.

Therefore, communication is a very crucial aspect for both the courier and the customer to get the best outcome.

The payment is then processed through the application on your device.

The payment includes a commission for the courier. The commission is setup in a way that you are charged a flat $7 delivery fee for orders below $35.

You pay a commission of $5 for every time you accumulate a total retail amount of $35.

When all the grocery products have been bought, Shipt gives a time limit of an hour for the courier to deliver the products.

Therefore, the courier has to deliver the groceries within the hour to the client’s doorstep.

In case they do not deliver your goods within an hour of you completing an order, Shipt enforces penalties that affect their earnings.

In my opinion, this system is a bit harsh on the courier.

However, it is necessary for you to get your groceries on time and ensure that delivery is done to suit the customer.



How do you much does Shipt cost?

The annual membership costs $99 per year which translates to roughly $8.25 per month.

There is an option of purchasing a Shipt pass before placing an order or at checkout with some retailers.

The Shipt pass is relatively expensive as a single pass can cost you about $10.

You can also purchase three Shipt passes for $27 or five for $40. 

When you subscribe for annual membership, you get free delivery for orders of $35 and above.

For orders less than $35, you will incur a flat $7 delivery fee. This fee is added to your total.

However, there is no order minimum if you use a script pass.

You should know that the prices of individual items on Shipt are higher than those charged for the groceries in the stores.

The extra cost of the products is set to cover the costs of delivery, packaging and shopping.

This is acceptable since you have to pay for the services rendered to you by the company.


Pros of Shipt

1. Helps to get you your groceries on time.

With this delivery service, there is a time cap for when the products you want will be delivered.

Shipt usually offers an hour limit for their couriers to deliver your groceries to you.


2. User friendly platforms.

The applications both on iOS and android are designed in a way that you can easily find the products and grocery stores in your area.

In case the applications fail, you can use their website to find the products that you want.


3. Messaging option to offer substitutions.

At times, the groceries you need may not be available. In normal circumstances, this means that you would have to forfeit your order.

However, the messaging system on this platform enables you to get in touch with your courier in order to get a substitution for the products that may not be available at the moment.


4. Job opportunity.

Shipt offers a new avenue to make money that could earn you some extra income.

You can sign up as a courier where you can earn more money delivering groceries around your home area.


Cons of Shipt

1. Membership fees and Shipt passes.

This is a costly service to use for shoppers. It is okay to pay for the delivery and packaging services.

However, it is quite unnecessary for you to pay membership fees for a delivery service.

This increases your grand total per month paid to the deliveries.


2. Higher prices.

The prices listed on the Shipt platform are slightly higher than those in the actual retail store.

This increases the costs incurred on purchases of groceries which lowers your value for money.


3. Unavailable items.

Just like the normal grocery stores, there can be a shortage of certain grocery products like Shipt.

This is not good because you have already paid membership for their services.

There is no value money in this case.



Shipt helps its couriers make some money. However, the money you make using this service is hard earned money.

If you are looking for an alternative to your 9-5, this is not the place to make money.

As a shopper using Shipt, there is no reason for you not to subscribe to it.

However, you should know that you will be facing the normal struggles of grocery shopping.

The only difference is that you would be paying for the struggles with actual cash.

The biggest positive on this application is the convenience of finding alternatives to the products you have.

You can communicate with the courier to find an alternative to the groceries you cannot find.

This kind of service can be greatly beneficial to moms that work from home.

They can get the products that they need easily.



Conclusion: Shipt Review – Scam or Legit?

There is no evidence to suggest that this company is a scam.

I recommend this product to all the users out there.

This platform may have its shortcomings but a lot of what they do is intended to offer the best service possible to their customers. That’s why the company was bought for all that money.

Most earnings made by the couriers are from tips that the customers give for the service they receive.

The couriers are tasked to deliver your groceries within the hour.

The improvement in the communication system has also come in handy.

All in all, you need to use this platform to cater for all your grocery needs.