Jenn’s Spending Fast Update (Months 7-9)

Finding patience during a spending fast And Then We Saved

Note from Anna: Apologies for being behind in getting Jennifer’s post up.

Where to start?

My last update was in April.

I fell off the wagon and spent some money on clothes—and overall I wasn’t successful in paying any debt off for the month of May (month 7). Falling off the wagon happens to everyone, but I find that I especially have trouble. Whether with the Spending Fast, fitness goals, or goals in general, I have to find patience. Patience with myself, and with how long it takes to see results. I want results right away, usually right after a declaration of a goal.

With that said, I’ve found that these tips have helped me to develop being  patience:

Remind yourself that things take time. If you are impatient, like me, you are more likely to give up on goals. It helps to keep this in mind when you have a setback so that you can focus on moving forward.

Remember what matters. Remember why you are going through this process. If I had not made it a priority this year to get out of debt, I would be in the very same place where I started, plus interest! And I would much rather be where I am now than where I started.

Have a positive outlook. If you have a setback, try to look on the bright side. I didn’t get closer to my goal right away but I did get a break from the pressure I put on myself to get out of debt. And maybe that was what I needed to keep making progress.

As for June and July, months 8 and 9, I was able to pay $300 each month. That’s another $600 worth of debt gone. Sounds better put that way, huh? See what I did there?

As of July, I’ve brought my credit card debt down to $2,279 from $4,584.

Jennifer’s Spending Fast Stats:

Months 7-9 Savings: $600

Started the Spending Fast: November 2014

Debt paid off to date: $2,305

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