Tiny Republican Majority in House Will Make Life Very Difficult for Democrats in 2023

Congress is now divided after Republicans took a slim majority in the House of Representatives on Wednesday. This victory will pose a threat to the Democrat agenda and will stop most of their legislation in its tracks.

Making History

Votes in competitive races are still being counted, but this win by the Republicans could turn out to be the narrowest majority of the 21st century. The current narrowest majority was in 2001, when Republicans had a slim nine-seat majority, 221-212.

Republicans were expecting more of a “red wave” going into these elections, but the slim majority they won in the House put those expectations soundly to rest. Republicans had reportedly hoped to throw the current administration off balance by capitalizing on economic instability and Biden's low approval ratings.

The Democrats proved remarkably resilient, though, and managed to keep control of the Senate and take victories in traditionally red-winning gubernatorial races across the country.

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The Blame Game

Republicans have started pointing fingers within their own party to try to find a place to stick the blame for their failure this year. Many members of the GOP are blaming former President Donald Trump since almost all of the candidates he endorsed lost their races.

Now that the former President has announced his bid for the 2024 presidency, the Republican Party will need to decide if it will stick with its figurehead of the last few years or turn to a new candidate in 2024.

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Imbalance of Power

With Congress now divided, the passing of most legislation will come to a screeching halt. Republicans also plan to fight Democrats on the topic of raising the debt ceiling. The Republicans' slim majority in the House means that an individual member could have considerable sway over what legislation passes in the chamber.

Kevin McCarthy won the nomination for House speaker on Tuesday, and his position will undergo a final vote when the new Congress meets in January. “I'm proud to announce the era of one-party Democrat rule in Washington is over,” McCarthy said.

Republican candidates have been pledging to cut taxes and tighten border security, among other things. GOP lawmakers could also potentially halt all aid that is being sent to Ukraine. They could also threaten to default on the nation's debt as a way to justify cutting spending in programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Let's All Get Along

Biden claims that the results of the midterms show that voters want Republicans and Democrats to work together and govern in a bipartisan manner. He did, however, claim that “I’m not going to change anything in any fundamental way.”

Half of voters said that inflation was the biggest issue to them going into the elections as gas, grocery, and food costs have skyrocketed in the last few years.

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