Soothe Your Mind with These Fascinating True Crime Podcasts

If you’re a part of the population that resorts to true crime stories for comfort, this list is for you. Despite conversation circulating grisly murder and gruesome crime scenes, some true crime podcast hosts have soothing voices, the type to lull you to sleep. In a good way. User u/lucillep asked for recommendations on podcast hosts with comforting voices, and the Reddit universe chimed in with their favorite calming speakers. 

1. Casefile

No one knows the host of this Australian true crime podcast. His identity remains anonymous, but he delivers chilling crime stories. Casefile leads the thread. 

Burntsiennacrayon said, “Casefile's host voice and accent is my favorite, it's so comforting… I mean as much as it can be with crimes.”

Another user jumped on the bandwagon. “His accent and tone are exquisite,” they wrote. “Best in true crime podcasting.”

A third user claimed this podcast is the end all be all for soothing true crime podcasts. 

2. Criminal 

A close second, Criminal garnered attention from multiple users. Criminal focuses on the justice system and how it works, and in some cases, doesn’t.

One wrote,” This has to be the right answer – the only one I know of where the host started doing a whole second podcast of herself just reading audiobooks because listeners demanded more of her voice. I haven't listened, but I can understand why it's so popular! And it's perfect for OP's purpose of falling asleep because it won't be interrupted by ads or other audio clips.”

3. One Strange Thing

Launching off of the previous recommendation, mick_spadaro declared a similar, calming podcast, One Strange Thing. Mick_spadaro said this podcast parallels Phoebe’s peaceful voice. 

One Strange Thing is for the newspaper geeks. It revolves around stories pulled from newspaper archives of the unexplained. 

4. Music City 911 

This podcast presents an interesting concept perfect for anyone looking to branch out into the territory. 

This user, boxeddyedhair added three podcast recommendations to the thread. Starting with “Based in Nashville, a 911 dispatcher goes over notorious and/or anonymous 911 calls and how they’re received and processed. Some cases are very famous, some aren’t. He has a lovely gravelly southern voice. Episodes are usually 30 mins.”


If you want closure and satisfaction from closed cases, check out DNA ID.

“I find DNA ID is a nice one. I don't actually know her name, hoping someone else does. Also, the endings are less stressful to me bc that's the point, the perp is located by genetic genealogy, so you don't have that “someone might get away with it” feeling, but it is always a cool story with twists and turns until you get to the ID moment,” one Redditor commented. 

6. Deathbed Confessions

The title of this podcast lays it all out. This podcast focuses on the tight-lipped secrets individuals kept until the final moments of their lives. 

“If you like storytelling, then I highly recommend Deathbed Confessions, it’s by Parcast and only on Spotify. I find her voice really soothing.”

7. Obsolete Oddity 

Check out Obsolete Oddity for a more historical, researchy kind of storytelling. 

“If you don't mind listening on YouTube, I highly recommend Obsolete Oddity. He has one of the most soothing voices I've ever listened to, and he covers a lot of historical crime,” user tangerinelatrine input. 

8. Southern Fried True Crime

A band of Redditors raved over Southern Fried True Crime. Tennessean Erica Kelly devotes her spare time to unveiling interesting details about shocking Southern crime. 

Plus, Kelly has a calming voice. 

9. Dark Histories 

A true crime enthusiast reported, “Dark Histories, beautifully told historical crime and legends, his voice is as soothing as the stories are intriguing.”

This podcast focuses on eerie history, unsolved murders, unresolved cases, and everything supernatural and otherworldly. 

10. Murderish 

If you favor true crime that delves into murder, motive, and gives an outlet for the victim, Murderish is your go-to podcast. 

“Murderish is a good one, although sometimes I fall asleep to it cause the host's voice is so calming,” Redditor, amh1689, shared. 

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