Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3: Everything You Should Know

Five years after the second season of this series, fans are still eagerly anticipating Snow White With The Red Hair Season 3. The second season of this anime ends with a happy, but open ending, giving fans more hope for seeing more of Zen and Shirayuki relationship. This anime fan's main desire is to see more romance stories between these two characters, leading to speculation that the Snow White with The Red season 3 Hair may be in the works?

Before we jump to conclusions, let's take a closer look at the anime and the possible production of the next season which we have covered here!

Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3: When Will It Release?

Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3

Snow White with The Red Hair anime is an adaptation of the manga with the same title and currently the manga has 24 volumes. The first and second seasons of this anime were produced by Studio BONES, each of which has 12 episodes, besides that this anime also has one OVA.

Fan enthusiasm for the closing episode of the second season is quite high, therefore they are hoping for a third season of this series.
However, there are a few things to know about the reason why this anime hasn't gotten its newest season in five years.
The most crucial reason why this anime hasn't gotten a season continuation is due to low revenue and it is reported that Studio BONES normally spends $2 million on an anime series. Given the high production costs, it seems that sales of the Blu-ray or DVD series are low enough to not meet the studio's profit expectations.

In addition, Studio Bones itself is running other continuation animated series projects such as ‘Mob Psycho 100‘, ‘My Hero Academia‘ and ‘Bungo Stray Dogs‘.
Since the broadcast of the last episode of the second season until the time this written, neither the studio Bones as the animation studio nor Sorata Akizuki as the mangaka has made a statement regarding the release of Snow White with The Red Hair season 3.

Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3: Release Date

Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3

It seems that fans have to wait and hope longer than expected, because until now there has been no official word for Snow White With the Red Hair season 3 will be released.
While the speculation on the reasons that have been described previously may seem to brush aside this anime series, it should not discourage us from anticipating the continuation of the story from this anime.

We also still have hope because until now the Snow White with The Red Hair manga is still continuing and has not yet ended. The total of 24 volumes so far only includes 8 volumes in the anime. So we can make this hope that the studio considers continuing the production of this anime.

Although until now the studio or the creator have not issued an official statement regarding Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3 but keep in mind that this animated series has not been officially canceled either.

Snow White with The Red Hair Characters and Cast

ShirayukiHayami Saori
Zen WistariaOosaka Ryouta (Haikyuu!!)
ObiOkamoto Nobuhiko
Rouen MitsuhideUmehara Yuuichirou
Seiran KikiNazuka Kaori

Where to Watch Snow White with The Red Hair

Snow White with The Red Hair Storyline

Snow White with The Red Hair Season 3

As the story of this anime unfolds, we are introduced to Shirayuki, an anime character with red hair who is living in Tanbarun. Her beautiful appearance managed to attract the attention of Raji the prince of Tanbarun to the point of wanting to make her his queen. But Shirayuki didn't want to live with the prince and couldn't refuse the order so she decided to run away from the kingdom.

The escape journey took her to the forest and met a young man named Zen Wistaria who turned out to be poisoned after eating an apple.
Because Shirayuki is a girl with knowledge of medicinal herbs, she saves Zen with her effort.
Shirayuki's journey begins with a meeting in the forest with Zen and his two friends. They all went to Clarinest Palace, and with his efforts Shirayuki managed to become a Clarines Palace Herbalist.

Shirayuki's success in this anime is presented in harmony with the development of her romantic relationship with Zen as well as many conflicts she experiences.