Maid of Honor MIA: Bride-to-Be’s Sister Drops a Bombshell

As the big day approaches, many brides-to-be are faced with the challenging task of coordinating and planning their wedding with the help of their bridal party. With so much to put together and run through, it's easy for the bride-to-be to become stressed. This is where the bridal party comes in, helping out where they can.

However, for Redditor u/alwaysanxiousanon, the experience could have been better, as her sister and maid of honor has been less than enthusiastic and uninvolved in the planning process.

Let's Unveil Things

From the start, OP's sister (29) has not been particularly excited about the wedding. She has not been very involved in the planning process. She has also not financially contributed to any of the expenses, leaving OP to pay for everything from hair and makeup to the bridesmaids' dresses.

Despite her sister's lack of enthusiasm, OP still hoped that she would at least offer to contribute in some way, but her sister's only offer was to pay for the veil, a suggestion that OP did not take her up on. Regardless of when the wedding came up, her sister's responses were always complaints about finances.

A Little Too Pricey

When planning the bachelorette and bachelor parties, the group decided to have them simultaneously to save money and chose a music festival in June as the venue. The tickets for the weekend are around $350, and her sister would have to get a hotel for two nights and pay for food and other expenses, bringing the total cost to around $1,000.

OP posted the decision for the festival in the group chat, and her sister did not respond. When OP texted her to ask what was going on, her sister immediately raised concerns about paying the expenses. She did not suggest any alternatives or ask for help.

OP finds it challenging to understand her sister's attitude, as she knows that her sister has a good, steady job and her partner is a tradesman. Additionally, she has seen firsthand how her sister spends money, as she has gotten multiple tattoos and piercings, and spent over $200 at the mall. OP feels that her sister's lack of involvement and reluctance to contribute financially is a sign that her wedding is not important to her sister.

Feeling hurt and worried, OP sent her sister a text, expressing her feelings and asking her to take some time to think about her role as maid of honor and her involvement in the wedding. Her sister responded by saying that she needed time to think about it, and would call OP in a few days.

OP wants to know if she's TA for expecting her sister to pay for her bachelorette party.

Redditors Walk Op Down The Aisle of Truth

u/TheSecularCat thinks OP is TA, and believes the entire thing is overly expensive.

“YTA, holy s–t. Wedding culture has gotten completely out of hand. Remember OP: no one is nearly as excited about your wedding as you. Expecting someone to drop $1,000 like it's nothing on just a bachelorette party is insane. That doesn't even include the costs associated with the wedding itself!”

u/RB1327 also agrees that OP is TA, and believes that no one is obligated to anything.

“YTA. A Maid of Honor is not your unpaid employee, no one is obligated to be thrilled about your wedding, and you are not entitled to dictate how she spends her money.

She should have immediately stepped out of the bridal party when she got the first whiff of your behavior. It's not too late now, pick someone else, and your sister will come as a guest before you totally destroy any relationship you still have.”

One can easily get carried away with plans for their wedding and expect that everyone else would feel the same level of excitement and commitment. One can easily toe the line to entitlement. In this case, do you think OP is right to expect her sister to handle a $1000 financial obligation?

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