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Losing Steam and Staying Motivated When Saving Money |

Hey Anna,

I've got a question, and maybe you've already written a blog post about this… but I thought I'd ask anyway. We're in the middle of our debt payoff. We reached the halfway point in May, which was awesome, but over the summer we've lost some serious steam. I haven't kept up with the coupon-clipping, we've been eating out more, and we’re generally slipping back into old habits. What do you recommend? How can I get re-energized and back into our quest?

Losing Motivation but Determined



That's a great question! But first I have to give you major congrats for getting to the halfway mark! That is HUGE! Also, it's awesome that you've kept your commitment to the Spending Fast even though you've lost some steam. The commitment to it will get you to the end. That will make all the difference in the long run. I ran into the same issue as you have with the losing motivation thing, so here's what I recommend:

Go back and look at why you wanted to get out of debt in the first place.

You can also:

– Create a new list of goals and ask yourselves why you want to get out of debt now. Maybe the reasons have changed since the beginning.
– Take a look at what has been causing snags and find ways to avoid them/fix them.
– Create a new Wants and Needs List based on your current situation.
– Take a new Get Out of Debt Pledge on and recommit to your Spending Fast.
– Know that what you're going through is completely normal.
– Stay committed and keep going. (You've got this! You're halfway there!!)



Have you recently lost a bit of enthusiasm for your saving quest? What are you doing to stay motivated?

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