Society6 Review – Is it Safe and Legit?

Is Society6 good for artists? Is it Safe and legit?

If you are looking for answers to some of these questions then you should read this honest Society6 review to the end.

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From my childhood, I had a great passion and love for the creative arts especially pictures.

I would practice my skills during my leisure time. It was the one that I used to portray the artistic bit of me.

In 2016, I decided to take this seriously and take further training in a bid to expose my talent to extensive shaping and grooming.

I joined an art training institute and started my professional journey into the creative arts majoring in pictures.

Our very first day in the professor asked a question that piqued my interest.

At the end of the lecture, he asked, “How shall you make your art reach out to the people who need it and appreciate it too?” His closing remark for the lecture was inquisitive in a way.

He asked us to find a way to make our art reach the market faster.

The professor said that even though art is a way to express ourselves, we need to make money from it in order to survive.

According to the professor’s statement, we had to find a way the best platform to display our art.

It would have to combine the digital and physical audience.

Upon running a google search for such a platform, I came across Society6.

I started making research about the platform such that ii could come up with a conclusive opinion regarding the usefulness of the site to users.

As an artist, I made some research and this is what I found on Society6.


What is Society6?

Society6 is a site that helps artists reach their target market and make money easily.

When it comes to sites that concern making money, being legitimate is a key factor and therefore you may ponder the question” Is Society6 legit or a scam?”

As per my experience with Society6, I will confidently tell all the readers that Society6 is legit.

I will go deeper so that I can enlighten my reader about the correctness of my statement in a plea to explain my position.


How does it work?

society6 review

Society6 is a media that helps artists buy and sell their artistic works and creations.

It is also an online platform artists use to make money through the trade of artistic creations and materials.

This is mostly essential for artists who would like to not only develop their career but also make money from their talent.

Society6 is not only for artists as you may think, this is also a platform free for any individual to join.

This is because there are also customers who reach out to the site so as to buy products of unique designs from thousands of artists who display their artwork on Society6.

The platform also has an option of the customer choosing their given designs and also take a further step to order the printing of their personal designs on to products of their choice for example table marts, duvets, phone cases, furniture and others.

What’s unique about this platform is that an artist who works with Society6 does not only make money from his products made but you also receive a cut of the pay when your design is used on a product.

But never the less, you as an artist or a Society6 user should be very keen about copy rights like trademarks, logos, badges etc.

This is because the moment you upload a product that breaks this right, it will automatically be turned down by the Society6 quality control team and automatically turn down your submission.

They may not take further steps of legally suing you according to the acts of infringement and plagiarism.

With all these guidelines followed, Society6 allows any type and any form of art creation be it graphical art, painting or drawn art.

All these forms are accepted on the site as long as you keep within the guidelines as stated by Society6 on entry of the platform.

For quality and clear way to serve the users of this platform, Society6 set a standard pixel dimension that at least each user should follow for quality and to ease the customer’s decision and here are the standard dimensions decided as per Society6 site guideline: –

  • Dimensions: 6500 x 6500 *up to 16000 x 16000
  • PPI: 300ppi (150ppi minimum)
  • Color space: RGB
  • File Format: JPG or PNG
  • File Size Limit: 150mb

Please note: Most products require different minimum dimensions to ensure a high print quality.

If your goal is to enable all products Society6 has to offer including large format products like curtains, bedding, outdoor items, wall murals, and furniture, we recommend starting with a horizontal asset that’s 15000px x 9000px, a vertical asset that’s 8000px x 12000 px, and a square asset that’s 12000px x 12000px, at 300 dpi.

For certain cut-and-sew products like backpacks, duffle bags, and all over graphic tees, we recommend referencing our print templates to ensure your artwork is correctly placed.

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How much does it cost?

When you are become a member of the platform, you are not required to pay for any plan.

However, you pay an amount that is determined by Society6 every time you make a purchase.

Most of the products sold on the platform are either mugs or metal prints of which the prices are set by Society6.

However, you can set your own price for art prints which are sold as bare art prints.


Pros of Society6

1. Unites buyers, sellers and artists.

In the business world, sellers always find it had to find the appropriate buyers for their items at a good price and they also find a problem to look for a buyer who is really interested in their goods.

Society6 helps this problem to be solved and even takes a further step to give them more opportunities to not only look for buyers but it also helps to connect people to the international market thus helping them to build social network.


2. Personalization.

Society6 gives buyers a chance to personalize the products they need.

That is to say customers can choose to have the designs printed on a wide variety of products including pillowcases, phone cases, t-shirts or whatever else they are looking for.


3. Pays artist for his creations.

In case you design an art piece, you can sell the piece but if it is used by some other seller on a product bought by a customer, you will also earn from it.

You will receive a cut of the pay when your design is used on a product.

This means that an artist who partners with Society6 earns money on two fronts.


4. No restrictions on the artwork you make.

Society6 gives freedom to all artists in a way that it doesn’t restrict on what type of art should be displayed on the platform that’s to say an artist can upload any type of art be it hand drawn, graphics work or crafts.

This is a great advantage because it eases the work of the artist to also give freedom to the artist to do what they are best at.


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Cons of Society6

1. Low earnings.

The amount of money that is paid to the artist through Society6 is very little to an extent of not being able to sustain the cost of living of an artist a month, that’s to say Society6 can only be used as a side work not main work.

2. Lots of complaints about late deliveries.

Since it is an international site, Society6 serves people in different places and areas around the world.

Society6 has failed to make sure these goods reach easily to the buyers and this weakens the rating of the site

3. Poor quality products.

Most artists during their creations, they mainly look at the design made forgetting that the material they have used to make the product also matters.

Society 6 has failed to monitor the quality of the products that are being sold to buyers on their platform.

I therefore advise them to set rules for the types of material that should be used during the creation of given work pieces


Reviews from other sites.

Leaving alone my own research, well known review sites also prove to the public how Society6 is legit.

For example, Reddit.

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website.

Registered members submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members.

On this site, I found great reviews from different users and I got interest to discuss some user reviews: –

society6 reddit review

This is one of the user reviews that are on Reddit. Flogfrog is also a user who appreciates the work done by the site and goes further to tell us that Society6 is not a scam and it does its legit work.

And as per the last year, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it’s the reason as to why the delays may have occurred in some instances.

Therefore, I will recommend the use of Society6 as per this user review

review of society6 reddit

Just like any other platform, it is never perfect for every one therefore Byebyejob got some complaints about the platform. But I don’t think his complaint is valid.

I think he just goes against certain guidelines that’s why his products are being taken down.

And incase his complaints are valid, Society6 has a quality control team that keeps checking on the quality of the services and also keeps reviewing the complaints and working on them so as per not, this problem is solved and the services are back to perfect as usual.

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Conclusion: Society6 Review

This website is not a scam. It gives you a clear method on how you can make money using their platform.

That said, I encourage you to use this website. A lot of reviews you will read online come from disgruntled customers that did not have their expectations met when they used the site.

It is very important for you to understand how the website works and set expectations within those boundaries instead of expecting more than they offer.

So I hope you enjoyed reading this Society6 review.

If you have have any questions about Society6 review or anything at all feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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