Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

Are you looking for an honest review from an individual that has actually tried to make money online using the platform?

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There has been a controversial company relating to link shorteners.

The platform is known as The company has been involved in a lot of issues that have negatively affected its users including security and payments.

To some extent, the company is not a scam.

However, there are some issues that should be addressed to declare it a legit company.

This article seeks to cover the authenticity of these claims extensively.


What is

This is a tool that you can use to shorten your link and get paid for everyone that clicks on it.

Say you have a link to a website but it is too long yet you need something appealing to your potential visitors.

You have to use a link shortener to reduce the size of the link and this is what does.

The platform makes sure you benefit by paying you for the number of people that click on the ad created.


Who created

The platform was created by a team consisting of 12 individuals.

They include Maciej Banaszek, Larysa Bolkunevych, Dawid Chomicz, Pawel Getka, Pawel Glasek, Magdalena Jedraszak, Ilona Kowalsks-Sprada, Rafal Malinowski, Kamil Markow, Marek Mazur, Grzegorz Rygielski and Kornel Szwaja.

It was created in the city of Szczecin, Poland. Its headquarters are still in Szczecin.


How does work?

The platform uses its numerous features to help you generate money from the links you shorten. It can be used by website and blog owners, social media and community members plus online marketers and affiliates.

You can easily use it for your own benefit by following these steps:

1) Create an account

For you to use the platform, you have to first create an account using your email.

You also have to include your payment details, location and personal information.

[mailerlite_form form_id=3]


This is to verify the identity of the users for security reasons.

When you fill in all the necessary details, you shall receive an email to confirm the email you have used during registration.

Upon confirmation, you shall get your account ready for use.


2) Generate a link using

At the home page of the platform, there is a link shortener.

All you have to do is enter the link of whatever you want to shorten and click on shorten.

This will give you a shorter version of the link you just entered.

You can also make use of the various tools available in the menu of the platform to your advantage like the mass shrinker that shortens multiple links at the same time.


3) Visitors click on your link and land on the ad page

Whenever a visitor clicks on the link, it will display a short five second ad as it loads.

After the 5 seconds elapse, you shall be redirected to the original content after clicking the button that shows “Skip ad”.

A reader also has the option of closing the ad before the five seconds end.


4) Earn money.

The platform has a rate for all of its users. The money you earn is paid according to the number of views you get. you can get a more accurate view on this when you check out the section about the platform’s payout rates.

The platform is able to function properly with the help of tools such as:

  • Website script. This tool helps you to generate your own script. Here, you can simply select the options you would like to use and click the Generate script button for a personalized website script.


  • Quick link. This is the tool that shortens the links for all users. Here, you copy the link in the address bar of the quick link tool so you can shorten a link that takes you back directly to your page. You can copy and paste the link wherever you want to.


  • Developer’s API. An API allows a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. The tool is useful for developers as an API returns responses in JSON format.


  • Mass shrinker. This tool shrinks up to 20 links so that they are added to your account. You should be careful when using this tool since it can be easily disabled if you misuse it.


  • Referral program. This tool helps you earn more money from the platform by advertising their services and earning commissions of up to 20% for every person referred.


  • WordPress plugin. This tool has been customized to serve the needs of WordPress websites. You can download the plugin from the platform which will not clutter your blog with another banner ad or pop under window.


  • IT integration. This tool enables integration with DVLR. DVLR scans your RSS feeds and other trusted content sources for news articles, blogs and photos so that you can schedule and auto post social media posts. payment proof

On the platform, there is a section in the menu that takes you directly to the withdrawal page.

As you scroll down, you shall come across a section showing your transaction history.

It has a column for date, transaction, status and amount.

Whenever you request for a payment to be made from your account, you can track the status of the money using this page.

When a transaction is successful, it will indicate “Done” in the column for status. If it is denied, it will indicate “denied” in the same column. payout rates (How much does pay per click?)

There are different categories used to determine the payout rates of users on this platform.

They include an English speaking audience, a non-English speaking audience and average rates basing on countries.

This is also determined by how much traffic is provided by publishers.

The rates per 1000 views can be listed as follows:

  • United States $14.04
  • United Kingdom $10.75
  • Canada $5.81
  • Australia $8.61
  • Spain $3.50
  • Mexico $0.92
  • Argentina $0.64
  • Colombia $0.59
  • Brazil $1.39
  • Poland$4.19
  • Saudi Arabia $2.93
  • Norway $8.18
  • Germany $7.16
  • Denmark $9.20
  • Sweden $6.93
  • Finland$7.06
  • Netherlands $5.99
  • Lebanon $2.76
  • Latvia $2.60
  • Switzerland $6.01
  • Slovenia $2.42
  • Slovakia $2.24
  • Bahrain $2.08
  • Qatar $5.24
  • Portugal $2.42
  • Singapore $5.16
  • Belgium $4.67
  • Nigeria $1.70
  • Hong Kong SAR China $2.24
  • New Zealand $6.21
  • Luxembourg $2.13
  • Macau SAR China $1.44
  • Malaysia $1.83
  • Czech Republic $2.42
  • South Africa $6.97
  • Estonia $2.11
  • Åland Islands $1.30
  • Eritrea $1.30
  • Tanzania $1.30
  • Bulgaria $1.64
  • Cyprus $2.74
  • Côte d’Ivoire $1.39
  • Isle of Man $1.20
  • Liberia $1.20
  • Vatican City $1.20
  • Puerto Rico $1.16
  • Palau $1.16
  • Jersey $1.16
  • Sri Lanka $1.16
  • Réunion $1.16
  • Moldova $1.16
  • Belarus $1.29
  • Kenya $1.16
  • Gibraltar $1.14
  • Faroe Islands $2.73
  • Sudan $1.14
  • Monaco $1.14
  • Vanuatu $1.14
  • Guernsey $1.14
  • Micronesia $1.14
  • France $4.86
  • Lesotho $1.04
  • Malta $1.40
  • San Marino $1.04
  • Azerbaijan $1.04
  • Djibouti $1.04
  • Greenland $1.29
  • Seychelles $1.04
  • Zimbabwe$1.04
  • S. Virgin Islands $1.25
  • Liechtenstein $1.04
  • Namibia $1.04
  • Uganda $1.04
  • Cameroon $1.04
  • São Tomé and Príncipe $1.04
  • Andorra $1.04
  • Guam $1.47
  • Ghana $1.04
  • Turks and Caicos Islands $1.26
  • Panama $1.02
  • New Caledonia $1.31
  • Cape Verde $1.02
  • Afghanistan $1.53
  • Japan $1.76
  • South Korea $1.01
  • Niue $1.00
  • S. Outlying Islands $1.00
  • Guyana $0.98
  • Marshall Islands $1.43
  • Netherlands Antilles $0.98
  • Brunei $1.30
  • Barbados $1.42
  • American Samoa $1.17
  • Northern Mariana Islands $1.52
  • Tonga $0.98
  • Saint Martin $0.98
  • Vincent & Grenadines $1.46
  • Belize $0.88
  • Saint Lucia $1.26
  • Grenada $0.88
  • Guadeloupe $0.99
  • French Guiana $0.96
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis $1.44
  • Bahamas $1.37
  • Fiji $1.26
  • French Polynesia $1.07
  • Dominica $1.31
  • Cayman Islands $1.34
  • Martinique $1.05
  • Bhutan $0.88
  • Papua New Guinea $1.68
  • Aruba $0.88
  • Kazakhstan $1.13
  • Trinidad and Tobago $1.14
  • Mayotte $0.88
  • Kyrgyzstan $0.90
  • Bermuda $0.86
  • British Virgin Islands $0.86
  • Maldives $0.86
  • Cambodia $1.04
  • Suriname $0.86
  • Costa Rica $0.86
  • Niger $0.86
  • Austria $3.54
  • Ireland $5.79
  • Romania $0.80
  • Turkey $1.55
  • United Arab Emirates $7.72
  • Taiwan $0.80
  • Ukraine $0.83
  • Kuwait $2.51
  • Pakistan $0.85
  • Cook Islands $0.76
  • Solomon Islands $1.51
  • Timor-Leste $0.72
  • Bangladesh $1.27
  • Uzbekistan $0.72
  • Falkland Islands $0.75
  • Samoa $0.98
  • Montserrat $0.72
  • Indonesia $1.17
  • Saint Barthélemy $0.70
  • Egypt $1.12
  • Georgia $1.76
  • Tuvalu $0.64
  • Anguilla $0.75
  • Chad $1.37
  • Italy $3.59
  • Vietnam $1.01
  • Israel $3.43
  • Greece $0.82
  • Paraguay $0.60
  • Lithuania $1.42
  • Thailand $1.51
  • Iceland $3.61
  • Norfolk Island $0.50
  • British Indian Ocean Territory $0.50
  • Nauru $0.50
  • Antarctica $0.50
  • India $1.59
  • Philippines $1.31
  • Saint Helena $0.50
  • Zambia $0.82
  • Comoros $0.79
  • Montenegro $1.26
  • Ethiopia $0.83
  • Swaziland $0.75
  • Mauritania $0.62
  • Senegal $1.11
  • Benin $0.77
  • Guinea $0.72
  • Iraq $2.02
  • Oman $1.44
  • Serbia $0.70
  • Malawi $0.66
  • Somalia $1.04
  • Botswana $0.87
  • Croatia $1.13
  • Nepal $0.61
  • Mali $0.74
  • Honduras $0.59
  • Angola $0.64
  • Burkina Faso $0.68
  • Dominican Republic $1.14
  • Equatorial Guinea $0.94
  • Laos $0.77
  • Sierra Leone $0.85
  • Togo $0.70
  • Mauritius $0.70
  • Tajikistan $0.69
  • Rwanda $0.75
  • Albania $1.18
  • Mozambique $0.66
  • Morocco $0.78
  • Hungary $0.65
  • Armenia $1.04
  • Chile $0.81
  • Guatemala $0.64
  • Jordan $1.30
  • Peru $0.66
  • Myanmar(Burma) $0.60
  • Libya $0.70
  • Macedonia $1.42
  • Guinea-Bissau $0.48
  • Haiti $0.73
  • Cuba $0.98
  • Algeria $1.12
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina $0.79
  • Madagascar $0.75
  • Gabon $0.62
  • Ecuador $1.01
  • Russia $1.55
  • Congo – Brazzaville $0.66
  • Antigua and Barbuda $1.25
  • Jamaica $0.60
  • Syria $0.61
  • Burundi $0.62
  • Gambia $0.66
  • Wallis and Futuna $0.86
  • Uruguay $0.52
  • Turkmenistan $0.72
  • Bolivia $0.55
  • Tunisia $1.09
  • El Salvador $0.53
  • Mongolia $0.66
  • China $1.33
  • Iran $0.70
  • Central African Republic $0.57
  • Venezuela $0.60
  • Yemen $0.51
  • Palestinian Territories $0.57
  • Kiribati $0.59
  • North Korea $0.64
  • Svalbard and Jan Mayen $0.02
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands $0.02
  • South Sudan $0.02
  • Congo – Kinshasa $0.02
  • Sint Maarten $0.02
  • Curaçao $0.02
  • Christmas Island $0.02
  • Saint Pierre and Miquelon $0.02
  • Caribbean Netherlands $0.02
  • Nicaragua $0.55

You can collect your earnings after the 10th day of the month. You must have completed your profile by filling in your payment information.

You have to use Payoneer and Web Money. Keep in mind that you must have earned at least $5 in the previous month to make any withdrawals.

Payoneer also has a minimum withdrawal amount set at $20.

This means that if you earn about $15 in a certain month, your money can be paid out to your Payoneer account but it might not be available for use as soon as you need it.

You might also encounter long waiting times when dealing with Web Money with the platform indicating that the delays can take as long as 10 days. miner

The platform also had an app that was responsible for all its ventures in the financial market through mining crypto currencies.

The app was taken down on the 9th of October 2019 and has not been working ever since.

The last payments made to miners was made on the 10th of October making it the last time any known transaction was made using the app. virus

The platform has been linked to a website known as is a website with a virus that displays ads every time a browser is opened.

When you use this platform, you are likely to get this virus on your laptop or computer.

This means that all your browsers could be easily affected by the virus. It is harmful and should be handled if you have been using affiliate program.

The platform has a referral program that has the ability to earn you extra income regularly through reigning in customers to the platform.

You can get access to the program through these easy steps.

a) Register.

Here, you are required to create an account with your email and consequently set up a password. After you click register, you shall receive an Email from to confirm the email information you just filled in.

After confirmation, your account with the platform is created and you are ready to go.

With referrals, you go to the referral program section.


b) Invite people.

After you have a working account with the platform, you can go ahead and start inviting people. There are no restrictions as to how many people you must have on your socials to qualify for the program.

However, you are encouraged to share the link given to you across various platforms like Facebook, personal blogs, Twitter and online discussion boards.

Basically, you can refer the program to anyone you can get online.

You can select from a wide range of banners that are available on the website to easily integrate them into your website.


b) Earn commissions.

Upon sharing the link to your social followers, readers and followers alike, you embark on the journey of making money.

The program rewards you with a 20% commission on the amount of money earned by every person that joins using your referral link.

The platform does not give any indication of how long the commissions are to be received so it must be on the income earned for each referral as long as they are using the platform.

Even if you are still new to the whole idea of affiliation or referral programs, you have a good starting point with this website.

The platform indicates that you gain instant access to tutorials after you join but I didn’t seem to find any showing me about the referral program and how you can make it work for you.

You basically have tools that will help you help them captivate an audience.

These tools include banners and links that you can use to invite new users to

The earnings shall be posted to your account.

The platform offers three payment options including Payoneer (Prepaid MasterCard or Global Bank transfer), Web Money and PayPal.

At the moment, the platform seems to be having issues with PayPal which can easily be fixed soon.

This means that the other two payment options are available to users.


Pros of

1. Wide range of monetization.

The platform opens you up to various ways of monetizing your blog and socials.

You can share these links on any platform that you can get links.

This helps you generate income from sources you had not thought of before.


2. Premium ads and high CPM ads.

The platform gives you access to a wide range of tools that help you manage your ads.

They also have social widgets which make it easy for you to integrate your socials.

They can be used in over 100 countries making it one of the best link shorteners on the internet.


3. Available in various countries.

In the payment section, we talked about how much money is made per 100 clicks per country.

There are several countries that you can make use of the website including African countries like Uganda, Kenya and Congo.

This makes it easy to use it in the place you find it most convenient. There is no limit to earnings.


4. Personalized dashboard.

You have access to a personal center for all information relating your links. You have access to real time statistics showing you the performance of your link over time.

This is also accompanied with a section that shows proof of payment to help you track the status of your payments through the approved platforms.


Cons of

1. Can affect your computer.

The platform has been linked to, a virus website.

This has raised various security concerns with the users of the platform since the virus affects web browsers.


2. Relatively low income earned.

There have been a lot of complaints with users who claim that the platform raised the pay from 1000 clicks to 10,000 clicks.

This is a significantly higher figure since it is more than 9,000 above the normal rate.

[mailerlite_form form_id=2]


Even when it was switched to the normal benchmark of the industry, you have to distribute it for a while before you make some reasonable cash.


Reviews from Trust pilot, Quora and Reddit.

There are a lot of positive reviews on the internet but you should keep in mind that most of these reviews are over 6 years old.

I shall not include the reviews from Reddit since they are too outdated and do not tell you what the company is all about in recent times.

Below are reviews from Quora and Trustpilot. customer review 1 customer review 2 customer review 3 customer review 4 customer review 5 customer review 6 customer review 7

Conclusion: Review – Is it Legit?

I would not recommend this platform to you. Despite the unmissable benefits of using the platform, there are many issues that have to be handled including the payment and security issues.

The most disturbing thing about the platform is affiliated with a website that spreads viruses which is a big negative for a company that is involved in ICT.

Unless they fix the security and payments issues, I do not recommend the platform to you.

I hope you found this review helpful.

Now I would like to hear from you.

What URL link shorteners are you using to make money online?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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