Social Media Post Fuels Speculation That Next-Gen Dodge Chargers May Not Be Only Electric

Dodge Charger

Muscle car enthusiasts were dealt a severe blow when it was announced that Dodge would discontinue making their much-beloved pony car, the Charger, an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. 

For those who are less familiar with muscle cars, the Dodge Charger (in addition to being Vin Diesel’s vehicle of choice in the Fast and the Furious franchise) is arguably the most beloved and iconic American muscle car ever produced; that isn’t Ford’s lauded Shelby Mustang. 

Much muscle car love comes down to their sleekly designed bodies and powerful, rip-roaring engines. So, when you remove the engine, you take away the main reason people love muscle cars. 

Unfortunately for muscle car lovers, Dodge's parent company, Stellantis, like the rest of the industry, is proceeding to make all their vehicles EVs in the future to comply with government mandates – Or so we thought. 

There May Be Hope

Photos recently posted to X (the social media platform formally known as Twitter) by user @TakuroSpirit reportedly evidence that Dodge’s next-gen Charger might not be only electric. 

According to MotorTrend, which closely analyzed these photos of a Dodge Charger body still in the early stages of production in a manufacturing plant, sport compelling evidence that Dodge’s latest Charger might not be all-electric. At least not right away. 

Focusing on the hood area of this Charger’s skeleton, they point out that the strut towers have all the hallmarks needed (from a barebones design point of view) to house an ICE between them. 

Indeed, a close look at these production photos reveals a transmission tunnel and space for a bellhousing. They also report spotting a fuel filler opening in this Charger’s body, though they also cautiously note that could also be the opening for an EV charging port. 

On a separate note, it’s interesting that they also spotted a design modification unrelated to whether this vehicle will be an EV or an ICE. 

When looking at the rear of the vehicle’s skeleton, there appears to be little to no separation between the trunk and where the back window glass would be, indicating this Charger might be a hatchback. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Does any of this mean that this new Charger won’t be electric? No. 

As much as muscle car enthusiasts would love for Stellatus to say they will abandon their EV plans, it won't happen. Instead, it’s far more likely that the next-gen Charger sports electric and gas powertrains. While it’s not what ICE fans want, there’s some evidence that this next-gen Charger could sport a roaring V8 along with an electric powertrain. 

Making the next-gen Charger a gas-electric hybrid is a move that would be in keeping with another Stellantis product, the Jeep 4xe. So, it makes sense. And for those who despise EVs, the Charger won’t be fully electric for now.  

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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