Somali and the Forest Spirit Season 2: Everything we know

“Somali and the Forest Spirit” is a sweet and endearing anime that depicts the journey of two characters: an old Golem and a little human girl. This journey shapes them, changes them in every possible way, just as it will give you crucial lessons about life. While it's still catching up with the anime community, “Somali and the Forest Spirit” is easily one of the most heartbreaking shows of the season. That being said, now that its Season 1 is over, you have to wonder if it will ever return with Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2. Here's everything you need to know.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Season 2 Release Date

Somali And The Forest Spirit

The first season of “Somali and the Forest Spirit” premiered on January 10, 2020 and with a total of 12 episodes, it aired on March 26, 2020. The original manga from which it was adapted has a total of 6 volumes. far away and the first season of the anime adapts to almost 5 of them. This leaves the creators of the series with one more volume for a sequel. Thus, the lack of source material is definitely a problem here. In addition, only one or two volumes of the manga are published each year, so even by the end of 2020, the manga will have no more than 8 volumes.

At the moment, no official announcement has been made by Studio Satelight (SAKUGAN), but given the lack of source material, it seems very unlikely that we will be able to see more “Somali and the Forest Spirit” in the near future. So, for now, we can expect Somali And The Forest Spirit Season 2 to be released in 2023 or later. As soon as we have official news regarding its release, we will update it here in this section. Until then, you can check out other similar fantasy anime.

Why was Somali and the Forest Spirit Cancelled?

Did Somali and the Forest Spirit end? As mentioned above an anime adaptation was made in 2020 which ran for 12 episodes and became popular. The manga is discontinuing due to the author's poor health conditions. Mangakas in Japan are often known for overworking themselves to reach the deadlines of their ongoing series. This overwork may result in their deteriorating health and even cancellation of a fan favorite manga series. Such was the fate of author of Somali and the Guardian of the Forest (Somali to Mori no Kamisama), Yako Gureishi.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Ends Due To Author's Health.

We hope for the author’s speedy recovery so that they can come back with another popular and heart-warming manga with a beautiful storyline.

Somali and the Forest Spirit English Dub

You can watch the first season of ‘Somali and the Forest Spirit' on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Plot

In “Somali and the Forest Spirit”, the world is ruled by all kinds of mythical creatures such as goblins, spirits and many others. Of these, humans are more of a minority, which often leads to oppression. After being brutally killed by other species, humans are almost on the verge of extinction. In the midst of all this violence and persecution, a single human girl comes up against a golem watching over the forest.

With this, although he knows how humans should be treated in his world, the golem takes it upon himself to make sure that the girl is safe. Racing against time, he tries to find a human community that could take care of her and along the way, the two develop an unbreakable and pure father-daughter bond.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Visual

Somali and the Forest Spirit Visual

Somali and the Forest Spirit Characters, Cast, Studio and Staff

I. Characters and Cast

GolemDaisuke Ono
SomaliInori Minase
HazelAi Kayano
PralineAyahi Takagaki
ShizunoHiroki Nanami

II. Production Team and Studio

  • Director: Kenji Yasuda
  • Original Creator: Yako Gureishi
  • Character Design: Ikuko Ito
  • Animation Production: HORNETS, Satelight

Somali and the Forest Spirit Action

Somali and the Forest Spirit is a Japanese fantasy manga series by Yako Gureishi. It was serialized online from April 2015 to October 2019 via Tokuma Shoten's online manga magazine Web Comic Zenyon. It was collected in six tankōbon volumes. An anime television series adaptation by Satelight and Hornets ran from January 9 to March 26, 2020. Crunchyroll co-produced the series.

After a long hiatus, the manga officially ended on December 22, 2020 due to the author Yako Gureishi's health problems.