Star Wars: Rogue One movie quotes

rogue one title shot

This first Star Wars anthology film covers the events leading to the start of A New Hope. Given it involves the capture of the plans to the Death Star and considering the opening scenes of ANH,  we will see the return of Darth Vader – which will be great as he's always good for a movie quote – you could say it his… Destiny!

Mon Mothma to Jyn:

On your own from the age of fifteen. Reckless. Aggressive and undisciplined. 
We’ve a mission for you. A major weapons test is imminent and we need to know what it is and how to destroy it.
Jyn to Mon Mothma:
“This is a rebellion, isn't it? I rebel!”

Saw Gerrera:

“What will you do when they catch you? 
What will you if they break you! 
If you continue to fight, what will you become?”

K-2S0 quotes

To Jyn: ‘The Captain says you are a friend. I will not killl you.'
Jyn relies ‘Thanks!'

To the crew he is flying with ‘There is a 97.6 percent chance of failure' – sounds like he's been having out with C3PO a bit much!

Krennic to Vader: 

I will not fail!

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