Invasion Imminent: The Songs Could Save Your Life During an Alien Invasion, Probably

Imagine aliens are about to take over the planet, and the world as we know it is about to be wiped out of existence, but you have one chance to be the superhero that saves humanity. All you have to do is play one song that decides if we all live or die. What music are you betting on?

One music buff in an online forum asks, “Aliens are here. They ask for the best song(s) we have, or we all die. What song are you giving them?”

I'll bet on Prince's Purple Rain and When Doves Cry. Here are the songs people online will bet humanity on.

1. Tribute by Tenacious D

“It was the best song in the world…” u/Cree_Woman said.

“That's not the greatest song in the world, that's just a tribute!” someone replied.

Another said, “It's a song basically everyone knows and loves. You can start singing it at a campfire and everyone will know every single word. Everyone will be happy singing it and you just need a guitar. Not like other songs on the list that need a piano or drums and the works. I truly believe it's the greatest song in the world. And I know the irony of that.”

2. Poker Face by Eric Cartman

“Can we hear him do “heat of the moment” if there's still time?” u/StockingCapStu asked. “Pretty please?”

Someone else quoted a line from the song: “… I don't give a crap about whales so go and hug a tree!”

No way the aliens aren't grooving to that!

3. Pets by P for Pyros

u/PretzelSteve said, “If they can understand English, maybe they would take it literally! I tell ya what, I'd be happy if some higher lifeforms took me in, kept me fed, healthy, and happy. Instead of chew toys or scratching posts, they would give us space TV or video games! Count me in!”

u/hollybiochem replied, “Only if they have inter-dimensional cable.”

4. Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Perfect,” u/IveSeenYourMomGapeB4 wrote “I can just see the ufo slowly descending through the sky, lights rotating, and this gracefully playing.”

Can you?

5. The Ode to Joy by Beethoven

A Redditor said, “This is a good one. If we make them listen to the entire symphony we will have time to find someone with Covid who can make em' sick and wipe em' out.”

“Show them the music video. If the aliens have a sense of humor we might actually survive,” u/AnnoyedDuckling shared.

Wow, some people are really sinister.

6. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

While this seemed to be the obvious choice for a lot of people, one Redditor said, “Overrated and overplayed.”

Good thing the aliens would be hearing it for the first time, then.

7. Piano Man by Brandy

“But then they'd be like- what's with all the harmonica? I thought this song was about pianos?” u/headbanger_chef said.

Another replied, “This! Plus the lyrics “Sing us a song, you're the piano man” – why does the PIANO man has to sing? Shouldn't it be enough for the PIANO man to just play the PIANO? Never really liked the song because of this ambiguity. Confusing stuff.”

Whether or not this song would save humanity depends on how heartbroken the aliens are.

8. It’s the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine), by R.E.M.

“If they don't like it, then the world can end while the song plays. It's a win/win for me,” u/06302002 said.

9. Aliens Exist by Blink 182

They do. That's the whole point of this.

“Also, how would they know that ISN'T the best song we have?” u/KgMonstah.

Great question. If they knew, they wouldn't ask?

“I would just assume it’s dependent on how the aliens are feeling that day,” someone replied.

10. Indian Love Call by Slim Whitman

“Anyone that says anything but ‘Indian Love Call' clearly wants to see the end of the world. And didn't watch Mars Attack!” u/JonJonSee said.

“Apart for that, there isn't a greatest song than The Weight By The Band & Mavis Staple.”

11. Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

“Crosby passed today (Jan 19) at 81,” a Redditor said.

“CS&N “Helplessly Hoping” in honor.”

12. Dance Monkey by Tones And I

“You've killed us all,” someone replied to a Redditor who suggested this song.

“Plot twist: the aliens love it,” u/KodaFromSpace said.

Believe the space guy.

13. Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush

“That's the only true answer,” someone said. If it defeated Vecna, we'll take our chances with the aliens.

Honorable mention to u/Fe-ee who said, “If it has to be a new composition, put Eminem and JoJo Siwa in a studio with a 90's electric keyboard and let them riff.”

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