Sims 3 Enable Cheats 2022【PC/Xbox/Ps3】

People have been constantly asking us about the cheats on the Sims 3 due to its popularity and competition. The normal experience during the game is rather fun, but people are always looking for something extra to add to their experience. Well, there is no need to worry as we have compiled all Sims 3 cheats in one place.

If you are a fan of getting something out of the box, then these Sims 3 cheats will prove to be a treat for you. Once you turn on these Sims 3 cheats skills, your entire game will change. Instead of waiting for days to collect enough money for remodeling, you can use Sims 3 lot cheats to get cash. Similarly, you can use our Sims 3 free build cheat for building without going to the hectic drill. After today you will never face the need to ask yourself, “how do I enable cheats on Sims?” Almost every single task which is relevant and important comes with Sims 3 cheat codes. So, you can play without any worry.

Sims 3 Enable Cheats

The following table comprises all of Sims 3 Enable Cheats that you can make use of. The use of each of them has been provided along with the cheat, too.

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How do I Enable Cheats on Sims?

The easiest way to enable cheats in Sims 3 is to open the Sims 3 console commands. Press, C + CTRL + SHIFT. The Sims 3 console commands will open that allows you to type your Sims 3 cheat codes in a text bar. You will note in the following paragraphs that some of the Sims 3 cheat codes are names with “shift-click”. Make sure to type the “testingCheatsenabledtrue” into the menu. Once you have turned on the testing cheats, your Sims 3 cheats are enabled.

1 image1

Take advantage of the Sims 3 cheats by unlocking new objects, grounds, and Sims. In addition, all Sims 3 cheats will allow you to clean up or ruin the objects, transfer Sims to your desired location, and fill their happiness bars and needs.

If you follow the above instructions and carefully put the codes into the cheat console Sims 3 without messing any word, then you will never face a problem asking anyone, “how do I enable cheats on Sims?” No matter what game pack or expansion pack we are talking about, there are always new Sims 3 cheats needs for the specific jobs, deaths, and traits.

How to Enable Cheats on Sims 3 for Raising Skills?

Well, at this point we can't even count the number of times we have been asked how to enable cheats on Sims 3. Well, as long as you want to collect money or points it is all good. But when it comes to raising your skills, you have to find another way to fulfill your Sims 3 cheat needs. Your only option is to use various commands to enable your Sims to have sharp focus. Your sim will neither get hungry nor tired after using these cheats Sims 3 pc. Shift-click on the specific objects to enter powerful commands in the cheat console.

If you wish to use this feature, then you must have good skills. Making your needs static will lock your need bars and make them full. Make sure to click the dynamic for switching back. You can also use a mod for enabling cheats Sims 3 pc.

Where Can I Use the Sims 3 all Cheats?

When it comes to charisma, you can raise it by using the Sims 3 enable cheats feature or take the help of the mailbox for making new friends. You will get random new friends to boost your skills. After using this hack make sure to read some books in the library for increasing your skill points.

You have two ways, either perform some actions or get the help of Sims 3 enables cheats feature. No matter whether we are talking about world adventures or ambitions, these hacks will work. The cheats Sims 3 pc can also help you in completing the skill challenges.

Modify the features of your sim to go for something extra using my Sims 3 cheats. In addition to a green thumb, you can also use bookworm to gain more skills by reading books in the library.

The collection is entirely a different task. But there are Sims 3 cheats skills for having access to all the collections. Make sure to type “buydebug“in the console and get mode later. The keyword for Sims 3 lot cheats will help you in gathering gems, insects, rocks, and meteorites. Spawners will always be there for your help in collecting a lot.

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What is the Cheat Code for Sims 3?

Well, if you are new to cheats enabled true Sims 3, then there is no need to worry because we have compiled a list in the following paragraphs that will help you in excelling in the game.

Get More Simoleons

Game enthusiasts must be familiar with the fact that getting more simoleons is the best way to excel in the game. Well, your entire game will change when you will use our Sims 3 free build cheat.

The cheats codes are

rosebud – It will get you 1000 Simoleons

kaching – It will get you 1000 Simoleons

motherlode – Use it to gain 50,000 Simoleons

shazzam – get 2500 lifetime happiness points

familyfunds – you can have access to unlimited money. It will allow you to save your time instead of using “motherlode” again and again.

Type “help”, if you want to access numerous cheats at once.

Sims 3 Cheat Needs for Making New Friends

Unlike the other cheats, making friends on the Sims is rather easy. Sims 3 cheat needs you to shift-click on the mailbox. It will allow you to know other Sims that are present in the game. But the Sims 3 cheats need some time for processing, but it will be worth it. Doing this will add all your folks to your known friend's list.

Moreover, this hack doesn’t end here. Once you know how to enable cheats, you can use the following code for knowing others.

make me know everyone

You can also make several friends once you know how to enter cheats in Sims 3. you will get some random friends by clicking on it. It is not a necessary hack, but you can benefit from it by raising your charisma, using mirrors, or reading. You will not face the need to satisfy the requirements of your friends. You can also get benefits during the charisma challenges and lifetime wishes.

Enter the below-mentioned cheat code and get new friends.

make friends for me

If you know Sims 3 enable cheats hacks, then you can drag your relationship bars. Just keep these cheats enables before going into the pane. You can make enemies and make Sims your best buddies using the trick. Try to keep dragging the bar until it's full to fall in love with them. Make sure to invite them later to start romantic relationships.

Sims 3 Cheats Make Happy

You can make all other Sims living in the household happy by entering the Sims 3 all cheats for spreading happiness. However, the code doesn't have any effect on the NPC and party guests. Moreover, it does not have any effect on the Sims that are changed by ageuptonpc.

Use the code in all other situations and you are good to go. It will remove all the negative moods and vibes from the house.

make happy

When you are enabling testing cheats do not forget to hold control for getting rid of any unwanted moodlets. For instance, get rid of fatigue after working out in the gym or treadmill for hours. Similarly, you need not fear again from the zombie bar once you know how to enter cheats in the Sims 3.

Change the Look of Your Sim

Changing the look of the sim not really matter when it comes to functioning and action, but game enthusiasts always need something extra. Therefore, we are proving the answer to their request, i.e, Sims 3 how to enable cheats for changing appearance.

Make sure to turn on the testing cheats console for redesigning your sim from the scratch. It is quite efficient and allows you to customize any feature of your sim. For instance, if you want to make your sim pregnant, then use the code,



Make sure to click on your pregnant sim for making the code functional.

You can also adjust the age of your sim depending upon the age group that you desire using the below-mentioned code.

set age – Enter the age group according to your requirements.

If you are not satisfied with the end result, then there is no need to worry as you can still use the below-mentioned keyword for going back into the creating menu and start from scratch.

edit in cas – Go back to the Create Sim place.

Before enabling your other code make sure to enter the following code beforehand, it will allow you to unlock different outfits and features for your sim.


All of these cheats enabled true Sims 3 players in getting something extra instead of usual game features.

unnamed 1

Cheats for Career Promotions, Work Events, and Spawning Jobs

You might be wondering does Sims 3 testings enable cheats to allow people to change their jobs and work events. Well, yes, you have heard it right. You can not only change the job of your sim but also give him a promotion no matter what rank you desire. Make sure that you already know all the features and abilities that come with reaching higher ranks.

A career guide will prove helpful in this regard. Use the code for awarding any specific career to your chosen sim. Other than that, check out this great article on Sims 4 University Cheats.

set career

Click while pressing shift on my working place to get a career for your sim. If you are looking for new ambitions and professions, then click on the spawn jobs that are still inhabited. For instance, firefighter job. Your options are quite limited and depend upon your level. It will be better for you to fill these wishes and cheat. On clicking the right public lots, you can also land a rabbit hole job.

Use the following codes,

force opportunity – Get a new opportunity by clicking any building

force event – Force any event by clicking your workplace

force all events – Showcase all the events by clicking workplace.

Get Lots for Free

You can buy unlimited lots by using the Sims 3 enable cheats true feature. You never need to worry about your budget in the future while making a purchase. Make sure to type the following code in the console command.


You need not waste your time whenever you wish to buy a huge lot and later get help from money cheats. The how-to cheats Sims 3 also allow you to turn them off anytime you desire by using the code,

testingcheatsenabled false

Similarly, many players complain about repeated Sims 3 cheats not working issue. Well, the above code does not work for locked objects. But we have got your back covered. The below-mentioned keyword will allow you to unlock even locked objects.


Make your Sims Immortal

Making your Sims immortal is the feature of the game. You can access it in the options menu present at the top window, You can adjust the number of days in the lifespan of your sim. But most people do not know that they can disable aging by unticking the box. It will not make you truly immortal as you can die due to electrocution and fire.

Final Word

We have tested the Sims 3 cheats practically and added them in the article after detailed research and confirmation. So, you are positive that you will never face the need to ask, “how do I enable cheats on Sims?” ever again.

Do you know of any hacks or cheat codes? Have you tried any of the hacks? Well, then do not forget to tell others in the comments. Furthermore, some articles about Sims 4 and its cheat codes might help you in the future, so check out Sims 4 UI Cheats of 2022 and Sims 4 Weather Cheats.