Sister’s Inappropriate Gestures Toward Brother’s Boyfriend Raises Concerns About Boundaries and Respect

Sometimes in life, a compliment is just that, something nice to let you know you're seen and simply appreciated. Sometimes it's boundary-busting, completely over-the-top, and inappropriate all at the same time. For one sister online, OP, it seems she can't tell the difference. OP is obsessed with complimenting her brother's boyfriend, and the sexual innuendos might be over the top. Now, her brother is peeved.

Here's The Story

OP has a brother who's 21. Her brother has a 23-year-old boyfriend who by OP's standards is ‘absolutely gorgeous.'

Apparently, OP likes to ‘play-flirt' and ‘compliment' her brother's boyfriend in a way that irritates her brother.

OP admits, “…giving him shoulder rubs, and complimenting his facial hair (he's usually clean shaven), I tripped and grabbed his arm to catch myself and went “oooh” and squeezed his arm. Then I brought him a soda and said “here you go handsome.”

OP could tell her brother was ‘visibly p**sed off.' Still, she thought it must be something else that was bothering him as she'd been known to ‘play-flirt' in the past.

When OP's brother's boyfriend headed out to pick up food, OP's brother lit into her, clearly furious with her outrageous behavior. OP's brother made it clear he didn't like her treatment of his boyfriend, but OP doesn't really see the problem.

Even though OP called it a ‘joke' and explained that her brother shouldn't be mad that she was ‘complimenting' his boyfriend, people online wholly disagreed.

Cease and Desist

Redditors didn't hold back in letting OP know they clearly thought she was TA and their comments show it.

@Invetiable-Speech-38 started off with a clear warning that OP was ‘creepy.'

“YTA That's gross. Gay men don't want to be groped and touched and fauned over by women. The fact that it's your brother's boyfriend just makes it 567954379 times more inappropriate and weird. Creepy even.”

User @FloMoJoeBlow thinks OP has ‘the hots' for her brother's boyfriend.

“Yeah, sounds like OP has the hots for the boyfriend and doesn't want to admit it. Brother picked up on it.”

Reversed Roles?

Redditor @cynnau wanted to know how OP would feel if the roles were reversed.

“Seriously, it is just gross. Switch the genders and tables, how would OP feel then?”

@musicsoccer wants OP to understand how uncomfortable she may be making the boyfriend feel.

“YTA You're probably making the guy really uncomfortable with your overly excessive touching and sexual advances.”

User @learningmoose thinks OP should absolutely apologize.

“YTA; you are flirting with your sibling's BF. No matter your and their gender and sexual orientation, you wouldn't behave this way with a sister's girlfriend or a friend's boyfriend. So, apologize, and start treating your brother's BF like your brother's BF, not like a hot guy you have a crush on.”

You Can Look, But You Can't…

User @derelictdecoy read a comment by OP on another thread and added this comment to her post.

“YTA. Saw your comment on another post, and I just want to say: it matters exactly zilch that you're friends with the BF, and you know him. Familiarity does not automatically grant you Touching Rights to anyone, ever.

Please be respectful of your brother's relationship, the boyfriend's personal space, and their collective feelings about you, his SISTER, flirting with his boyfriend. I would genuinely encourage an apology, and a vow to back off of the flirty comments and touching.”

Family-Friendly Etiquette

It may seem ridiculous to have to say in 2023, but some boundaries naturally exist when it comes to the general public. Boundaries that you wouldn't cross if you were dealing with a stranger, let alone someone else's partner that you know.

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