‘SNL’ Books Jason Momoa and Timothée Chalamet as Hosts, Suggesting SAG-AFTRA Strike Almost Over

Jason Momoa and Timothee Chalamet each host SNL

Timothée Chalamet will host SNL this week followed by Jason Momoa the following week. The fact that Saturday Night Live scheduled actors who both have upcoming movies to promote suggests that SAG-AFTRA could end its strike soon. Under current strike guidelines, actors cannot promote upcoming struck projects.

“Timothée Chalamet is set to host SNL next week — not to promote Wonka, mind you, even though that big-budget Warner Bros. movie comes out a few weeks later,” wrote Puck cofounder Matt Belloni in his November 3 newsletter. “It’s for his fashion campaign, we are told, just like his recent GQ cover. Please. Let’s see if Warners buys a Wonka ad during that episode.” Momoa, who hosts SNL a week after Chalamet, has Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom hitting theaters a week after Wonka.

“This charade ends immediately with the strike, and thank God,” Belloni wrote. “The only people upset about the return of narcissistic actors to the Oscar gravy train might be the filmmakers and below-the-line craftspeople that have been treated like stars this season at campaign appearances, in trade press, and at film festivals. Soon the real stars can do what they were actually paid for — not to act, necessarily, but to get people to see these awards movies.”

SAG-AFTRA Taking Another Day to Mull Over Studios' “Best and Final Offer”

Image Credit: Jaguirre2192, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

If SAG-AFTRA doesn't end the strike before Chalamet and Momoa each respectively host SNL, the actors cannot talk about their upcoming movies in their opening monologues or during skits.

According to Variety, SAG-AFTRA will take another day to respond to the studios' “last, best, and final offer.” In an email to guild members on Sunday, union leaders said that they need another day to consider the supposed final offer. “The TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee analyzed and thoroughly discussed the AMPTP’s counterproposal all day and well into the night and will continue our deliberations on Monday,” said the union. “We will keep you updated.”

Even though SNL seems to believe that a resolution is imminent, Chelsea Schwartz, a SAG-AFTRA strike captain, still wants A-list actors to push the studios. She posted, “Call the studio heads. Shout at them on social media. Tell them to accept our deal. You can help us end this strike and save our profession! We’re stronger together!”

Variety reports, “By invoking the term ‘last, best, and final,' the studios are signaling that there will be no further negotiations, and that the offer on the table is essentially a take-it-or-leave-it proposition. However, the union can push back on elements it dislikes, and always has the option to remain on strike.”

Timothée Chalamet hosts SNL on November 11; Jason Momoa hosts on November 18.

Author: Robert DeSalvo

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