Siteground Black Friday Deals – Don’t Miss Out These Offers In [year]

Everyone knows how it is unpleasant missing Siteground black Friday deals event

You have to wait till next year

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

Even I cannot guarantee that you will get similar offers on Christmas

==> Catch Siteground discounts on black Friday deals <==

What is special about Siteground black Friday deals?

Siteground like most web hosting companies

They offer web hosting discounts for up to 3 years

Meaning if you buy 1, 2 or 3 years you apply the discount for the whole duration

What makes Siteground one of the best web hosting? (Title)

Siteground not only provides the best secure and fast web hosting

It also comes with integrated features with WordPress to make it unique in the web hosting industry

I will start with the most unique ones

Then I will list the regular basic features that exist in all web hosting

Siteground comes with built in CDN (Content Delivery Network)

It is integrated with Cloudflare If you don’t know What is Cloudflare?

It is one of the top CDN companies

Siteground black friday deals
Siteground black friday deals

Cloudflare will cache all your web pages

It will distribute them across multiple servers across the globe

It optimized the load speed of your web pages

Plus it also designed to protect your website against DDOS attacks and any malicious intentions to take your website down

That's why Siteground black Friday web hosting deals you don’t want to miss

Siteground has its own cache plugin built in to you WordPress

It is called Supercacher which accelerates your website speed based on 3 levels of your choice

Siteground guarantees 99.9% uptime

It is listed on their service level agreement

Siteground has artificial Intelligence Bot prevention tool

Siteground comes with automatic full backup of your WordPress website for 30 days

I asked myself why up to 30 days

I realized sometimes you get an issue with your WordPress website due to any unknown reason

You can go back in time till you don’t see this issue anymore

Siteground comes with multiple PHP version per each hosted WordPress site

Meaning one of your WordPress website can have a PHP lower than all of your other WordPress sites

This feature saved me a lot of hard long hours work

I am hosting a WordPress website for one of my relatives

It happened that its theme was bought from a theme website that does not exist anymore so there is no updates available

One day I found that this WordPress website is displaying error messages on the homepage

I contacted Siteground support

They downgraded the PHP version and it works now

Siteground technical support team does the site migration for you

I believe so many web hosting companies do the same

Technical support team carries the migration task for you

If you cannot do it by yourself then Siteground will do it for you

This is something most web companies can charge you for that

That's why take the opportunity for Siteground black Friday deals and pay the maximum period of 3 years with very cheap price

Siteground has free WordPress migration plugin

If you want to own the migration task

You can use this Siteground migration plugin

It should be very easy just follow the step by step migration tasks

You will be able to do it by yourself

Siteground offers free SSL for every website you host there

Remember going for https is not for websites that carry credit card transactions

Google also started to rank websites that use https higher against those that have http

Siteground has automatic upgrades for your WordPress sites

You don't have to worry about upgrading your websites manually

It will be taken care of automatically when new WordPress release becomes available

Siteground offers a great customer support

It is one of the reliable 24/7 customer service available through tickets, chat and phone calls

Siteground comes with one-click install of WordPress

From the control panel you can install WordPress by clicking a button

Just follow the steps and your website will be ready in less than a minute

Siteground has 30 Day Money back guarantee

You can never find all the above features cheaper with another web hosting provider

If it happens, you have 30 days to ask for a full refund of your money – No questions

*** Sign up for Siteground and use massive discount now ***

Finally Siteground black Friday deals are for new and existing customers
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