13 Obvious Signs You’re a Star Wars Superfan

“A fan is a fan, whether you’ve been here from the beginning or just began” is a good mantra to live by in fandom spaces.

No matter how deep they dive into Star Wars, anyone can be a fan. Though, there is a difference between a casual fan and a super fan. Here are 13 different ways that you might be a super fan.

1. You Watch the Animated Series

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Image Credit: Cartoon Network, Netflix and Disney+.

Animation is a medium for everyone. It often gets a negative stereotype that it’s for kids, which is untrue. Lucasfilm Animation is no exception. Every animated series has added story elements to the greater Star Wars universe, many of which are coming back into live-action like the Ahsoka series. While not every show will be for every fan, animation is essential to Star Wars.

2. You Watch the Web Series on YouTube

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter
Image Credit: YouTube.

There are many different web series on Star Wars and Star Wars Kids YouTube channels. Some are canon stories like Forces of Destiny and Young Jedi Adventures. Galaxy of Adventures is a non-canon hyper-stylistic retelling of Star Wars films from the animation powerhouse studio, TitMouse. Before Ahmed Best returned to Star Wars in The Mandalorian, his Jedi character Kelleran Beq hosted Jedi Temple Challenge. Little ones can learn all about animals in the galaxy in the adorable series Galaxy of Creatures. The YouTube series are free, so it’s very accessible to all kinds of fans.

3. You Collect Toys, Pins, Action Figures

Star Wars Lego
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This writer is a pin collector and understands the joy of sticking that shiny new addition to a pinboard. Star Wars has plenty of items to collect. The early days of Kenner toys started it all, and now there are many options to choose from. Every series has its line of action figures, Funkos, Hot Toys, and more. The onslaught of “Baby Yoda” merchandise is inescapable. If a fan is looking for a deep dive into the history of Star Wars merchandise, the first episode of the Netflix series The Toys That Made Us is a fascinating watch.

4. You Go to Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars: Celebration 2023
Image Credit: IMDB.

Just about every major fan convention has something Star Wars represented. One convention, though, trumps them all when it comes to everything Star Wars Celebration. Lucasfilm officially hosts Star Wars Celebration, a weekend where announcements and sneak peeks for upcoming projects are revealed. There are also limited edition merchandise, fan panels, cosplay meetups, and more. Don’t fret if you can’t attend. Many of Celebrations’ panels are livestreamed on Star Wars YouTube channel, so it’s easy to be part of the community.

5. You Read Star Wars Books and Comics

Star Wars Books
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Star Wars books and comics have a significant history in the franchise. Before the days of Disney+, with its never-ending choices of content to watch, books and comics carried the franchise between the release of the movies. The Extended Universe or Legends material has entire plotlines exploring the depths and new and old characters. The current books and comics continue that legacy, including the launch of the High Republic era. The books and comics explore Star Wars in a unique way that’s different from what the casual fan sees on screen.

6. You Watch Star Wars Documentaries

The Disney Star Wars Trilogy Documentary
Image Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Speaking of content on Disney+, one neat aspect is the streaming service has multiple Star Wars documentaries. The Disney Gallery series is an in-depth look at the behind-the-scenes of shows like The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Lights & Magic stories the creation of how Star Wars changed the entire movie industry. Under the Helmet explores the history of Boba Fett. There are many more, too, that aren’t even from Lucasfilm. A Disturbance in the Force by directors Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak delves into the making of the Star Wars Holiday Special. Documentaries are unique insights into the franchise.

7. You’re a Cosplayer

Star Wars Cosplay
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Cosplaying is a unique way to showcase love for a series. Recreating costumes from a franchise like Star Wars takes money, time, and dedication. Like there are different levels of fans, there are different levels of cosplayers too. “Casual cosplayers” are just as valid, and plenty of blogs and YouTube channels are dedicated to recreating Star Wars looks for everyday wear. Cosplaying also led to the creation of the 501st Legion, a cosplay group that is also a charity.

8. You Write Fanfiction

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Disagree with Star Wars canon? Write fanfiction! Fanfiction has always played a vital role in fandom, and it’s an old aspect of media existing before copyright laws. Works of William Shakespeare, J. M. Barrie, and Charlotte Bronte were often transformative stories of their contemporaries, and these stories would be considered fanfiction by today’s standards. The term came from the Star Trek franchise, but fanfiction is just as important to Star Wars.

The documentary Looking for Leia’s second episode, “The Stories We Tell,” explores the role and history of fanfiction in Star Wars culture. Fanfiction is a unique way for writers to play with characters they love, practice writing, and make friends. Fanfic writers are also becoming official Star Wars writers, like Ali Hazelwood, a Reylo fic writer who penned a story in From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi.

9. You Create Fanart

Star Wars Fanart
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Like fanfiction, fanart is a way for fans to show off their love for the franchise in a visual medium. Whether a child drawing their favorite character in crayon or a professional artist like ND Stevenson posting his heart-wrenching Boba Fett comic on his website, it’s a medium for fans to practice their skills and ideas. Fanart has become common in fanzines, a concept explored in the documentary Looking for Leia.

Fanzines of today typically mix both fanart and fanfiction while offering bonus extras like charms, bookmarks, and art prints. Many zines will also donate their proceeds to charity, so it’s a great way to receive artwork and help a great cause. Many artists starting with fanart have now officially worked for Lucasfilm, like Ksenia Zelentsova and Jake Bartok.

10. You Have a Star Wars Podcast

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Podcasting is a fantastic hobby to gush about a franchise. What started as a niche idea, podcasting has grown into a legitimate form of entertainment. It’s easy to start with hosting sites with cheap or free options. Podcasting allows fans to express their opinions, likes and dislikes, and have a space to discuss whatever they want. It is time spent with their co-host and building friendships in the community. There are hundreds of Star Wars podcasts on YouTube, Twitch, and podcatchers of your choice.

11. You Shop at Her Universe

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

The story of Her Universe is a sweet success story. Ashley Eckstein, the voice actor of Ahsoka Tano, was disheartened by the lack of Star Wars fashion for women. Wanting to make a change, Ashely created the company in 2010 to bring Star Wars style to a broader audience. The company has expanded into menswear and other franchises like Marvel, DC Comics, and Studio Ghibli.

But Star Wars will always be an essential part of Her Universe. It’s a great place to get limited-edition clothes, accessories, and more. Her Universe has its annual fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con for up-and-coming new fashion designers.

12. You Go to Star Wars Nights

Star Wars Night

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Star Wars is such a massive franchise that other prominent forms of entertainment like to cash in on that. It has become the norm for sports teams to host a Star Wars night each year. These events often have costume parades and specialty items like shirts, hats, and bobbleheads. Or, in the case of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team has Dave Filoni himself design a specialty jersey for his favorite hockey team! Star Wars nights are a fantastic way to show off a fan’s love for a franchise while supporting their local team.

13. You Go to Your Local Star Wars Meetups

Aeos Prime Star Wars Resistance Image Credit Lucasfilm.

Most big cities have local Star Wars meetup groups, which are easy to find with a quick google search or on social media. Websites like Meetup.com allow fans to search for local groups and create meetings of their own. Not everyone can travel to the big conventions around the country, but they can still make friends in their hometown, grab dinner with like-minded fans, and participate in their local fandom too.

Hope Mullinax is a freelance writer with over ten years of experience working for various publications. She’s the Site Expert at Dork Side of the Force, a Freelance News Writer for Collider, and the Animation Staff Writer at The Geeky Waffle. When she’s not writing, she loves on her cats, collects Pokémon cards, and rolls dice on For Light and Dice, a Star Wars TTRPG podcast.