Property Tax: Should The Elderly Get a Free Pass?

High property tax, which varies due to a number of mostly geographical factors, can pose significant problems to residents and would-be residents, as it discourages them from moving into the area. Residents may also be forced to leave their homes and communities to manage costs, especially in times of inflation.

A Twitter user doesn't think retirees — who are likely living off pension — and elderly people, in general, should have to pay this levy. They asked, “Who agrees with ending property tax at the age of 65 so that seniors can finally stop being pushed out of their homes?”

@TGrammie2 is of the opinion that taxation is theft, and if property tax should exist, it shouldn't be taxed annually.

Someone else counters this logic: “Well, that is how most places fund their police, fire, streets and schools. What is your proposal?”

A Trump supporter @StillWithTrump suggests that the government needs wiser spending habits, and residents should not have to pay the price of their excessive spending.

@mhdksafa thinks it's only fair that old people pay their taxes like everyone else.

@squiddy61 contrasts this idea, pointing out all the benefits that young people enjoy, compared to old people.

Another person replies: “You are young & able to work. One day you will be old & wake up to the how the rising costs of…everything…will affect your life. Property tax is not all they have to worry about, but that money could help in other areas. Compassion & critical thinking aren't your strong suits.”

@AIWashburn presented a solution:

One user thinks that people shouldn't have to pay taxes on properties they own, and not people living off Social Security.

Another user thinks being older isn't enough reason to get a “free pass”, and not when they had enough years to save for retirement. They suggest it places more strain on younger people.

@RJM doesn't think the government treats senior citizens fairly enough.

Someone replies: “Sounds good in theory. Anything offered to illegal immigrants is better than what they left. But anything given to citizens by this govt is never going to be better than what we would provide for ourselves if govt stay out of the private sector & out of our wallets.”

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