14 Common Sense Things a Surprising Amount of People Don’t Know

Welcome to a world where common sense isn't always so common. It's a place where people manage to complicate the simplest of tasks and where the most obvious solutions remain hidden in plain sight. We're about to embark on a journey that will uncover those hidden gems of wisdom that many seem to overlook. Here are 14 everyday things that should be common knowledge but, for some reason, aren't.

1. Airplane Etiquette

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Yes, there is etiquette when you land. If the flight attendant announces that there are people who have tight connections, please stay seated so they can pass quickly through the aisle. If this is not the case, the proper etiquette is to deplane row by row, starting at the front of the plane.

2. Public Transportation Etiquette

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The proper way to board any public transportation is by letting people off first. Make space for people to get off so others can get on.

3. How To Respond to Emergency

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Many people think they know what to do in case of an emergency, and then find when the inevitable happens, they lose all of that knowledge. That said, several members plead for everyone to be more prepared!

4. You Can't Order Chicken Medium Rare

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Evidently, it is pretty common for people to order chicken… medium rare. One member says that it happens all the time, and it's insufferable! Chicken cannot come out of the kitchen without being fully cooked. 

5. How To Tell When Food Is Spoiled

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One viewer shared, “When I worked in a meat department, we got one call a day from people saying, “I bought this X days ago. Is it still good?” Lady, I'm not there with you; this isn't a smellophone. You'll have to use your own senses and brain on this one.”

Another said, “By the time most meat smells bad, it has been unsafe to consume for a while. This is especially true for ground meat.”

6. Tax Brackets

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“You only pay the higher rate on the portion above the threshold amount.” A viewer shared, “I work in manufacturing and make enough that we're right below the threshold for the next tax bracket. Yet, SO MANY of my coworkers refuse to take overtime ONLY because they think they'll make less money on their paycheck than if they didn't.”

7. Waiting for the Elevator to Clear

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One person answered, “You should wait for people to get off the elevator when it arrives at your floor instead of cramming yourself in when the doors open, blocking their departure.”

“Also, keep walking when you go through a door or step off an escalator,” a second commenter added.

8. Red Lights Mean Stop

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It is mind-boggling how many people think a red light means to punch the gas and go fast. What if you hit someone and you just sped up to “beat the light.” How selfish and dangerous.

9. First Aid

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One member stated, “People living alone, please Google how to do a Heimlich on yourself. And remind yourself regularly. It could save your life when you have no one else around.” Another user admitted she saved her own life using the back of a chair.

Finally, a third added, “How to respond to an emergency: Who to call. How to clearly identify and state your location. When to stay in place or move and how to prevent more injury.”

10. Spotting Obvious Scams

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“Look how many people fall for those clickbait articles, chain posts, propaganda, etc.,” stated one person. A second replied, “Many scammers don't even try to be subtle because they are intentionally looking for gullible people.”

“Omg, my mother. At least once a week, I have to tell her that if “M&T” or “Amazon” texts you a link to click, it's always a scam. And yet, she asks me if she should click it every week,” admitted a third commenter.

11. Machines Require Maintenance

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One user volunteered, “That pretty much every machine requires maintenance. Think dishwashers, washing machines, cars, mowers, etc. They aren't magic boxes. And they will last longer if you know how to maintain them. My mother-in-law is in her 80s. And until recently, didn't know that the dishwasher needs its filters cleaned every so often.”

12. Not To Pour Water Into Hot Oil

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One user admitted, “I did this once when I was 15. I have no idea why I knew you weren't supposed to do it. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Thank God my brother was home, ran in the kitchen, and took the pan outside.”

“Never, never, NEVER try to put out a grease fire with water,” a second person commented. “Also, don't pour hot oil down the sink, or it does the same explosive action with the water in the p-trap. I had a family member learn this one the hard way,” concluded a third commenter.

13. How Long It Takes for a Semi-Truck To Stop

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One user added, “And that truck drivers can't necessarily see you down there, so give them space!” Another stated, “I'm an OTR trucker. I advise people that it's safe to merge back into the travel lane when you can see where their steer (front) tires meet the road.”

“Different trucks have different windshields and headlight positions –other standard metrics– but the one variable that doesn't change from truck to truck is where the rubber meets the road. Peep that in your rearview, and you're good, provided you keep going.”

14. Antibiotics Aren't for Viruses

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The number one voted response is, “Antibiotics do not work on a virus.” One user agreed, “YES! All these idiots demanding antibiotics for a minor sniffle and the spineless doctors prescribing them are creating superbugs, making everything worse for everyone.”

Source: Reddit.