21 Best Shows to Binge-Watch Right Now

Sick of scrolling, wasting time, trying to find something to watch every night? Take your pick from this list of 21 perfectly binge-watchable shows.

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Avoid the Endless Scroll

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Summer is here. Some people love basking in the heat the summer months bring, while others prefer to stay inside and enjoy air conditioning, ice-cold drinks, and the comfort of streaming services.

With the growing amount of streaming services, viewers might struggle to settle on one title and spend countless hours perusing the platforms for substantial entertainment.

Avoid that endless scroll with this list that outlines 20 of the best shows to binge-watch right now.

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1. BoJack Horseman (2014-2020)

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Never did a creature make more sense of the human race than an anthropomorphic horse. BoJack revolves around a fallen star from a late 90s sitcom entitled Horsin' Around. BoJack navigates his life post-stardom as an alcoholic living off his royalties in Los Angeles. His best friend Todd is a human in this half-human, half-animal animated dramedy whose character foils BoJack's complicated depressive moods.

BoJack uses idioms and English vernacular to illustrate a comedic world. For example, in one episode, a rooster runs down the street and crows to wake up the neighbors.

The show hilariously critiques Hollywood, depicting it as “Hollywoo” (after the D is stolen) ‘and takes spins on celebrities within Hollywood. For example, Quentin Tarantino in BoJack is a tarantula named Quentin Tarantulino.

The quick-wit of BoJack makes viewers crack up as quickly as it turns around and spills a universal truth, leaving the viewer to question their sense of morality before the best non-lyrical theme song of all-time plays.

BoJack doesn't shy away from controversial or taboo topics. Instead, it plunges into them, subjecting the viewer to discomfort. Pretty respectable for an animated show about a horse.

Stream BoJack Horseman on Netflix.

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2. Yellowjackets (2021-Present)

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Yellowjackets began its story in 2021, so it only has one season so far. Nevertheless, its storytelling capabilities, crafting of suspense, and character dynamics are a solid start to an impactful and entertaining story.

Yellowjackets centers around a high school soccer team traveling to their championship game. Unfortunately, their plane crashes, and the team spends a year and a half in the woods. They learn to hunt, fend for themselves, and outsmart each other.

The series unfolds between two timelines: one in the woods and one 25 years later with the survivors. The grown adults recount their lives in the wilderness and what makes this series so great is the genuine horror that arises from the story and the sets. The makeup department crafts horrifying injuries while the production designer uses every aspect of available space to send a tingle down the viewer's spine.

Yellowjackets returns for its second season this year.

Stream Yellowjackets on showtime.

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3. The Wilds (2020-Present)

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The Wilds presents another stranded on an island following a plane crash story, but this was a scheduled plane crash.

In season one, a group of girls from the US gather on a plane to attend a retreat. Once they get on the plane, it isn't long before things go awry. The Wilds is more melodramatic than Yellowjackets but far less scary.

The plot unfolds as the girls realize they might not be alone on the island. They team up to try and find an explanation as to why they are all there together. Another story we see is from the inside, where a grown woman decided to try a social experiment on these girls and strand them on the island together.

Season two introduces a group of boys who experience similar occurrences. Their plane crashes, and they end up on the beach alone, fighting or trying to befriend each other, with the constant feeling someone is watching.

Stream The Wilds on Amazon Prime.

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4. Shameless (2011-2021)

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Paul Abbott created the US version of Shameless. Set in Chicago, the series revolves around a single, alcoholic father raising six kids who ultimately raise themselves.

The show's bleak depiction of drug addiction and alcoholism translates well to a generation of viewers coming up in a world plagued with addiction or those dealing with it themself.

Through the lack of attention from their father, the kids navigate friendships, romance, sexuality, their own use of drugs and alcohol, poverty, and life. Flawed characters, excellent acting, clever camera work, and a great script make this eleven-season show worthy of a binge.

Stream Shameless on Showtime.

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5. Heartstopper (2022-Present)

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Based on Alice Oseman's graphic novels, Heartstopper focuses on two teenaged-boys, Nick and Charlie, navigating high school, friendship, bullies, and falling in love. It has its moments with bullies, but mainly it's a cutesy story about two teenage boys falling into their own with each other. It tugs heartstrings and makes you want to cuddle up with a fluffy animal and tell your friends you love them.

Plus, it has an incredible soundtrack.

Stream Heartstopper on Netflix.

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6. Glee (2009-2015)

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The six-season dramatic comedy entertained viewers with its elaborate dance numbers, ‘random' song selections, bawdy costuming department, and politically incorrect and offensive humor. No one would greenlight Glee today.

You've probably heard a famous Glee cover of a song in any department store or fast-food restaurant throughout the 2010s. The story centers on a group of misfits in a show choir who come together to sing and accept each other while dealing with their issues of sexuality, love, friendship, family, bullying, etc. The sitcom, nominated for several Emmys and Grammys, kickstarted most of the young actors' careers.

The storyline offers heartfelt moments amid chaos and humor so offensive you can't help but laugh at it.

Stream Glee on Hulu.

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7. Black Mirror (2011-Present)

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Black Mirror is a horror, sci-fi anthology. The five seasons all have episodes of different stories and timelines. Still, somehow they all fit into the Black Mirror world. Think The Twilight Zone meets The Matrix meets Twin Peaks.

Some premises of the show include a Truman Show-esque reality show, an overprotective mother who exceeds her limits and puts her daughter in danger, and a simulated dating reality that tells you how long your relationship will last.

At its best, Black Mirror serves an intelligent scoop of psychological drama; at its worst, it offers an entertaining perspective into an eerily similar view of the world today.

Stream Black Mirror on Netflix.

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8. Love, Death, + Robots (2019-Present)

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Here is another sci-fi anthology, but an animated one. Love, Death, + Robots focuses on each word in its title through different animation techniques and styles.

Some plots include a deaf soldier confronting a siren, three robots exploring a world post-humanity, and a giant man washing ashore on a beachfront town filled with interested passersby.

The unique show touches on moments of grief, death, and chaos but knows its place and weaves a comedic web throughout most episodes.

Stream Love, Death, + Robots on Netflix.

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9. The Girl from Plainville (2022)

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Are you looking for a documentary series based on a true story? The Girl from Plainville brings to light the case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III. Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy III dated each other from 2012-2014 before Conrad took his own life after Michelle encouraged him to do so via text.

The show bounces back and forth between the moments leading up to Conrad's death and after his death. The perspective switches between Michelle's side of the story and Conrad's, like a braided essay.

The TV series is a dramatic retelling, but most of the story remains true to the case. In addition, the actors resemble the real people involved — the star-studded show cast Elle Fanning, Chloe Sevigny, Cara Buono, and Colton Ryan.

Stream The Girl from Plainville on Hulu.

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10. Stranger Things (2016-Present)

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When this show dropped in 2016, it introduced the world to an uber-talented cast of promising young actors and a tight-knit storyline.

Four seasons later, the show manages to do the same thing. Of course, the kid actors are closer to 20-somethings now. Still, their talent has grown more robust, and the Duffer Brothers continue to create a compelling program perfect for consumption in a short time.

Stranger Things takes the popular game Dungeons and Dragons and immerses the viewer in the fantastical world. When one of the kids goes missing, the three friends band together to save him with the help of a young girl with supernatural abilities.

Despite the dangerous circumstances, Stranger Things incorporates humor and heart throughout the show. Plus, nothing beats the 80s style.

Stream Stranger Things on Netflix.

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11. You (2018 – Present)

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Based on a Caroline Kepnes novel of the same name, You portrays a charismatic serial killer named Joe who works at a bookstore and falls in love with a customer.

Joe tries everything to push down his instincts of anger when he's upset, and he uses his debonair attitude to get what he wants. He fools everyone around him into thinking he's a nice guy. Yet, in reality, he has a soundproof chamber in the basement of the bookstore where he works.

Joe narrates the show in a creepy, awkward manner and repetitively calls out to the show's namesake, “You.” After binging this show, Joe's voice will barrage your thoughts, saying, “Hello, you.”

Stream You on Netflix.

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12. Fleabag (2016-2019)

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Phoebe Waller-Bridge wrote and starred in this short, hilarious show about a woman named Fleabag (Waller-Bridge) who breaks the fourth wall multiple times each episode.

Fleabag wanders through London, coping with the recent death of her best friend, Boo. However, she doesn't let her grief debilitate her. Rather the openness to speak about her dead friend stirs discomfort in conversation.

Fleabag isn't a likable character, her name is Fleabag for a reason, but she understands herself and never tries to be something she isn't. Waller-Bridge crafted a superb piece of self-aware art with Fleabag.

Stream Fleabag on Amazon Prime.

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13. Elite (2018-Present)

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Told through two points in time, before the murder and after, Elite depicts the vile and vicious battle between the working class and upper class.

A public school in Madrid falls, and three former students win scholarships to attend a private school with Spain's most affluent and refined teenagers. The show intrigues viewers by infusing the brutal clashes with romance and murder.

The show embraces its LGBTQ+ characters and dives into taboo topics such as addiction, polyamory, and more. In addition, the show has a fantastic score and an even better soundtrack.

Stream Elite on Netflix.

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14. Channel Zero (2016-2018)

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Creepypastas are horror legends that gained popularity online – think Slender Man. Channel Zero takes four different creepypastas and expands them into well-crafted, thought-out episodes.

The seasons include:

  • A monster made of teeth.
  • A haunted house with no escape route.
  • Staircases in the middle of the woods that lead to secret passageways.
  • A hidden door in a basement.

Channel Zero has masterful dialogue, likable characters, and picturesque settings. While the scenes are pretty yet horrifying, they include some of the most creative monsters television has witnessed in a long time.

Stream Channel Zero on Shudder.

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15. Squid Game (2021-Present)

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The Korean show broke the record for Netflix's number one viewed show of all time with 1.65 billion hours during the first month of its release.

At first, Squid Game introduces a single, broke father (Gi-Hun), trying everything he can to get out of his debt and show his daughter he is competent.

During his night train ride, the main character encounters a businessman who asks him to play a game. After Gi-Hun wins the game, the man invites him to play other games for a bigger cash prize.

Gi-Hun accepts the offer, and the man proceeds to drug him and transport him to a facility where 455 other people in debt wake up wearing the same green uniform. They are all stoked to play simple games to win money, but they realize the stakes when people start dying during the first game.

The show is a quest to win a large sum of money, but only one winner can take it home.

Stream Squid Game on Netflix.

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16. Derry Girls (2018-2022)

Image from the show Derry Girls
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During a tense time for Ireland and England (Protestants vs. Catholics), four high-school girls and one boy traverse the growing pain terrain. The kids try to find love as they live in a state of political tension, and police monitor their homes and place their schools under intense security.

The show's humor alleviates the rigid standards the kids live with, demonstrating that even in a militant state, teenagers will be teenagers.

Stream Derry Girls on Netflix.

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17. Euphoria (2019-Present)

Image from the show Euphoria
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This 2019 drama created by Sam Levinson depicts the harsh realities of drug-addicted teens. The show revolutionized fashion, style, and makeup. Everything in the show is pretty, emphasizing its central message that even if something looks stunning, it can be deadly and dangerous.

In the first season, the flawless acting pairs well with the script. Yet, the second season seems to falter in its storytelling and emergence of plot holes. Watch the show for Zendaya and Hunter Schafer's standout performances.

Stream Euphoria on HBO MAX.

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18. Generation (2021)

Image from the show Generation
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Generation follows a group of confident and unflinching teenagers attending high school in Orange County. The show finds unique ways to tackle familiar tropes in teen dramas such as teen pregnancy and student-teacher romances.

While the fashion in Generation stands on its own, it appears to be influenced by Euphoria as it resembles lighter tones of Euphoria‘s style.

Stream Generation on HBO MAX.

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19. First Kill (2022- Present)

Image from the show First Kill
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This vampire show adapted from a V.E. Schwab short story came out in June. First Kill centers around Juliette, a vampire masquerading as a regular student while attending high school with her best friend, Ben, who does not know Juliette's secret.

When the new girl, Calliope, comes into the picture, Juliette forms a crush. However, Calliope also has a double life as a monster hunter.

Stream First Kill on Netflix.

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20. Skins UK (2007-2013)

Image from the show Skins UK
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This show led to the breakout careers of talent such as Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Joe Cole, Hannah Murray, Dev Patel, and Daniel Kaluuya.

A group of Bristol teens tackles the typical adolescent occurrences in England. The show touches on underage drinking, drug use, eating disorders, confidence issues, familial love, and much more.

Before Euphoria, there was Skins UK. Of course, based on the list of actors cast in these series, the acting is top-notch and well-respected.

You'll tear up at the quality of acting these kids bring to the screen, especially when they need to stick up for a friend. Be warned.

Stream Skins UK on Hulu.

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21. The Office US (2005-2013)

Image from the show The Office
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The Office took a concept most workers see daily (an office space) and turned it into a dry, timeless comedy. Each character has their own quirks, and the show accentuates what most workplaces lack support and community.

Each episode remains consistent. This familiarizes viewers with the office space and invites them to stay for a while.

The mockumentary-style show amps the humor up without utilizing a laugh track and by having the characters act in bizarre fashions —see the “Dinner Party” episode.

Although the show documents many cringeworthy moments throughout its nine seasons, the crude humor solidifies the masterpiece.

Stream The Office on Peacock TV.

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