These 25 Sitcom Characters Were Total Creeps

Some of our favorite television characters are the ones we hate the most. They're awful people, yet we can't get enough of them.  Recently, someone asked an online film forum about which TV sitcom characters were the worst of all time. Here are the best responses. 

1. Carla Tortelli From Cheers

Carla from Cheers
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Carla Tortelli from Cheers was one nasty being. According to one, her character has “zero redemptive qualities.” She's unnecessarily cruel, mean, vindictive, and a bully. Furthermore, she hates her kids. Nevertheless, this user suggests she is “one of the funniest characters ever.” 

2. Dan Fielding From Night Court

Dan Fielding
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From the original Night Court series, Dan Fielding was voted the worst. While the consensus is that John Larroquette is incredible, his character was terrible. A fan who recently rewatched the show says that despite being a bigoted womanizer, many circumstances and events demonstrated he genuinely cared about his colleagues. 

3. Rachel Green From Friends

Rachel Green
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Every character was mentioned, but Rachel Green from Friends was called “the poison in that circle's spring water.” First, she found a way to break up all of Ross's serious relationships. Then she refused to date him after breaking them up: with Julie, Bonnie, and Emily, and she even meddled in his relationships with Elizabeth, Mona, and Charlie. 

However, several argue that despite Rachel being selfish and spoiled, her character has the most growth. She goes from never working to being successful and career driven. I know she's spoiled, and I don't disagree with their assessment of her character, but I still love her. “Who is FICA, and why is he taking all my money?”

4. Mrs. Oleson From Little House on the Prairie

Katherine MacGregor
Image Credit: NBC Productions.

Mrs. Harriet Oleson (Katherine MacGregor) from Little House on the Prarie is discussed as an underrated villain, with one noting that she is her all-time favorite villain.

Mrs. Oleson was a snobby, stubborn, and selfish woman, only ever thinking of herself. Additionally, she constantly harasses Caroline about the quality of the eggs. However, one argues, “I'd go as far as to say Nellie was far more irredeemable.”

5. Ralph Kramden From the Honeymooners

The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden
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Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) on The Honeymooners was the first person who came to many minds in the thread. One notes his weekly catchphrase was to threaten his wife, “Zoom Boom to the Moon Alice!” Furthermore, he demeaned and often took advantage of his best friend, Ed.

6. Frank Burns From MASH

Larry Linville as Frank Burns
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Frank Burns from MASH was funny initially but then called out for being “extra racist,” downright mean, nasty, and insane. The actor who played him, Larry Linville, describes Frank as a man with “a mind that had stripped its gears.” However, others in the thread point out that at least Charlie's character had substance to accompany being a jerk.

7. Barney Stinson From How I Met Your Mother

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Every character from How I Met Your Mother, except for Marshall, was nominated as the worst sitcom character ever to live. It may be a three-way tie between Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, and Lily Aldrin.

However, according to some, Barney is the ultimate cringe because he comes with a side of jokes with a “rapey and serial killer vibe.” I agree with one who suggests the only reason people enjoyed the show or his character was that Neil Patrick Harris played him.

8. Larry Dallas From Three's Company

Richard Kline as Larry
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Larry Dallas from Three's Company was Jack Tripper's best friend and colossal womanizer. He lies to women about his profession to get up their skirts. One suggests, “He was about the worst male chauvinist skirt chaser you can find.” He even lies about his identity and uses the name Jack Tripper causing Jack, many problems with jealous boyfriends. 

9. Vanessa Huxtable From The Cosby Show

Vanessa Huxtable
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Vanessa Huxtable from The Cosby Show was called a “horrible child, a bad friend, a terrible little sister, and an even worse big sister.” This user clarifies that growing into adulthood, she continued getting worse n worse. For example, she was an unsupportive, materialistic, selfish, and spoiled wife and partner.

10. Louie de Palma From Taxi

Louie De Palma
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Louie De Palma from Taxi came up a bunch of times in the thread, with many noting there isn't a redeemable quality in him. One explains he had some great lines that made him laugh, but he's a horrible and sadistic human being. Nonetheless, every commenter ensured they clarified that they love Danny DeVito.

11. Charlie Harper From Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper
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Charlie Harper from Two and a Half Men is a no-brainer. As many clarify, he's a misogynistic womanizing pig. One adds, “It turns out Charlie Sheen was just playing himself, so that's an explanation.” Yeah, things did get a little weird there with him for a minute.

12. Darlene Conner From Roseanne

Darlene Connor
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Darlene Conner from Roseanne had a lot of one-liners that landed. Still, several noted that she was rude, mean, sarcastic, and nasty. And she only got worse in the later seasons. One suggests that David wasn't much better, but Darlene treated him and everyone else horribly.

13. Michael Scott From The Office

office diversity day michael scott
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

Unsurprisingly, the ignorant, sexist, homophobic, and clueless Michael Scott from The Office made this list, but I still love him. He has redeemable qualities. As one rightfully adds, “The first three seasons of Michael Scott are the worst.”

Finally, others suggest that Andy, Jim, Pam, Ryan, Kelly, Jan, and Nellie are far more despicable, but Michael Scott is a total cringefest who received the most nominations. 

14. George Costanza From Seinfeld

31 Times George Costanza Made Us Laugh Out Loud
Image Credit: NBC Universal.

“Well, the jerk store called, and they're running out of you!” George Costanza has several nominations in the thread as an irreprehensible human being. A Seinfeld fan reminds others he pushed an older woman and children to get ahead of them in a fire. Let's not forget he also pretended to be disabled, peed in the gym shower, and the worst offense was, “He double dipped his chip!”

15. Carla Espinosa From Scrubs

Image Credit: ABC Studios.

Carla Espinosa from Scrubs was a sassy, confident, bossy, gossiping nurse who many believe was rude, mean, and “blatantly in the wrong.” Nonetheless, they continue; everyone is expected to apologize to her and cater to her feelings. As much as I love the show, I agree, but I'd add Dr. Cox as being the most arrogant, pompous, narcissistically hilarious character.

16. Harold Hecuba From Gilligan's Island

Howard Hecuba
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Harold Hecuba from Gilligan's Island has one commenter in an uproar. They explain that Hecuba landed on Gilligan's Island before stealing the “castaway's idea about a musical based on Hamlet using the tunes of Carmen.” Then, finally, they exclaim, he left the castaways to perish!

17. Sheldon Cooper From The Big Bang Theory

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution

While every primary cast member was named, including Leonard's mother, Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory receives the most hate. Several users say he's arrogant, self-absorbed, undermining, and inconsiderate of his friends. I think Bernadette is the most annoying, and Howard is a close second. 

18. Marie Barone From Everybody Loves Raymond

Marie Barone
Image Credit: HBO Independent Productions.

Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond is next-level nasty. One goes so far to say, “I've always said that with a few small cuts, a musical change here and there, and the complete removal of the laugh track and you could turn that show into a terrifyingly accurate psychological horror story about what it's like living in a family ruled by a malignant narcissist.”

19. Gestapo Major Wolfgang Hochstetter From Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes
Image Credit: CBS Productions.

Gestapo Major Wolfgang Hochstetter frsom Hogan's Heroes was a member of Germany's infamous political police force, so I think that qualifies as one of the worst human beings of all time.

20. Zack Morris From Saved by the Bell

Saved By the Bell
Image Credit: NBC Productions.

One states it's easy to choose a character we're supposed to hate. However, Zack Morris is presented with cute and charming behaviors versus the reality of him being a “sociopath,” quickly selling out his friends.

Another user shared that the YouTube show Zack Morris Is Trash host now has a podcast with Mark-Paul Gosselaar where they rewatch Saved by the Bell, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar agrees that Zack Morris was so problematic.

21. Dennis Reynolds From It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Dennis Reynolds
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox Television.

Every cast member in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was listed. Frank and Dennis had the most nominations, but one swears it's “Dennis Reynolds hands down.” Another agrees that Dennis, while they're all terrible, is an actual Sociopath, keeping him at number one on the list. 

22. Ida Welker From Malcolm in The Middle

Cloris Leachman
Image Credit: Fox Television Studios.

While many nominated Lous and Malcolm, Lois's mother, Ida Welker from Malcolm in the Middle, takes the cake. However, everyone agrees that Cloris Leachman nailed the role.

“No other character could make stabbing someone in the leg because of a Christmas card as funny as she did.” But she was nasty. One mentioned when she tore up her kid's Harvard scholarship because she was envious of him raising out of poverty. 

23. Carrie Bradshaw From Sex and The City

Carrie Bradshaw
Image Credit: HBO Entertainment.

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City is judged as a self-absorbed cheater who judges everyone. Additionally, she had an affair with a married man, treated Aiden horribly, and never owned up to her wrongdoings. 

24. Mr C Montgomery Burns From The Simpsons

montgomery burns
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

Multiple people discuss Homer Simpson, but nowhere near as heavily as the evil C. Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. Mr. Burns is an old miser who only cares about money. He is rude, crude and treats his assistant, Smithers, like garbage. 

25. Steve Urkel From Family Matters

Urkel Family Matters
Image Credit: Warner Bros. Television.

Finally, Steve Urkel from Family Matters was called out for being a creepy stalker and, worse, of a cop's daughter. Someone how it's painted as charming because he's a nerd, and this user doesn't like it. They asked: “Why are you constantly in their home, Steve? How did you invent that robot, Steve? Why would you re-invent yourself, Stephan?”

Source: Reddit.