15 Shocking Secrets From Your Favorite 90s TV Shows

Numerous television programs that captivated our hearts and minds were produced during the golden years of television in the 1990s. Everyone might find something to watch, from comedies to tragedies to animated programs. But even the most devoted viewers might need to be made aware of all the plot twists and making-of details for these popular shows.

We dove into our favorite 90s TV series and unearth some fascinating and unexpected facts about them. Here is what we found.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Image Credit: NBC.

The subtle change from Jane Hubert to Daphne Maxwell-Reid in the character role of Aunt Vivian was a shock. But it was required as Hubert was the only cast no one got along with. She even felt the focus of the show should be on her.

2. Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills 90210
Image Credit: NSTC.

Luke Perry wasn't the first choice cast for his role on this show. Aaron Spelling had to part with some quids as salary for Perry's first few episodes to prove his point that Perry was top class for the role.

3. Saved by The Bell

Saved by The Bell
Image Credit: NBC.

This show required a full dye job every episode to give Zack the blonde appearance. Why? Mark-Paul, who played the character, is a brunette.

4. The X-Files

The X-Files David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Many viewers hail Gillian Anderson's performance as the incredibly talented forensic pathologist in this science fiction. But few know she lied about her age to land the role. It makes you want to question her autopsy reports.

5. The Golden Girls

The Golden Girls
Image Credit: NBC.

The golden girls were not golden. The cakes and cheesecakes were all shows. Once the shooting was over, Betty White and Bea Authur, at best, were acquaintances. They never really laughed over cheesecakes.

6. Frasier

Image Credit: NBC.

Getting some fan mail for a show everyone loves is natural — normal, even. But it so happens that Eddie the Dog was the most popular character Fraiser had.

7. The Nanny

The Nanny
Image Credit: CBS.

Everyone else was enjoying this sitcom — except Renee Taylor's doctor. His concerns were for Renee's health as her character seemed to be munching things by the minute. So, he wrote a petition to the production crew asking that Renee eat less on screen.

8. Home Improvement

Home Improvement
Image Credit: ABC.

Ever wonder why we never saw the fact of this sitcom favorite? Tim Allen had it well thought out. He based the character, Wilson, on his neighbor from when he was young. He couldn't see over the fence because he was short.

9. The 70s Show

The 70s Show
Image Credit: Fox.

Just at the point the show was gathering momentum, Midge — one of the favorite characters — was taken off the show. Tanya Roberts, who played Midge, had to leave the show to care for her husband, who was sick with cancer.

10. Charmed

Image Credit: The WB.

Two sisters are fighting the force of evil and rely on a book (The Book of Shadows) to direct their skills. Interestingly, it was an actual book that weighed nine pounds.

11. ER

Image Credit: NBC.

This medical drama ranked well above just a soap opera. It portrayed just what it takes to work in a hospital. However, at some point, the cost of production was astronomical $13 million per episode. Yes! Expensive.

12. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Image Credit: NBC.

The plot of this true crime-inspired drama involved sensitive themes. The actors had to be in their A-game to act their roles accordingly. Mariska Hargitay trained as a crisis counselor to be in the proper frame of mind for the lead role.

13. Full House

Full House
Image Credit: ABC.

Viewers were entertained by the antics of Michelle, who was ambidextrous or appeared to be so. That is the luxury of having identical twins whose opposite hands play the role of a character.

14. Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee
Image Credit: ABC.

The catch to the drama was the mystery of the murderer. But this mystery drama ended prematurely after 20 episodes. The reason? A rival company had revealed the identity of Laura's murderer to the audience.

15. Friends

Friends Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow
Image Credit: NBC.

“The Rachel” was beloved by every mother and daughter. But this iconic hairstyle was not beloved by the cast on whom everybody saw it. Jennifer Aniston compared the hairstyle to botched surgery.

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