Run: 16 Red Flags You’re in the Presence of a Man-Child

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When you value maturity and accountability, coming across a man-child is frustrating. They typically resists growing up, cling to childish behaviors and shirk adult responsibilities, leaving a trail of disappointment in their wake. Here are signs that you're dealing with an immature guy and the challenges they pose to themselves and those around them.

1. Avoids Responsibilities and Commitments

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It's tough when dealing with a man who always finds an excuse to dodge responsibilities and commitments. It frustrates you because he dislikes adulting and would rather stay in his comfort zone. That's a sign that you might be dealing with someone immature. 

2. Doesn't Handle Criticism Well

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I'll admit that it can be challenging for anyone to handle criticism, but everyone has to learn to accept that we're flawed humans and don't get it right 100% of the time. That being said, it's problematic if the guy you're dating reacts defensively and can't handle it gracefully. If you can't even offer a friendly suggestion without him feeling like you're attacking him personally, it's time to exit stage left if he's unwilling to change. 

3. Makes Impulsive Decisions 

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Have you ever been with someone and waiting for them to make a well-thought-out decision is like waiting for a unicorn to appear? It isn't very pleasant. Being with a man who seems to operate on an “act now, think later” mentality often leads to regrets down the road. While it works out sometimes, it's not good for your man or guy-friend to go with his gut feeling, even when it's a terrible idea.

4. Frequently Seeks Attention From Others

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I hate it when a man behaves like a human magnet for attention, constantly craving the spotlight in any social situation. You can't have a conversation without it somehow looping back to being all about him. No thanks. 

5. Financially Irresponsible 

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Being able to manage finances properly is an essential trait to possess. In this day and age especially, you don't want to be with someone or deal with someone who spends first and thinks about the consequences later. We can all have moments when it seems like money burns a hole in our pockets, but there must be boundaries. Budgeting and saving shouldn't be foreign concepts. 

6. Short Temper

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A short temper can be dangerous, depending on how far someone goes when they're mad. It's time to run if you're in a friendship or relationship with a man and walking on eggshells around him because he gets angry quickly. 

7. Avoids Serious Conversations

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Have you ever been trying to talk to your boyfriend or husband, and everything gets turned into a joke? They'd rather dodge the serious convos and keep things light and superficial. I get that some topics are complicated to discuss, and everyone has their own way of coping, but there comes a time when you must be capable of mature communication. 

8. Lack of Basic Domestic Skills

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While society may try to make it seem like women and men have completely separate roles, dating a guy who can't perform basic household tasks is embarrassing. Not knowing how to do laundry, grocery shopping, or dishes adequately is a huge turn-off. 

9. Engages in Reckless Behaviors

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No one wants a macho man who does everything in a risky fashion. That's even more true if you're a couple with children and want your man around long enough to raise them. 

10. He's Controlling in The Relationship

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Being with a person who doesn't understand the beauty of not making unilateral decisions in a relationship is a no-go. With some men, it's obvious that he doesn't just want a say in the relationship, he wants to be the conductor of the entire orchestra. 

11. Frequently Jokes at The Expense of Others

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I hated this in high school, and I hate it now. It's a sign you're dealing with a man-child when he has a knack for humor that often involves throwing others under the bus. Essentially, everyone is part of the punchline. If his idea of a good laugh often involves making someone else the target of his jokes, he needs to grow up.

12. Exhibits Jealousy Constantly

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 He can't help but see every friendly interaction as a potential threat, leading to constant jealousy. There's always an issue, even if you go to great lengths to reassure him that you're not interested in anyone else. The list goes on. 

13. He's Selfish

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Selfishness is one of the worst traits in a partner. Getting into a relationship with a man that prioritizes his needs above all else will likely crash and burn. People teach their children all the time about the importance of sharing. If he hasn't gotten the concept by now, he probably never will. 

14. Lacks Empathy

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Empathy is more of a skill than I'd previously thought; everyone can't grasp what others are going through emotionally. That may be one area in which someone could grow over time. Trying to have a heart-to-heart conversation with a guy could be frustrating if it feels like articulating to a brick wall. If he can see that it's an area of weakness, perhaps there's hope. If not, I wouldn't bother. 

15. Avoids Personal Growth

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It's critical to always grow and evolve into a better version of yourself. Dealing with a guy who doesn't recognize that self-improvement is key can be problematic. No one should be stuck in a state of stagnation. You have to be willing to come out of your comfort zone and not just avoid anything remotely challenging. Onward and upward should always be the goal while practicing self-care.

16. Doesn't Make Decisions Without Consulting Mommy

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If your partner doesn't make any serious decisions without consulting his parents, chances are you're dealing with a man child. We are not saying to not look to your parents for life advice. You know the difference.

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