Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Aftermath” Recap (Major Spoilers)

After the tumultuous and heartbreaking finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the new Disney+ series Star Wars: The Bad Batch picks up mere moments before the disaster of Order 66 strikes. 

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch “Aftermath” Recap (Major Spoilers)

On Kaller, Depa Billaba and her Padawan Caleb Dume await reinforcements that come in the form of Clone Force 99. Clone Force 99 or rather, “the Bad Batch” first appeared in the premiere of the final season of The Clone Wars, and are a band of “defective” clones with highly advanced and specialized skills that make them stronger and more tactical than even the best of the Clone Force. 

The Bad Batch Aftermath Armor

Introducing the Bad Batch through a beloved character like Caleb Dume was the perfect way to get fans invested in this new batch of clones. We have been told a lot about Caleb’s time as a Padawan through exposition in Star Wars: Rebels, but now we have seen how Kanan Jarrus survived Order 66 — and it was all because of Hunter. 

While four of the five clones are unaffected by Order 66, Crosshair is compelled by the notion that “Good soldiers follow orders.” Which manages to be heartbreaking, despite how little we are invested in the Bad Batch at this point. 

Back on Kamino, Tech catches the audience up to speed about Order 66, their immunity to the chip that was implanted into all of the clones, and explains what each of their highly specialized traits are. Hunter has enhanced senses, Wrecker has brute strength, Crosshair has sharp shooting skills, and Tech is exceptionally smart. Their newest recruit, Echo, avoided Order 66 because of the damage he sustained, which resulted in him being more machine than man. 

After the critical success of The Mandalorian (aka Big Scary Man Adopts Baby) it should come as no surprise that Hunter is drawn to a young child residing on Kamino and Omega seems to know a lot about the Bad Batch herself. Omega is a clever child who works as a medical assistant to the Kaminoans researching the clones. 

Omega The Bad Batch Aftermath

Omega is quick to attach herself to the Bad Batch and she clearly feels some kind of kinship to them and, more specifically, Hunter. Is she a clone like them? One might draw the conclusion that she is a clone, just like them, but don’t look for a definitive conclusion in this episode. 

Following a food fight between the Bad Batch and “the regs” the team is sent on a mission by General Tarkin to test their abilities and loyalty to the Empire. Hunter, still expecting the best from their new leadership, is quick to discover that they weren’t sent on a mission to shoot droids — they were sent on a mission to shoot children and refugees. 

While Crosshair is determined to follow orders, Hunter peacefully meets with the one and only Saw Gerrera, who catches them up to speed on the realities of what is happening following the fall of the Jedi. 

When the Bad Batch returns to Kamino, they are taken into custody for defying orders and discover that Omega has also gotten herself into trouble. Fortunately for them, in order to escape custody, they need pint-sized assistance to break out. But their escape is underlined by the heartbreak of seeing Crosshair turn against them as he fully submits to the programming of the Empire. 

Crosshair The Bad Batch Aftermath

After a nerve-wracking shoot-out with Crosshair, the Bad Batch manages to escape Kamino with the assistance of a Kaminoan and a well-timed blaster shot by Omera. 

Wrecker is, without a doubt, my favorite member of the Bad Batch. He’s a himbo, plain and simple. He loves to beat stuff up and he’s a softie who has a stuffed Tooka named Lula that he carries around when he’s stressed. 

In the final moments of the episode, they chart a course to J-19 to find an old friend who can help them navigate their new situation. Who could it be? You’ll find out on Friday! 

Memorable Quotes: 

  • “Another member added to the Sad Batch.” 
  • “Times change, targets change.”
  • “You can either adapt and survive, or die with the past.”
  • “Don’t examine me. I’m not a computer.”

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