43 Side Hustles For Men (Who Want More Money)

There are plenty of reasons to want a side hustle. Maybe you're looking to make some extra money on the side.

Maybe you're looking for a way to get out of your day job. Or maybe you just want something fun and challenging to do in your spare time.

man using a side hustle to make extra cash
43 Side Hustles For Men (Who Want More Money) 7

Whatever your reason, there is no shortage of side hustles that you can try. Here are 24 side hustles for men who want more money and less work.

1. Drive For Lyft, Uber, Or Other Ride Sharing Companies.

Have you thought about a side hustle with Uber, Lyft, or another company that provides public transportation?

Driving as a side job may be fun if you enjoy interacting with people, and should be a fairly simple job if you are pretty familiar with the area that you live in.

The best part is, all you need to do is drive around: no need to travel to your workplace, as you will already be there the second you get into your car. You will also be in control of your own career.

Many people will state that they dislike this type of job since it can get pretty boring at times, and demand for trips is minimal in some regions. Despite this, as a side hustle, this is a terrific way to make a few extra bucks.

2. Recycle Any Old Technology You Own

A good side hustle for men is selling electronics. Gazelle, for example, is a great company that pays customers decent compensation for some smartphones and tablets.

There are numerous other websites that can be used to sell different gadgets, and traveling to certain stores to sell them face-to-face could actually result in you receiving even more money. 

To get the most out of the trade, you could even try asking friends and relatives if they have any old electronics they'd like to get rid of.

Most people are eager to discard old devices that have been laying around for years, just because they believe they have no worth.

3. Writing As A Side Hustle

If you love writing and creating stories, but don’t feel like committing to the process of publishing an Ebook, why not try your hand at freelance writing?

Freelance writers are paid by the word for articles they write about a chosen subject. While this may not sound as appealing as being paid per hour, it is actually a lot less difficult, and a great way to make extra cash.

If you have a way with words, there are many websites that will pay you to write.

4. Landscaping Side Hustle

Offering your services on Craigslist or Facebook may soon result in some extra cash pouring into your account. If you happen to have strong muscles and a green thumb, you could try offering yard service while the weather is still warm outside.

You could do basic gardening work, mow lawns and take care of flower beds. You can rake leaves or shovel snow in the autumn and winter.

Side Hustles for Men

5. Teach English Online

You have another choice in teaching classes online if you have a penchant for speaking and writing in English and would like to help others improve their academic skills.

You will have complete control over your schedule and effort when you teach English, meaning that it can easily become a part-time job for those looking for a little extra cash flow in their lives.

This job does require some qualifications before you are allowed to start teaching:  experience, whether that be past teaching or working with children, and certifications are required for the best-paying employers.

An undergraduate degree is handy to have in these situations. Some websites, however, allow you to teach English online without a degree.

6. Become A Language Translator

Do you have the ability to communicate in more than one language? If that's the case, you're one of the 23 percent of the population who is bilingual.

This is a valuable ability to have for a variety of reasons, and it can even help you make money.

The global language sector is currently valued at over $40 billion, and it is predicted to continue rising year after year.

The greatest aspect is that, despite the availability of numerous translation-related programs, publishers do not consider automatic translation to be totally reliable.

Due to this reasoning, living, breathing translators are in high demand, particularly in the areas of internet translation, transcripts, and foreign language teaching.

This should be an easy side hustle if you are already fluent in more than one language.

7. Work Part Time As A Bartender

This is one of the most ideal side hustles for men. In most cases, the occupation pays well in tips from customers. Many bartenders have claimed to make up to six figures serving specialty concoctions.

The fluctuating schedule of a bar worker should be easy to manage as a side hustle.

8. Try Out Babysitting

If you happen to have a natural knack for entertaining children, babysitting could be the side hustle for you.

You may be surprised to discover that male babysitters are in high demand these days, particularly in urban areas. When it comes to hiring a babysitter, some enlightened households do not really give gender stereotypes much thought.

You could check out childcare centers, summer camps, or even after-school programs if you do not know anyone with their own children.

This can be a pretty good way to earn some cash, as many parents will be desperate to find a decent babysitter. That could be you!

9. Walk Dogs

This is an option for all of you pet lovers. If babysitting sounds like a decent job, but the thought of spending time with tiny humans does not really appeal to you, this could be the ideal position for you instead.

Walking a dog has so many advantages, including getting to spend a whole lot of time with several furry companions, big and small, while also getting some exercise and getting paid for it.

The downside? You will probably end up picking up a lot more dog poop than anyone would ever like to. Rover, a dog walking app, has one of the largest networks of dog walkers available.

People can instantly find the services they require, quickly being able to connect with a nearby sitter or dog walker, and arranging sessions online.

10. Invest Your Money In Stocks

Before you contemplate investing as a source of passive income, keep in mind that it comes with a risk that other side hustles do not.

It is possible that you could lose all you have invested. However… the greater the risk, the greater the potential for profit.

The historical average yearly stock market return is 10%; after accounting for inflation, the average decreases to between 7% and 8%.

Investing in stocks is a smart way to put some serious money in your bank account if you educate yourself about investing first. I found a lot of good investing advice in Tony Robbin's book, Money Master The Game.

Fidelity's online trading app lets you learn and invest all in one place.

11. Host Your Own Garage Sale

Are you a hoarder? Do you have lots of useless stuff in your cupboards and closets that you may not need anymore? Then why don't you host your own garage sale and make some money while cleaning up!

Garage sales can be fun, and they may also yield some more money for your bank account. Of course, it will be up to you to actually put in the time and effort to hold a garage sale, but it may be worth it.

12. Plasma Donation Centers

This is one of the more obscure side hustles on this list, but one that will not only provide you with some free money but will also help those who are in need.

Nothing feels better than knowing that you can assist the recovery of people who are in dire need of medicinal help.

Some of the highest-paying plasma donation centers will compensate you with up to $500 per month, depending on the volume of plasma that they are able to take from you.

13. Rent Out Your Spare Room On Sites Like Airbnb

Airbnb is rapidly transforming the vacation and tourist lodging market, and you may be in position to benefit from this business. 

In large, more populated cities, some individuals will choose to rent larger properties with more bedrooms so that they can acquire a certain amount of housemates to split the rent between.

Those that own their own place and have a spare room going to waste should, at least, consider advertising the room on a booking site. 

An advantage to this side job is you will be able to meet individuals from all around the globe, all while making some extra cash.

14. Make Money Blogging

Blogging is one of the best side hustles for men. Yep, our next side gig is one that has been around for the past decade or two, providing people money without even leaving their day job.

There are two ways to earn money through blogging. There's the individual who runs their own personal blog, for starters: this blog functions as a business on its own, similar to a virtual marketplace or gallery.

Articles, services, and tales are all available for purchase on the website. Success is possible, but it is not effortless. It will take a little elbow grease to ensure anyone even clicks on your site.

Selling blog content is another option to make money from blogging. Having a gift with words can provide small padding to your cash account if you are a very brilliant writer.

Identify a topic you're interested in, a website that needs material, and start making extra cash.

15. Sell Your Old CDs/DVDs

Do you have any old CDs or DVDs hanging around that haven't been played in years? Just because you don't have a CD player any longer doesn't mean everyone else does not.

You should think about selling them on sites like Amazon: you'd be shocked at how many gift cards you may obtain in exchange for your unwanted stuff.

If the trade-in quote you obtain isn't to your liking, you may also sell goods on the Amazon platform and reach out to the millions of Amazon consumers that browse the site.

Anybody with a Seller Central account can list and sell things on Amazon. Approximately half of all Amazon products are sold by third-party vendors rather than Amazon itself.

The average U.S. third-party vendor-generated $200,000 in sales in 2020. This side hustle is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: get rid of your unwanted goods while earning a killing!

16. Write And Publish Your Own Ebook

Some people are naturally born storytellers. Are you one of these people? If so, have you ever considered writing a book?

A lot of hard work will be required for this project, but it can be an extremely rewarding one. Plus, it can be fun, creating your own world and characters.

These days, it is easier than ever to publish a novel, meaning that you could be earning passive income depending on how great your storytelling skills are, and how much you promote the product.

17. Food Delivery Side Hustle

You might explore this side hustle to earn money if you have your own driver's license, or even if you simply know how to ride a bike.

Uber Eats, DoorDash, and several other food delivery businesses are always looking for new people who want to start distributing food to make additional money and work on their own schedules. You get to set your own schedule, and you will be paid by the transaction.

The employer will contact you about an orientation once you've signed up to become a delivery driver. Once you've completed the orientation, you'll be on your way to getting compensated for each and every delivery you make, plus 100% of any tips you may receive along your travels.

18. Sell Handmade Items On Etsy

One of the best side hustles for men who are crafty is selling on Etsy.

If you are lucky enough to have creative talents, especially when it comes to arts and crafts, you should definitely consider creating your own shop on Etsy.

Etsy has more than 50 million unique products available for purchase, and with a little elbow grease and perseverance, some of these products could be created and sold by you! The company will collect a small percentage of your earnings in return for using their services, but overall, this is one of the best online platforms to earn some extra cash. 

19. Participate In Medical Studies

Do you want to make good money without devoting more than a few hours to a side hustle? If so, taking part in compensated clinical trials could be a terrific choice for you.

The amount that a clinical study compensates its subjects is determined by a number of criteria, including the study's length, the length of visits, the medical condition being examined, the number and complexity of examinations necessary, and the distance and regularity of travel needed.

Interview studies, in which you are just asked to respond to questions and are not subjected to any physical tests, will pay less.

Of course, there are hazards involved in this endeavour, but a number of people successfully complete pharmacological trials with no issues each year.

social media side hustles for men

20. Become A Social Media Influencer

If you have a large following on social media, you could be paid to share information. There are companies out there that will happily pay you for this kind of work, so it may not be necessary to become an influencer with millions of followers.

Companies like Fourstarzz Media can help connect you with opportunities. You can also promote products on your own social media accounts, or have a friend set you up.

However, be careful not to violate any terms of service agreements with the site you are using. Also, do not just jam as many links as you can into your posts without taking the time to think about whether or not your readers might actually be interested in those links.

In short, take a good look at what other influencers are doing and determine if their methods could work for you, but always remember to promote things that you have a genuine interest in.

man who uses side hustle to play games
43 Side Hustles For Men (Who Want More Money) 8

21. Get Paid To Play Games

If playing games sounds like a lot of fun, then you'll love getting paid to play games!

Companies such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars will actually pay you for your opinions on various video games. These companies host focus groups in which you can discuss what you liked or disliked about a certain game, and they will reward you for your time. 

While these jobs are certainly not going to make you rich, they can be a fun way to earn some extra cash while doing something you would normally be interested in doing.

22. Become A Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador program is an opportunity program in which individuals are compensated to promote a specific brand to the masses.

If you are a social media influencer or frequently post videos of yourself reviewing products, you may be able to get in touch with companies and brands directly by becoming a brand ambassador.

Becoming a brand ambassador will allow you to work in close collaboration with various companies and receive special discounts on their products, emails when new items become available, and free samples.

Of course, you may also be able to receive compensation for your endorsement of their products.

23. Sell Photos

Do you have a collection of beautiful photos that you have taken? You can start a great side hustle and earn extra money by selling the photos online.

Designers, photographers, and other creative types can sell their work through sites such as Foap or Shutterstock. These sites allow artists to upload images they have created for customers to buy.

You can also sell images online through websites such as 123rf and Dreamstime that feature millions of copyright-free photos.

These sites allow you to put a price on the items that you upload, and they will give you an estimated earning for each one (based on usage).

Once your photo has been used numerous times, the amount of money you will earn each time it is downloaded can really start to add up.

Sites like 123rf do not require you to be a professional photographer or graphic designer. You can even take photos with your phone and upload them for sale through these sites.

24. Create An Online Course

Creating an online course could be a great side hustle idea, especially when it's about something you are passionate about.

Start by creating your own YouTube Channel where you share videos related to the topic of your course. You can mention key points in your videos, and can even use annotations to link to products that you are promoting.

After you've built up some subscribers, start monetizing your channel by creating an online course on platforms like Udemy or Teachable. Once you've created the course, promote it heavily on social media and your YouTube channel.

25. Start A Freelance Business

Freelancing is a hot career option for those who want to earn money by working from home, as well as those who are employed and seeking a side hustle income.

There is a whole range of skilled jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home: just browse Flexjobs for a list of vetted freelance jobs that you can complete from home.

You can choose to work in a specific niche or opt for more generalized categories, depending on your interests and talents.

Freelancing is best for those who are entrepreneurs at heart: if you dislike authority, enjoy working autonomously, and have a talent for sales, freelancing might be the right side hustle option for you.

26. Transcribe Audio Or Video Files

Do you know how to listen very carefully? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

There are now a number of companies that offer transcription services on an almost-automated basis by recording their content (and often interviews) and having them transcribed for use in a variety of ways.

If you have great listening skills, are extremely detail-oriented, and are quick at typing (around 100 words per minute), this might be the perfect way to earn some extra money without too much effort.

27. Become A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are in high demand, and the industry is still growing. If you have fantastic organizational skills, an eye for detail, and great technical know-how, this could be just the side hustle for you.

Virtual assistants provide admin support to individuals and businesses. Companies are looking for people that can act as their hands and feet, helping with administrative work such as data entry, email management, phone calls, scheduling appointments etc.

Working as a virtual assistant is great for those who enjoy administrative tasks but don't want to do the same thing every day in an office.

Whether you are looking for a side hustle to bring in some extra money, or want a full-time job as a virtual assistant, there are now many small business owners hiring assistants.

Ready to get started? Check out this step-by-step guide to becoming a virtual assistant.

28. Start An Amazon Business

After creating your Amazon account, you can start selling products on it.

All you need to do is choose a product that you want to sell, set up an online store via your Amazon account, and then start making sales.

You will be able to keep track of your stock levels, receive notifications when an item has been purchased etc., and Amazon will handle the delivery of your products for you.

There are many ways to find products to sell: just browse Amazon and see what is trending, or which category has a high number of sales.

It's also possible to source overseas goods from China and resell them on Amazon – it can be a great way to pick up items for a very low price, and sell them for a profit.

29. Sell Your Own Product

You don't have to actually create a physical product to sell it: you can offer a digital one instead.

The internet is full of opportunities for individuals looking to earn additional income from their skills, knowledge, or talents through creating e-books, courses, apps etc.

It may be difficult to attract attention at first, but it's possible to use sites such as Udemy or Teachable to upload your work and start selling it immediately.

You can also sell your products via other websites (such as eBay), or through your own blog. The possibilities are endless!

30. Start A Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best side hustles for men to start making money online. You can put ads on your site, monetize them through affiliate links, or even sell your own products and services.

It takes time to build up an audience, so don't expect overnight success. There are lots of platforms where you can build your site, but WordPress is by far the most popular.

Depending on the success of your blog, you could end up creating passive income for the future.

31. Sell Digital Downloads

Creating digital downloads is a fantastic way to make money from your skills or knowledge.

For example, if you have an interest in fashion and know a lot about it, why not create a style guide e-book and sell it on your site?

Earnings from digital downloads can be fairly small at first, but they're easy to produce so you can add more and more to your store as your audience grows.

32. Do Graphic Design

Graphic designers are always in demand, and there's never a shortage of work out there.

If you want to start a side hustle as a graphic designer but don't have any experience, you might find it difficult to get your first job.

However, many people are willing to hire someone with little or no experience if they show potential. If you don't mind working for little or no money at the beginning, you could offer your services on Fiverr.

You can then use this experience, later on, to give yourself a competitive advantage when you're looking for work (and hopefully get paid for it!).

33. Become a Car Flipper

Are you a car enthusiast who knows how to make money?

Car “flipping” is a popular side hustle, and all you need is a good eye for bargains, a lot of patience, and perhaps some mechanical knowledge if you want to be able to fix up the cars that you buy.

You can find cars in your local paper, online classifieds, or on eBay.

Make sure you get the car checked by an expert beforehand (you don't want to buy a dud!) and work out how much money you think you'll make once it's fixed up before you bid.

34. Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is similar to the buy-and-sell model, but it's slightly different.

Instead of buying and selling items yourself, you take orders from customers, then pay a supplier (who will send the product directly to your customer) for each item you sell.

You don't need any stock, so you can avoid the risk associated with buying at wholesale prices.

You'll need to find a reliable supplier who you're confident won't scam you (and will ship the products quickly).

Once you've done this, it's simply a case of driving traffic to your site and convincing customers to buy your products.

35. Sell Baked Goods

Have you ever considered starting a side hustle selling your own baked goods? You can start small with just a few items, such as cupcakes or cookies.

Selling through local markets is a good place to get started, but you could also sell online using platforms such as Facebook Marketplace.

Bear in mind that you'll need to be fairly experienced in making your product before you can sell it at a high enough quality for customers to come back.

36. Sell Your Artwork

If you're an artist, why not sell your creations to make money?

Whether you create traditional art using oil paints or watercolors or work with digital media, you could sell your artwork online to earn extra cash on the side.

You can also use sites like Etsy to sell art that you've made or designed yourself.

37. Invest In Real Estate

Are you good with money? Do you like putting it to work in smart ways that make the most of your resources? If so, real estate could be an excellent investment for you.

You can start buying property with little or no money down and you can often make a nice profit on your investment, even if the housing market stagnates.

However, real estate investment isn't for everyone – it can be risky and time-consuming.

38. Download The Nielsen App

Do you have a smartphone? If so, you could make money by letting Nielsen track your internet browsing habits.

By participating, you earn $50 per year for each internet browsing device that you allow Nielsen to track.

There's a catch, of course – the company only pays you for data that relates to surfing done while using one of their special apps.

To download the free Nielsen app and start making money, just follow this link .

39. Rent Out Your Driveway

Do you live in a busy part of town? If so, you might be able to make money by renting out your driveway.

It's a simple service that could earn you anywhere from $50 to $100 a month – all for just giving someone permission to park their car on your property once or twice a week.

The best part? You don't have to buy any special equipment or signage to let people know you're open for business.

As long as you have a driveway, enough space for an average car and the legal right to do so, anyone can use your private property for parking. Apps like Neighbor and Spacer can help you find new customers as well as manage your accounts.

40. Become A Mobile Locksmith

Are you good with your hands? Then you might be able to earn money by starting a side hustle as a mobile locksmith.

As long as you have a reliable vehicle and basic locksmithing tools, you could make money by helping people get into their cars and homes when they're locked out.

To become a mobile locksmith, you need to complete a license or certification program (each state has different requirements).

You'll also need to make sure you have adequate locksmithing insurance, which can protect you against any accidents or injuries on the job.

Once you get up and running, many local locksmiths work with a dispatching service – this means they don't have to worry about searching for customers because someone from the business will call them whenever they have a job that needs to be done.

41. Look Into Work-at-Home Businesses

Do you want to turn your spare time into cash? If so, there might be a work-at-home business that could help you achieve this goal.

From making and selling jewelry to processing insurance claims and editing manuscripts, there's a home-based business opportunity for just about anyone who wants to earn extra money.

But before you get started, it's important to research each option carefully so that you know what you're getting into and how much time, effort, and money it will require.

To find out more about working from home, check out this article .

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43 Side Hustles For Men (Who Want More Money) 9

42. Take Surveys

Doing online surveys is one of those side hustles that you can work on your own time, and will pay out (usually between $1 and $5).

There are plenty of sites like Survey Junkie where you can sign up and start taking surveys. Some of the highest-paying survey sites are listed here.

43. Open A New Checking Account

When you open a new checking account with Chase, the free banking app will give you $225. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get free cash.

You also get a cash bonus when you refer friends and they open a checking account with Chase. You can find out more about this offer here.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your income, pad your savings account or just plain old want more money in general, there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash.

We rounded up over 40 side hustles that could help boost your bank balance—from selling unwanted items on eBay to becoming an Uber driver partner.

Now, it's your turn: Which of these 43 ways will you try in order to make more money? What other ideas would you add to the list? Leave a comment below and let us know!