Six Figure Success Academy Review – Scam or Legit? The Truth Exposed

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Getting a successful side gig on the internet can be quite challenging for you as a beginner.

We often look for help from the hands of online professionals, people that have already established themselves.

This makes an easy feat become even easier. Access to their ideas can be in form of videos, courses, articles and any other digital material on the internet.

The trend is to get access to an online course taught by successful online entrepreneurs.

One of these courses is The Six Figure Success Academy course.

It was designed to teach newbies and professionals alike techniques that could be used to earn money as you market someone’s course.

This article examines the viability of the course as a way for you to get money through affiliate marketing.


Six Figure Academy Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Six Figure Success Academy
  • Product Type: Affiliate Marketing
  • Price: $997 one time + Tools
  • Owner: Ty Cohen &Mike Balmaceda
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended?: Not Really…



What is the Six Figure Success Academy?

Six figure success academy

This is a step by step video training guide created to show you how to create affiliate campaigns, get traffic and earn commissions.

The program is very useful to everyone that knows how to generate online traffic.

It is also inclusive in a way that the ideas shared in the course can be used by beginners and experts in the field.

You get to learn about the basics of creating webinars, affiliate campaigns and a traffic generation method.

The program can also be used to learn how to utilize video marketing for you to promote some other people’s products.

Apparently, you can make between $250 – $500 per day with the tricks you are taught.


Who created the Six Figure Success Academy?

The six figure academy course was created by Ty Cohen and Mike Balcameda.

They are both very successful online entrepreneurs that have made a lot of money from their businesses.

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The pair can also be credited with other online courses centered around marketing like the commission league.


Who is the Six Figure Success Academy course for?

It can be used by newbies. This is to say anyone that has been new to affiliate marketing.

This covers those that have been exploring online entrepreneurship activities without actually engaging themselves with affiliate marketing.

You can also be used by experienced affiliate marketers to polish up their skills and to learn new aspects of the field.


How much does the six figure academy cost?

The course costs $1,997. There is only one pricing option available on the website.

You do not see anything else about the course.

Regarding a refund, you must implement all strategies taught in the Six Figure Success Academy Course.

You must watch all training videos, review all resources, and complete every corresponding action item in the Six Figure Success Academy Course after purchasing the course.

The course’s content is subject to change, but you are required to complete all material of the course that was available to you at your time of purchase.

You must show documented proof that you have completed the course and were awarded the course completion certification.

The course is concise with short videos, so we require you to complete the course before claiming refund.

You must also show documented proof that you have made attempts to implement all of the strategies taught in the Six Figure Success Academy after purchasing Six Figure Success Academy.

This was the statement issued by Ty Cohen to address the issue of refunds.

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How does the six figure academy work?

The course is setup to teach you how to sell your own or other people’s products.

It contains various training modules that you can use after purchasing the course.


These modules are structured in a way that you have to go through them within a week.

They include:

Week 1: Crash course in webinars

This is the first section of the course. You get to learn about the important aspects of video marketing.

You shall explore the kinds of video marketing that will work for you and those that will not.

The module has videos that run for less than 10 minutes long taking you through the essentials of utilizing video marketing.


Week 2: How to partner with people like Bob?

A “Bob” in this case is a person that has created a course and is ready to sell it to people online.

With the product already created, all you need to do is to find a way you can agree on payments regarding the job you would like to take on.

This module teaches you how to get along with people like him.


Week 3: Craft your money maker.

In the third week of the course, you shall cover the aspect of how to make money using affiliate marketing.

In this section, you cover the money to be earned, commissions and how to structure your payments.


Week 4: Preparing for maximum success. (Setup)

In this section, you cover the essential components you shall need to run this enterprise successfully.

You may have to purchase some video editing and recording equipment since the course is all about video marketing.

You shall also have to get some video editing software.

Here, you also learn how to select an influencer that will help you meet your goals.


Week 5: Generate payments on demand.

This section of the course teaches you how to setup a payment system.

This can help you track the commissions you have made from sales all round.

This also covers how to get in touch with influencers.

You cover aspects like what the influencer does, who the best influencer to get in touch with are, how to generate scripts and many other issues related to influencers.

As you start out, you may have access to a done-for-you influencer to guide you in the start.


Week 6: Optimize and scale.

Here, you have reached the last part of the course.

The training now takes a different turn as you try to learn how you can grow your business and take it to the next level.

This covers taking on bigger clients and generating larger amounts of money than you did previously.

The course also comes with bonus modules that help you face different aspects of affiliate marketing.

The bonus courses include:

  • Bonus 1: The 8 hottest and most profitable niches to start in today.
  • Bonus 2: The 24 hour “Bob” fast start package. It also contains 2 starter emails and sources.
  • Bonus 3: Instant webinar success package. Beginner shortcut and automated setup.


Other bonuses are dubbed fast action bonus and fast action super bonus and they include:

  • Fast action bonus 1: $10M+ webinar creator. This introduces you to the exact software used to make $10M+ by the creators of the course.


  • Fast action bonus 2: 10 days to six figure access. There is a cheat sheet designed to hit this milestone by tracking your daily progress. It includes a 10-day cheat sheet.


  • Fast action bonus 3: $10k in 90 minutes. This bonus feature includes over the shoulder case studies designed to show you how you can attain money quickly. This is based on case studies of some insanely successful online marketers.


  • Fast action super bonus 1: The max out your webinar package with super script and sources. Here, you explore the various places you can generate a script online. You also get access to some already created scripts.


  • Fast action super bonus 2: Copy and paste secret to 5-10X all sales on a webinar promotion.


  • Fast action super bonus 3: 5 words you can use to turn $5k into $30k – $50k +.


  • Fast action super bonus 4: “Dream vacation formula”. This is designed to help you scale to $10k+ within 30 days so that you can get vacation money.


  • Fast action super bonus 5: The Mountain of profit blueprint. This bonus feature shows you how you can become your own “Bob”. This show you how to create a product that can be sold to users online.


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After going through the entire course, you can use the techniques learnt to start making money.

The steps you should follow are:

a) Find someone that has any course that can be sold online and offer video service.

The course is designed to help you make money through marketing products especially online courses.

The first step is to find someone with a product preferably an online course that you can promote to people online.


b) Use the six figure academy techniques to sell more copies.

The next step is to make use of everything taught to you during the course to make extra money.

This is through structuring your affiliate marketing campaign, payment systems and acquiring the necessary equipment.


c) Reach out to influencers and get views.

After getting your product, you have to reach people in order to make sales.

The course advocates for its users to reach out to influencers and make use of their accounts to market this kind of course or product.

You have to pay the influencers to get this kind of access.


d) Earn commissions and repeat.

The idea is to generate enough sales from the influencers’ following so that you can make commissions.

They increase with the number of people that have bought the course.

You have to repeat this system with other online courses and products to keep the stream flowing.


Pros of the six figure academy.

The outstanding benefits of taking this course include:

1. The course is legit.

The course can help you improve your marketing skills so that you can make a buck out of affiliate marketing.

It has 6 training modules packed with video training clips designed to help you learn about affiliate marketing.

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You also learn how to price your campaigns, run your campaigns effectively, acquire the necessary equipment and grow your affiliate business.

If you can afford the course, you can learn about all that.

Essentially, your money does not full go to waste.


2. Taught by successful online entrepreneurs.

The course was designed by Ty Cohen and Mike Balcameda.

The two individuals are very successful online entrepreneurs working in the field of affiliate marketing.

They have also designed other courses with the intention of helping fellow entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skill required to generate income through affiliate marketing like the commission league.


3. Content can be used by beginners and experienced marketers.

The course is structured in a way that the modules address all aspects of affiliate marketing in the most basic terms.

This means that it can easily be understood by experienced marketers and beginners in this field.

Therefore, the course can provide you with insights on how to run an online affiliate marketing campaign that can generate money for you using the knowledge of Ty and Mike.

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Cons of the six figure academy.

Throughout the article, you must have noticed some glaring issues with this course.

Most of its previous users complain about a lot of things like the benefit of the course, its price and other factors.

We shall discuss all of those matters below as we cover the disadvantages of taking the course.

They include:

1. Inaccurate earning claims.

Most people use this kind of marketing technique to attract customers to their products.

If you have been looking out for these course long enough, you should know by now that these earnings disclaimers are normally bull shit.

The same applies to this course. Allegedly, you stand to make over $500 per day running an affiliate campaign using the skills taught on this platform.

Most of the people that have used this course attest to the fact that these claims are not true.

This is because that you need more than a good course to make it using affiliate marketing campaigns.


2. No free trial available.

Unlike numerous courses you find on the internet, you have to pay the whole fee of $1,997 to access the course.

This means that there is no way to check out the content to see whether it works for you.

A lot of people have differing views on such a matter.

However, to my understanding, they do not trust their product enough for you to see how it would fare in a normal workaday situation.


3. Complicated refund policy.

According to co-founder Ty Cohen, you must have completed the course to be eligible for a refund.

In addition, you must have fully participated and entertained all the training modules taught throughout the 6 weeks.

You have to also show documented proof of you using the strategies taught by the course to run an affiliate campaign that in the end could be considered unsuccessful.

Normally, these refund policies should be made in a reasonable manner so that the users of your product do not feel robbed.

However, this type of structure makes it almost impossible for you to even qualify for a refund.

Most users of the course you can interact with shall tell you that this kind of lengthy procedure frustrates any efforts made towards successfully getting your money back.


4. Short term traffic solutions.

They do not teach you any skills in PPC, SEO and any other long term traffic generation methods.

The program is designed in a way to teach you traffic generating methods.

However, customers have constantly complained that all the tricks taught in the course give you short term exposure to traffic with no real emphasis on the common methods like pay per click, search engine optimization among others.

This makes it almost worthless in long term value to the investor that has put in over $1,000.


5. Very costly.

When you look at the price, you will be shocked probably because it is relatively high.

You are correct in that aspect.

Considering other courses similarly taught by successful online entrepreneurs.

You shall find courses that are cheaper than this course with the same content so keep in mind that the price on this course is highly unreasonable.


6. Low value added.

When you take into account the cost of the course and the amount of money you get to pay, you shall realize that the course offers way lower value than its actual cost.

The claims that the course can help you make $500 daily coupled with the short term strategies taught in the course make it less valuable to its buyers.

Unless the course content has been improved, there is really no reason for you to pay such a hefty amount for such a course.

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Conclusion: Six Figure Success Academy Review – Is it a Scam?

I do not recommend the course to anyone. The course does not offer any long lasting value to its users.

The course was designed with the intention to teach people different techniques that they could employ to make hundreds of dollars per day.

Therefore, the course can be used by anyone new to the affiliate marketing scene and those that have been doing online marketing for a while.

However, it does not create any value for newbies in the industry.

In terms of money, it is very overpriced when you consider the actual contents of the course.

The fact that the course is taught by experienced online entrepreneurs must give you an edge.

However, in this case, they got the pricing and structure of the course wrong.

Most of the complaints brought forward about the course address my biggest issue with the course which is its earnings claims.

A lot of the course’s users have been frustrated because the claims are largely untrue.

For you to get something quality for that amount of money, you should explore other courses that can be found on the internet.

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It is an amazing platform that will help you start making money online with proven strategies.

And the best part is the fact that it is free to join. You won’t have to spend a penny to become a part of Wealthy Affiliate.

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