“Simply the Breast” Is Simply the Best Wallpaper to Buy in October

Sometimes it might be okay to cop a feel. — But only if it is copping a feel of one’s breasts or chest in hopes of saving lives. Feeling up one’s breasts and looking for lumps early can help detect cancer early and prevent death. That’s the message two United Kingdom-based companies want to send.

Since 2021, approximately 12% of all new annual cancer cases worldwide have been specifically breast cancer, making it the most common cancer. And in recent years, incidences of breast cancer have increased by 0.5% per year – an increase of 242 percent in the last 50 years. The fastest growing segment dealing with breast cancer is women under 40.

The wallpaper company, Graham & Brown, has partnered with CoppaFeel! to bring more awareness to breast cancer, especially during October, traditionally Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The two organizations worked together, designing a new wallpaper they named “Simply the Breast.”

“This was such a wonderful project to work on; to have the opportunity to help empower young individuals through our work is such a privilege,” said Maryanne Cartwright, Graham & Brown’s Head of Design.

“We aimed to showcase all sorts of body types through the design to emphasize the messaging behind getting to know your body,” she said.

Image Courtesy of Graham & Brown

The playful wallpaper features abstract drawings of women wearing lingerie. The wallpaper creators advise the best rooms for the wallpaper include the bathroom, dressing room, or bedroom. They also add the wallpaper adds a feminine edge to any room.

The wallpaper encourages young women and men to develop a healthy relationship with their chests, check their breasts and pecs consistently, and regularly visit the doctor or gynecologist.

The CoppaFeel! Founder Story

These goals are among the primary messages CoppaFeel! Founder Kristin Hallenga has for her organization. Hallenga has made educating women about breast cancer her mission due to her story.

At 23, Hallenga had gone to the gynecologist to check on her breasts. There was a lump. She wasn’t sure what it was. Writing her memoir, she would describe a burning sensation whenever she lay on her chest.

After months of doctors waving away her concerns and not listening to her, Kristin Hallenga discovered she did have a right to worry.

She was now a member of a club she “hadn’t applied to nor wanted to be in,” she wrote in her memoir, Glittering A Turd. She was a part of “the breast cancer club.”

The diagnosis, Hallenga said, was scary, but it was also shocking. According to the CoppaFeel! website, “Kris was unaware that breast cancer could affect people in their twenties and knew very little about the disease. It struck her that there was very little information out there for young people, educating them about the disease, how they could be looking after themselves, and informing them that breast cancer doesn’t just affect women over 50.”

Hallenga founded CoppaFeel!, the first breast cancer charity dedicated to educating young people about breast cancer.

Fondle Your Breasts for Health

The National Breast Cancer Foundation urges women to give themselves breast self-exams monthly. These self-exams can be performed in the shower, in front of a mirror, and lying down.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers tips on how to lower the risk of breast cancer. These include routinely exercising and maintaining a healthy weight; staying away from alcohol or drinking in moderation. If you're taking hormone replacement therapy or using birth control, ask your doctors about the risk. They also recommend breastfeeding children whenever possible.

The CoppaFeel! website also offers a Self-Checkout test for those wanting to cop a feel of their breasts and pecs.

CDC facts show that 264,000 women get breast cancer annually, and 42,000 die from the illness. Although many may not realize it, men can get breast cancer too. One out of every 100 people diagnosed with breast cancer was born a male.

“At CoppaFeel! our mission is to help everyone stand the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer by educating you on the importance of getting to know your boobs, pecs, and chest,” said Jenna Chick, partnerships manager at CoppaFeel!

“Breast cancer is the most common cancer in females aged 25-49, and yet a quarter of young people aren’t aware they could be affected,” she said. “We’re here to remind everyone that checking your chest isn’t just fun, it could save your life.”

Graham & Brown, established over 75 years ago, will donate £5 from each reel to CoppaFeel!'s efforts.

The company also perfected four coordinating paint hues for the wallpaper: Penelope, Aloha, Second Skin, and Sweet Potato Pie.

Buy the wallpaper at the Graham and Brown site, from now until January 2023.

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