Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3: Confirmed?

Fans have been waiting for Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3, the well-loved shoujo anime. Unfortunately, it's been five years since the last season aired. With the open ending in the second season, it's no wonder why many fans want more of this series. So, what is it about?

The fantasy romance anime is an adaptation of the manga of the same name. Sorata Akizuti writes and illustrates the manga. It was first serialized in LaLA DX in 2006 before moving to LaLa magazine. Since then, Hakusensha has published a total of 24 volumes.

An anime adaptation was announced in 2015, with Bones as its studio animation. The first season aired from July 7 to September 22, 2015, while the second season started on January 11 and ended on March 28, 2016. Masahiro Andou directed the series, and Kumiko Takahashi handled the character designs.

The same cast and staff from the television anime series returned to make an original anime DVD (OAD). The 30-minute OAD was a bundle with a limited edition of the 15th volume.

Just like we mentioned, the second season finished with an open ending. But, while it was a happy one, there is still a love story to tell in this series. So, will we get Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3? Here is everything we know about the series.

Will there be Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3?

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3

It could be tough to get Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3. There are several reasons. The first is it is not profitable enough. While the series is a popular one, it doesn't mean it will sell like hotcakes. From what we know, the first two seasons and the OAD didn't make so much profit for Bones.

The second reason is the busy schedule of studio Bones. The animation studio seems focused more on seasonal series like My Hero Academia and Bungo Stray Dogs. Moreover, there is also Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, which is in production state. It may be the main reason why we don't get Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 yet.

But, it is not without any hope. The manga is still ongoing and not completely adapted into anime. For the first two seasons and OAD, Studio Bones covered only eight volumes. So, there will be enough material even for the fourth season if they want to make it.

Until then, we have to wait for the update of Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3.

Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3 Release Date

The is no official announcement about the release date of Snow White with the Red Hair Season 3. However, the good news is there are also no official updates about the series being canceled.

We probably will hear about the renewal from studio Bones next year, of course, when they are not busy anymore. So, for now, you can rewatch the first two seasons or read the manga to fill the void in your heart.

Plot of Snow White with the Red Hair

The story follows Shirayuki, a red-haired girl who is cheerful and diligent. She works at her herbal shop in the country called Tanbarun. One day, the prince of the country, Raji, tries to force her to become his wife. Shirayuki, not willing to become his wife, cuts her hair and escapes from the country. While running through the forest, Shirayuki is saved by the prince from the neighboring country, Zen Wistalia.

Shirayaki then determines to repay the debt to Zen someday while also pursuing her career as a herbalist in another country, Clarines.