Sling TV Review: Is Sling Worth the Price??? (2020)

As cable prices continue to increase, people are looking for alternative ways to watch movies and shows while still becoming cord cutters.

While there are plenty of tv streaming services available, like Hulu live tv and amazon prime video, there are very few that allow users to watch live TV in addition to tv shows and movies. This is where our Sling TV review comes in.

Sling tv's often touted as the most economical way to watch live TV. If you are interested in Sling but aren’t sure if any of these TV services are for you, keep reading.

We will discuss what Sling TV is, how it works, and the pros and cons so you can decide if cutting the cord is right for you.

What Is Sling TV?

Sling TV is a streaming service that allows subscribers to watch both live TV and recorded shows. It is just like cable, except it is streamed over the internet.

Users can watch cable channels just like on cable and satellite as well as add on specific networks depending on their interests.

How Much Does Sling TV Cost?

SlingTV has a much lower price point than cable. The standard package starts at $30 per month and offers 47 channels. The top-tier plan costs $45 per month and provides 53 channels, including ESPN.

If you are interested in signing up, Sling TV has a free seven-day trial. You must sign up through a Sling-compatible device. Following the free trial, users are offered $10 off the first month of whichever plan they choose. The lower tiers are called Sling Orange and Blue.

They both cost $30 but have different channel offerings. The top-tier plan includes all the offerings of Orange and Blue and is aptly named Sling Orange & Blue. This costs $45 per month.

It is important to note that these are base costs. Users can add channel packages on top of this for anywhere from $5 to $10 each per month. Some examples include:

  • Starz – six channels for $9 per month
  • Kids Extra – Includes Disney Junior, Nick Jr., and Boomerang for $5 per month
  • Español – Includes Azteca, Cine Latino, and NBC Universo for $5 per month
  • News Extra – Includes BBC World News, HLN, RT America for $5 per month

For users who want several packages, you can add on the Total TV Deal. This includes all extras and Cloud DVR Plus for $20. Users can also choose to add 22 channels a la carte for $3 each.

Therefore, depending on your tastes, you may end up paying well over $70 per month for Sling TV. This is still less than most cable packages.

Finally, Sling has a few promotions for its users. If you prepay by two or more months, you can get a free Roku Streaming Stick. If you prepay for three months of SlingTV, you are eligible for 50% off Roku Premiere+.

Sling TV Free Trial

Sling TV offers a 7-day free trial so that you may take the service for a spin and see if you want to switch from your cable provider. Just be sure to set a calendar reminder to cancel before you are billed.

Is Sling TV User-friendly?

Sling TV's interface is only compatible with specific devices. You can see the full list here, but these are a few of them:

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV & Fire tv stick
  • Roku
  • Android tv
  • Air tv player
  • Samsung smart tv

If you have one of these devices, Sling TV still isn’t quite as easy-to-use as it’s competitors like YouTube TV or Philo TV.

However, it is available on every major platform and has a decent channel selection. Sling TV has less DVR storage than many of its competitors as well. However, it has a similar user interface to its competitors, so if you can use one of them, you can also easily navigate Sling TV.

What Is and Isn’t Included With Sling TV?

There are three tiers of Sling TV packages and several add-ons like the kids extra addon and the sports extra addon options. Let’s look at what is included in each of these bundles.

Sling Blue

At $30 per month, Sling Blue offers 48 channels. The blue package includes Fox and NBC but not ESPN or disney channel. Users can stream on up to three devices at a time.

Sling Orange

At $30 per month, Sling Orange offers 33 channels, like ESPN and Disney, but not Fox or NBC channels. Users are limited to streaming on one device at a time on the orange package. This package is a minimum for all the sports fans out there who want to watch live sports on sports channels.

Sling Orange & Blue

At $45 per month, Sling Orange & Blue includes all channels from the Orange and Blue tiers and allows up to four streams at a time. The limitation in the orange blue plan is that it still only allows one stream at a time from the designated Orange channels.

Therefore, if you want to watch ESPN in one room, and someone wants to watch Disney in another, this will not be possible. The complete list of channels and which channels belong to each category can be found here.

Here are a few examples of where you can keep video streaming your favorite main content:

  • Investigation Discovery, Food Network, Cartoon Network, and BBC America are found on all three packages.
  • Fox Sports and NFL Network are only found on Sling Blue and Sling Orange & Blue.

How Does Sling TV Work?

Sling TV is like cable but is streamed over the internet rather than a tv service or antenna like cable or satellite. It is available everywhere in the United States permitting that the user has streaming quality internet access (you don't want any buffering, right?!) and a Sling TV-compatible device. These devices include:

  • Web browsers
  • iPhone and iPads
  • Most Android devices
  • AppleTV
  • Roku
  • Smart TVs
  • Fire TV and Fire tablets
  • All Chromebook and Chromecast devices
  • Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max
  • Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X
  • Xfinity X1

If you have both a connection to the internet and a Sling-compatible device, then you can go online and set up an account. Then, you will install the Sling app on your compatible device.

Once you’ve logged in on your Sling tv app and are connected to either cellular data, Wi-Fi, or a wired connection, you can start watching the channels that you have subscribed to.

Sling TV does have the same commercials and advertisements that cable TV channels do. Just like cable TV, you can’t skip the commercials unless you have the DVR service.

The cloud DVR service is free for the first 10 hours of recording per month. Users can purchase an additional 50 hours of Sling TV's cloud DVR storage for $5 more per month.

Some channels offer on-demand viewing for a selection of their shows. Sometimes there is a seven-day lag between the original air date and the show becoming available on-demand.

Other channels offer a three-day replay meaning that you can watch any show that was aired in the past three days.

Where Can I Watch Sling TV?

Users can watch SlingTV anywhere in the United States permitting that they have a compatible device and a highspeed internet connection. You can view the complete list of devices on Sling’s website.

Is Sling TV for Me?

Sling TV is very cost-effective. However, it has some limitations which means that it might not be for everyone. Take these pros and cons into consideration before committing to cut the cord.


  • Sling TV is one of the most cost-effective options available if you enjoy watching live TV.
  • The service offers several free hours of DVR per month, so you can record shows and watch them later.
  • Many channels offer on-demand or replay options, even when a subscriber has one of the basic packages.
  • Sling TV is available for streaming video on a broad range of devices.


  • Live TV has advertisements and commercial breaks just like your current tv package.
  • Many of the most popular shows on TV, like Game of thrones on Hbo, must be purchased at an additional cost.
  • Users are limited by how many devices they can stream on at a time

Bottom Line: Is Sling TV Worth It?

Sling TV isn’t for everyone.

For example, if you only want live tv streaming to watch ESPN, you will end up paying more than you would for other online streaming options.

However, if you watch a lot of channels and want to binge watch in several rooms/devices, then Sling TV is a great alternative to cable that may earn you back some cash in your budget.

If you are still up in the air, we recommend reading over this Sling TV review and giving the free trial a shot to decide if it’s the right tv streaming service for you!

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