17 High-Octane Tracks That Might Just Make You Forget The Speed Limit

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Who doesn't love cruising down the road with the speakers blasting a favorite tune? Some songs are great for a smooth and relaxing drive. But others have the opposite effect, inspiring you to turn up the volume and drive faster. I do not condone driving above the speed limit. Rules of the road should be followed. But there's nothing wrong with finding a song that has us reaching that limit.

1. “March Madness” – Future

Future performing
Image Credit: Anna Hanks, Wikimedia Commons.

“March Madness” is a collision of disparate ideas plastered onto a trap beat seemingly created by aliens. When you're on the highway, throw this one on and feel yourself — and your car — go into overdrive. 

2. “Move B***h” – Ludacris

John Henry 2020
Image Credit: Saban Films

Released in 2001, Ludacris' “Move B***h” is pretty much the rap equivalent of an adrenaline rush — and for a list like this one, it's pretty on-topic. Here, Luda issues a stern warning for those would stand between him and his expensive vehicle. The beat is pummeling, his voice is thunderous and the whole thing feels designed to make you put the pedal to the metal. 

3. “Life Is a Highway”- Rascal Flatts

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Image Credit: Wiki Commons, Joe Bielawa.

“Life is a Highway” is the ultimate driving song. And the Rascal Flatts cover is the greatest version. The fast lyrics, catchy chorus, and uplifting vibe make this the fun delight it is. The theme song to Cars is the natural choice to make us drive as fast as Lightning McQueen.

4. “Danger Zone”- Kenny Loggins

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Image Credit: Wiki Commons, Anna Hanks.

The anthem to Top Gun is the epitome of 1980s pop/rock. While it's meant to evoke the swift feeling of fighter jets, the infectious chorus, guitar riffs, and powerful vocals will have you wanting to fly down the highway.

5. “Drive Faster”- The Vicksburgs

manual drive
Image Credit: Motortion Films/Shutterstock.

This 1960s-inspired song from the That Thing You Do soundtrack is from the fictional band The Vicksburgs. But it feels like a genuine 1960s rock tune. The lyrics evoke wanting to hop in your car after a long work week and drive away. The chorus literally says, “Drive faster.” How could you not want to pick up the speed?

6. “Shut up and Dance With Me”- Walk The Moon

1280px Walk The Moon Poses For Cameras
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

The beat of this love song from Walk the Moon does not let up from the first note. It definitely will make you want to get on the dance floor. But the super fast tempo and positive, creative lyrics will also get your heart pumping and engine revving.

7. “Out of My Heart”- BBMak

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Image Credit: Shutterstock.

My favorite song from the British trio is an underrated jam I love playing on road trips. It's a romantic love song with a chorus that keeps building to an incredible crescendo of guitar solos. It's a blast!

8. “Bad Romance”- Lady Gaga

lady gaga
Image Credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.

Another favorite from many road trips is this Lady Gaga hit. Like other songs from the pop diva, it's rich with her incredible vocals and a structure that rises to a new peak with each chorus.

9. “Free Bird”- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

The rock-and-roll classic is another song with a structure that builds to impressive guitar solos. Those alone will have you putting the pedal to the metal, as it were.

10. “In The Air Tonight”- Phil Collins

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Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Phil Collins has a voice like no one else. And “In the Air Tonight” has such a rich quality. What makes you want to drive faster with this one are the timbre of the voice, the song's tempo, and, especially, the incredible drum solos.

11. “Tron Legacy”- Daft Punk

Daft Punk
Image Credit: Alena Marchuk/Shutterstock.

The soundtrack to the movie Tron Legacy is a synthesizer lover's dream. In particular, the tracks “Recognizer,” “Arena,” and “End of Line” feature swift and often frantic beats. If you're on a motorcycle, this soundtrack is the perfect one to speed down the road with.

12. “Higher Ground”- Red Hot Chili Peppers

red hot chili peppers 2017 e1696261099139
Image Credit: Christian Bertrand/Shutterstock.

Another spectacularly awesome rock song is this bombastic hit from 1989. It's the kind of song that inspires an instant increase in speed. Have a long stretch of road ahead of you? Turn this one up, rev that engine, and go!

13. “I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)”- The Proclaimers

2560px Crowd watching The Proclaimers Towersey 2018
Image Credit: Wiki Commons.

Anyone that's seen How I Met Your Mother knows the value of this song as a driving staple. Even if you get sick of it, it will come back around. The uplifting and romantic lyrics make you feel good, matching the upbeat tempo.

14. “Up Around The Bend”- Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Fans of the film Remember the Titans and the series Stranger Things are familiar with the Creedence classic and the feelings it can inspire. Naturally, one such feeling is an inexplicable desire to pick up your driving speed. It's due in no small part to the fantastic beat and the rich vocals.

15. “Feel Like a Number”- Bob Seger

Bob Seger
Image Credit: radioactv915.

Beyond the unexpectedly profound lyrics, the Bob Seger song will cause an increase in speed. With the swift and uptempo tune, the guitar, drums, and piano instrumentation make for a heart-pumping jam.

16. “409”- The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys 1968
Image Credit: Wiki Commons: Rolling Stone India/Capitol Records.

For a fun-filled and breezy 1960s feel, there's nothing better than Beach Boys music. “409” is one that can inspire you to pick up the driving pace with lyrics about a car itself. It's bright and fun and will make you turn up the volume and drive faster in a heartbeat.

17. “Born To Be Wild”- Steppenwolf

Image Credit: IMDB.

The Steppenwolf classic and the 1969 counter-culture film Easy Rider are synonymous. But also, it's a song that can motivate anyone to go faster and break out their wild side. It's an anthem about independence that remains a classic driving song for the ages.

Source: Reddit.