Simple Hack To Make Any Car Look 10X Better That Anyone Can Do

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Caring for your car is easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Setting aside the time to clean and detail your vehicle takes discipline, time, and a love for your ride. 

If you dream of giving your car a makeover that extends further than a standard car wash or detailing job, this TikTok creator has just the thing for you. He claims that anyone can do this simple trick, and it’s so effective that your car will look 10X better when you’re finished with it. 

Simple Wheels Update and Refresh

User @Stubba is an Australian content creator who puts out some hilarious videos for his almost 220k followers. In this particular video, he shares how he updated his car wheels and tires and elevated his ride to a whole new level of class. He shows us exactly how he did it the products that he used, and inserts the perfect amount of humor as he demonstrates. 

You can check out his full tutorial:

@stubbaa How to make ur car look better #car #lifehack #cheap #fast #easy ♬ original sound – Stubbaa


He claims that all he knows about cars is that you need to put oil and gas in them, and that’s about it. Then, he shows how shabby his wheels look and sets out to give them a much-needed makeover. 

His Exact Process

He started by washing his wheels. He said if you’re lazy, then you can use a power washer like he did. He cleaned the wheels, tires, and wheel bays really well with water and then let them all dry. 

Then, he took pieces of paper and used them to shield all the inner workings of his tires, including his brake calipers and ball joints. He used his black spray paint to give them a fresh coat of paint and then let it all dry. 

Once all the wheels were dry, he took a can of “Wet and Black” and sprayed his tires to give them a fresh, clean, new look that made his car look so much better. 

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