20 Things That Scream I’m Lower Class According To Men

There has always been a massive division between the rich and the not-so-rich. Then again, hardly anyone wants to be on the lower end of the spectrum. For this reason, they may look rich, talk rich, and act rich. However, according to some men, these behaviors are giant neon sign flashing, “I'm low class!”

1. Living Above Your Means

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If you are spending more money than you can afford, you are living beyond your means, maybe to seem cool or to impress someone. Either way, it's not a good look. It doesn't matter how much you earn — try not to bite more than you can chew.

2. Flaunting Wealth Online

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Why anyone would want to showcase wealth online, especially when they don't have it, is quite outrageous. Social media lets people choose their “characters,” and sometimes, people opt for fake ones.

3. Always Trying To Haggle The “Unhaggleables”

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Have you witnessed a scenario where someone looks all posh but is still trying to haggle something that shouldn't be? Sometimes, they go as far as asking for extras or freebies over an already cheap meal.

4. Making a Scene in Public

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Some men consider people who make scenes to be low-class. This set of folks prefers to throw tantrums in public rather than keep it together and sort the issue out amicably.

Although a commenter thinks people can be rich and act this way, this may not be the best yardstick.

5. Anyone Who Craves Respect

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Someone mentions that people who crave respect from other people are low-class. They think those who claim others are disrespectful are weak and often try to hide their vast insecurities.

6. Lack of Humility

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One person says that anyone who lacks humility, no matter their financial status, is low-class. Another adds that the worst sets of people in life are the ones who think they know everything. That's hardly disputable.

7. Making Public Space Personal

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The keyword “public” means it's for everyone, but some people would still expect to be treated like they run the world. Unless you're Sharpay Evans or Beyoncé, we suggest a lifestyle change.

8. Speakerphone in Public

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One contributor claims people who make loud calls when they're in the company of others are only announcing their low-class status. According to them, they can always make that call elsewhere; they choose not to.

9. Celebrating Rejecting New Experiences

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People who celebrate rejecting new experiences, not because there's something wrong with them but because they think it's beneath them, are low-class, too.

We understand you might not want to try something out, but you don't have to rub it in anyone else's face.

10. Treats Regular Folks Like Trash

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According to consensus, it shows how much of a low-class individual you are when you treat the people you think are “beneath” you like they are nothing. Domestic workers, chauffeurs, and stylists are people, too.

11. Dumping Trash Anywhere

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Do the planet a favor, pretty please? Dumping trash on the ground or anywhere that isn't a trash can is wrong behavior.

12. Being Loud

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Being loud ranges from listening to music on a loudspeaker in public to screaming at people. People forget to be considerate of others sharing the same space, which is typical low-class behavior.

13. People Who Refer to Themselves as “Alpha Males”

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There are so many things wrong with the “Alpha Male” trends. But one main problem is that most people who call themselves that are usually not the alphas they think they are.

14. Speaking Negatively About People

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Someone uses an instance of how a person judging others as “low class” might make them low-class themselves. It's considered shallow to speak badly about others. This class of people also includes hypocrites and people with zero self-awareness.

15. Making Others Feel Inadequate

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Some need to make others feel inadequate about themselves even though they don't have their lives figured out. Funnily enough, most times, it's only to hide their insecurities.

16. Braging About Wealth

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Flaunting wealth is one thing, and bragging about wealth is another ball game. It shows that they need validation. In most cases, the brags are all talk and no show.

17. Getting Into Debt for Show

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The number of individuals in huge debt just because they want to show off is alarming. People take out huge loans to purchase things that make them look rich — all for show.

18. Wearing Stuff With Massive Brand Logos

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Even though you are likelier to see Mike Zuckerberg in a simple tee and denim, you'll hardly find a giant logo on it. Sure, take out the branded T-shirt occasionally — too much, and it makes you look tacky.

19. Acting Entitled

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Acting entitled is never a good look. Never. Under no circumstance. Some people would expect everyone to do everything for them and the world to bend at their command. But life doesn't work that way, does it?

20. Poor Table Manners

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Last on the list are these things that would make anyone want to crawl under the table during lunch. They include chewing loudly, loud gulping sounds, chewing with an open mouth, or picking your teeth in public. Could you not do it?

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